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SCOUT XT reviews (14)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.79 stars

Average rating: 4.79 stars
jim 7/7/17 Lewis Center ,OH

These are very comfortable.

Average rating: 4.79 stars
Ben Y 7/6/17 Bedfordshire

If you've been clumping round in skate shoes for two decades, these will feel so light and comfy it's unreal. You couldn't skate them, but that's missing the point - as a chill shoe, or for someone like me who spends a lot of work time on their feet, they are the absolute don.

Average rating: 4.79 stars
Shawn 7/4/17 1415 W Ferrel Dr

Absolutely the best shoe company in the world. Anytime I have the money, I buy Etnies. No matter the style or whatever, if they're enties, they're amazing. Thanks so much. I love these shoes.

Average rating: 4.79 stars
Paddy 6/22/17 Manchester

Comfortable look great forget your wearing them

Average rating: 4.79 stars
D.0 6/1/17 New York

Awesome shoes. Super light in weight, durable & really well made

Average rating: 4.79 stars
Hedley 4/18/17 U.K.

7 th pair of Scouts and these could be my favourite. Genuinely well made insanely comfortable everyday footwear. May try out the Barrage next..

Average rating: 4.79 stars
BP 3/7/17 San Clemente

Great fit, super comfortable. Look great with jeans

Average rating: 4.79 stars
Jash 3/1/17 LA


Average rating: 4.79 stars
7hias 2/11/17 Pesaro

Excellent vegan shoes

Average rating: 4.79 stars
Addie 1/29/17 Brighton

When initially buying these shoes I thought they would be hardy like nikes, thick and heavy. To my surprise they are the lightest shoe I have ever owned. This is not necessarily a bad thing as they give the feel of weightlessness but they are light and flimsy which in my experience means they might fall apart quicker (hasn't happened yet). They just don't seem durable, like a good hardy shoe. In a positive note, they're one of the only shoes that didn't give me blisters, comfortable straight away, light and airy. So if you are looking for a light weight, airy shoe which is comfortable, look no further. And the design is pretty similar to brands such as Nike, really stylish considering most vegan shoes are ugly. Thanks to Etnies for bring out a vegan range!

Average rating: 4.79 stars
DannyB 1/10/17 Cape may NJ

Best ivestment I've made ! Went on the site expecting to grab a pie of shoes or two and ended up taking full advantage of that crazy sale. Couldn't be more stoked ! 5 shoes for 140?!🙈🙈 love them all. Great riding shoes !

Average rating: 4.79 stars

the shoes are very Comfortable and frivolous, thanks guys !!

Average rating: 4.79 stars
Guillaume 12/27/16 France

good shoes

Average rating: 4.79 stars
Sander 9/23/16 Stavanger

Great customer service after a small complaint on the shoes, lifts this to 5 stars easily.