Rene Reiter: Michelin Marana Wear Test

July 31, 2017

"Simply a top skate shoe for me"

Country Of Residence: Austria

“I have now worn the shoe almost every day and I am very amazed of its stability and grip of the sole. Unfortunately, the weather has not been very nice and it has been raining so I wasn’t able to skate as much. My notes on the results of the shoe is only very little wear on the shoe, especially on the sole of the shoe. It's quite strange to me that I've found two exposed seams but that's the only negative thing I've noticed, otherwise I'm very enthusiastic about Chris Joslin’s Marana Michelin!

Conclusion of the shoe with points from 1-10 at 10 is very good:
Sole grip: 10  
Processing: 8  
Wear comfort: 9  
Wear protection: 10  
Durability: 10  
Overall rating: 9.5  

I am very, very satisfied and will continue to buy the Marana it is simply a top skate shoe for me personally.” - Rene Reiter