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Marana E-Lite reviews (16)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.69 stars

Average rating: 4.69 stars
Dany 11/3/16 Miami

So cool and comfortable shoes.

Average rating: 4.69 stars
Judi 9/9/16 Ann Arbor

These shoes are the best. My son's Etnies shoes have last longer than any shoes I have ever bought him. He is still wearing his pair from last year.

Average rating: 4.69 stars
Rien 8/3/16 Hekelingen

fitting is a bit small so had to buy 1 size larger than normal but love how they wear. perfect sneaker👌

Average rating: 4.69 stars
d**** 4/8/16

Forgot to add that I bought these because I saw Aaron Kyro wearing them in a Braille video and they looked super fresh and weren't too bulky/DC looking. Please keep sending him shoes, after this pair eventually sells out I will need something else.

Average rating: 4.69 stars
d**** 4/8/16

Super comfortable. The sole is two different materials. In the front it is a very hard and durable rubber with a lot of grip. The mid-sole and heel have a dense foam sort of like Nike has with some shoes. There is some extra foam around the back of the shoe, it's that cool design but looks like it's a hard plastic. It actually helps a lot with heelflips because of the crazy grip. The upper part of the shoe has 3 different materials. Suede where it matters, Mesh where it matters, and a shiny rubbery polyester type material around the heel. It's like mesh because it is breathable but it's actually really durable. There's a vent on the heel which is actually my favorite part of the shoe. My heels get wicked sweaty and tend to want to slip out of the back of shoes and causes blisters. These ventilate that heat and moisture out and keep your heel dry. It also has elastic tongue-holders that allow you to not need laces if they tear at the park from kicking, you don't have to worry. I don't even use laces because the shoes fit perfectly without them. Biggest con or downfall of these shoes is that the toe of the shoe is held together by stitching. Like Vans are glued, these have that stitching that tends to start ripping and tearing after your first session. But just cake the threads with super glue every week or so and they'll last forever. Make sure you don't get these wet because the insoles are glued down and the glue will dissolve and you will start sliding around in your shoe because of it.

Average rating: 4.69 stars
Josh Abdallah 3/9/16

these are great shoes they are the most durable shoes i have ever worn/skated. the toe cap is pretty much impossible to rip through. if u want high quality shoes worth the money these are it. outsole is so tough! the only drawback is the insole, its a little bit flat. i switched it out with one thicker and now the shoes are a perfect 10! great job etnies!

Average rating: 4.69 stars
Matt 5/7/15

Great shoe. Best one in years!! Its a little snug when you put them on but when they break in they are perfect!

Average rating: 4.69 stars
Andy 4/1/15

Amazing skate shoe, and it can be used for social commitments too which helps. Super comfy, they take a fair bit of abuse and I got 2 months out of them before they started looking scrappy. Overall a great design and far better value than the Nike P-Rods. Do yourself a favour and try some.

Average rating: 4.69 stars
l**** 3/18/15

Amazing shoes, I was looking for these in red since several months ago, the delivery was quite fast and the quality and style of these shoes brilliant. Ryan sheckler fan of course!

Average rating: 4.69 stars
Alex Hill 2/11/15


Average rating: 4.69 stars
a**** 1/1/15

I love this shoe and I got 2 pairs 1 red and 1 black. The Red was true to size and the black was tight to the point I had to take the right insole out to stretch it out. Other the that in the black shoe these shoes feel, skate and look great!

Average rating: 4.69 stars
n**** 10/3/14

It's a crazy pair of shoes ! There are super comfortable, super grippy en nobody have it ! Haha so happy ... PEACE

Average rating: 4.69 stars
n**** 10/2/14

Nice shoes, I liked it. I think it is best deal. Thanks again

Average rating: 4.69 stars
k**** 8/17/14

guys this shoe right here is ridiculous!!! the comfort is crazy and the style of the shoe is crazy too. to the point that it made my friend want to try them on lol but there is a con this shoe needs, i REPEAT IT NEEDS TO BE BROKEN IN!!!!! it feels like stilts when u put them on and there reallly tight on ur feet at first. so me i have a rolled ankle and i usually were ankle support but this time i didnt because the shoe was the support thats a plus. this shoe has stupid grip like the features said it has "400 nbs" which is almost the equivalency of a car tire!! but in overall this shoe is worth 84 doll hairs easily!!

Average rating: 4.69 stars
pokemasterscott 7/30/14

Don't get me wrong by my ratings, I absolutely love these shoes! But, there are a few things to know about them before buying. Comfort Out of the box, they are pretty comfortable; however, like most slimmer-fit shoes, they are tight to the foot and need to be worn in. After a few days of wearing, they were great. The only thing is that, unlike my faders, there is not enough room to put a shoe insert over the super comfortable foam they have in there. The foam layer was very comfortable but unsurprisingly, I still needed my arch supports for my feet. Style I will tell it to you straight, I have probably not worn a more stylish shoe. You can tell that the materials are super high quality. The black material that most of the shoe, including the indestructible toe cap, is made out of is gorgeous. Not only does the matte finish look great, its also totally easy to clean, which is something I do quite often. I will admit, when you compare the materials of this shoe and their looks, they make mostly all other shoes look like they are cheap. Value Ok, so I had enough store credit stocked up to get these shoes for $40, so for me, it was absolutely an amazing deal. However, at the full purchase price of $85, they are shoes I probably wouldn't buy. With that being said, they do look and feel like an $85 pair of shoes, don't get me wrong. And I do feel that they are worth that, but its to early to tell if they will be because the ultimate test is durability. The only time I've shelled out that kind of money on shoes were for special running shoes for my sport, and they have lasted me 3 years. I could definitely see these shoes making it that far as well, maybe even further because etnies has made a shoe that is both stylish and made out of tough, easy-to-clean materials.

Average rating: 4.69 stars
chance 7/16/14

It has great value very comfortable.The gears on the shoe is awsome I've learned lots of stuff that I would need in that she thanks alot .