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RVM reviews (3)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.67 stars

Average rating: 4.67 stars
Butchy 9/29/16 London


Average rating: 4.67 stars
Dominic 8/24/16 Southall

Great shoes

Average rating: 4.67 stars
Phil Dupuis / France 1/26/16

My third pair of Etnies RVM in 10 size !!! Still a great fit, and a great outsole for longboarding, BUT : they lost their triple stich for a double, they are not in real outside leather anymore but P.U. fabric, and that's a pity. And, last but not least, thinking of the stylish coulours you used to mix (I've got brown suede/red/prince de Galles, and kaki suede/red/black, both gorgeous!), I miss the old ones. Anyone can do black, Etnies value difference, please keep thess great skateshoes at the front of your shoes range, they deserve it !!!