Cory Mansour: Michelin Marana Wear Test

July 31, 2017

“Best overall functional skate shoe I’ve ever skated.”

Country Of Residence: Ohio, United States

Age: 26

Years Skating: 12 Years

"The Michelin Marana took what I have seen as one of the best, most durable skate shoes on the market and just upped the ante with the addition of the patented Michelin rubber outsole. I can’t say enough about how well and how long the shoe can be skated before it starts to show signs of wear. It stands alone as the longest lasting skate shoe that I have ever laced up. I didn’t think the Marana OG could have gotten any better but with the new outsole it is in a category of it’s own. No other shoe comes close in terms of durability, performance, and longevity. I believe this shoe will change the skateboard footwear industry and be talked about for years to come.” -Cory Mansour