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With over 30 years of building high performance footwear rooted in skateboarding and action sports, etnies is excited to elevate the mountain bike footwear category with the most durable footwear and the sport’s biggest name. As the pioneer he is, Semenuk worked with etnies to revolutionize mountain bike footwear to give him the support and protection his riding requires. The Jameson Mid CRANK is Semenuk’s signature model designed to provide advanced footwear housed in a super clean silhouette; and Brandon’s signature shoe is no different. This inaugural shoe offers mountain bike-grade stiffness with free-ride functionality and durability, providing a shoe that is as versatile as Semenuk.

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Overall rating
Average rating: 4.82 stars

Average rating: 4.82 stars
J 4/23/21 Sacramento

These are really great shoes overall. I've only used them twice MTB and they seem to hold up really good. Durable build on these without sacrificing comfort and looks I'll add. Definitely buying another pair

Average rating: 4.82 stars
MANAMLIFESTYLE 4/20/21 Hammond indiana

I love these shoe I bought them to skateboard in because they will last longer.

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Nic 4/16/21 Edgartown MA

Been riding BMX for about 23 years and these are one of the best pairs of shoes I’ve had yet, the reinforced inner side of the shoe protects against bruising from the crank arms on you foot. Awesome shoe! Will definitely grab another pair when these have seen their time...

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Chris 7/30/20 Wales

Really comfortable and nice looking shoe

Average rating: 4.82 stars
KC 6/10/20 Sweden

Very comfortable and nice looking shoe, great precision for tricks and good protection while maintaining the slim profile of the Jameson, Also they are waterproof thanks Etnies and Brandon Semenuk 🙌🥳

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Two Bros Riding 5/4/20 France

These is just the best model of shoes that we've ridden in our life ! And we can tell that we rode A LOT of models haha !

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Eds 3/9/20 UK

Love this shoe, great style and comfy. Only issue I have compared to some of my other Etnies of the same size, is they rub a little on the heel and I'm struggling to wear them for extended periods when walking. Might still need some breaking in, but otherwise great!

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Kerrlhaus 3/6/20 Germany

I've always come back to Etnies as a riding shoe after having tried other brands. One thing this company and these shoes get right is the comfort and support in the sole of the shoe. The first pair of shoes I noticed a major difference in this bottom support was with the Taj Roscoe shoes of the mid 00's and those were the shoes I based future shoes on. These shoes meet and exceed those expectations.

Average rating: 4.82 stars
DuoClip 11/12/19 Italy, Piedmont, Cuneo

These are probably the best shoes I've ever bought for 100$! They are water-resistant as no others (the only water that comes in is the one from little drops that fall in the little gap between the pants and the shoe), they are shock-absorbing and usury resistant like they were made for factory workers. I didn't use them a lot but they are perfectly intact while other shoes started to show usury signs only after a couple of weeks skating. Not cheap but they are the best of the best!

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Googie 11/9/19 Ireland

Quality, comfort & style. 5star.

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Fils 9/27/20 Albi

Superbe chaussures mais elle font mal aux pieds. Cela va s'estomper quand je l'est mettrait plus souvent.

Average rating: 4.82 stars
CXMTB 7/29/20 Cornwall

These really grip my flat pedal and the sole seems firmer than my previous pair they fit well and I really like them

Average rating: 4.82 stars
David Santos 7/27/20 Galicia, Spain

The shoe has many good details to ride a bike but the sole could have more resistance

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Peter 1/27/20 Poland

Very nIce shoes made on good materials :). Good for bike :).

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Cašpi_vž 10/30/19 Varaždin, Croatia

Best shoe for BMX, I have them almost 1 year and they are still in great condition.

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Nevena Stoyanova 1/13/20 Bulgaria, Plovdiv

Wonderful. Fast delivery!

Average rating: 4.82 stars
TscoutP 11/10/20 South West GA

Switched from Five Ten Free ride to this shoe and will definitely not switch back. The shoe has great pedal feel but still offers great stiffness. I like how the shoe is a lot less bulky than the Free ride.

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Toni 11/3/20 Trois-Rivières

Very nice shoes for mountain bike.Good support

Average rating: 4.82 stars
DRock 11/2/20 Colorado

The Shoe Fits! I like the hard sole and the hard inner ankle heel wrap that gives extra support. They clean up well after riding too. The suede is not as soft as a skate shoe. Not sure what the material is but it’s a durable riding shoe and I caught them on sale so a bonus!

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Tattoojim 10/13/20 Colorado Springs

Awesome shoe, great materials used in construction. Only complaint is they run VERY narrow

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Kliff 10/3/20 Wilmington NC

The shoes are perfect and easy to clean I love them

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Jeremy 9/11/20 United States

Great MTB shoes. These are the best I have ever ridden. You'll be pleased.

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Amelia 9/2/20 Dublin, Ga

I purchased these shoes for my son in a 14, but they were too small, and a 15 was not available. Therefore, we had to return them. However, they were fabulous shoes and my son loved them. I would purchase again. Also, I was very pleased with the excellent customer service I received on returning the shoes. Thank you very much!!!

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Cheesesteak 8/4/20 Idaho

Best bike shoe for the $

Average rating: 4.82 stars
David D 7/14/20 Montreal, Canada

Bit bulky compared to other models, but the shoe is well made and realy tough. I recommend.

Average rating: 4.82 stars
nskully 2/11/20 Shasta Lake, CA

I mountain bike and these shoes are great. I grew up riding BMX so finding shoes with similar style to old skate shoes that I can mountain bike in was ideal. They were not comfortable at first (super tight for wide feet) but break in and now fit and feel great. I am usually 10.5 or 11 and the 11 was the better choice for me. Plenty of grip, even on wet and rainy days or muddy riding. Except they are not water proof or resistant of course, or at least not the charcoal color ones I got.

Average rating: 4.82 stars
E.R 8/6/19 Lancaster ca

Great mountain biking shoe also looks great just to wear out

Average rating: 4.82 stars
hakimfoxbmx 6/2/19 Kedah Malaysia

the best shoes ever for riding in my life.. mid crank brandon semenuk.. well done etnies!!!

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Aidenbikes723 4/10/19 Texas

Definitely my favorite shoes I’ve ever put on my feet. The insole is super absorbent when you do big hits on the mountain bike to when you are jumping off of something. There has been no complaints with the shoes so far and I am definitely going to continue to buy the shoes. The only thing I wish is that they would come in more sizes!!

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Jonnylangx3 3/26/19 Florida

Sick ass Pair of shoes, the quality is amazing overall the shoes a definite go to

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Gaz 3/14/19 Gloucestershire

Just love them. Sooooooooo comfortable.

Average rating: 4.82 stars
KLT 1/19/19 Roseville, CA

Excellent product! My son loves these shoes I got him for Christmas (he loves Etnies), and they always hold up so well. In an earlier order, I had gotten my older son a pair (his “go to” style) that he also loved. Thank you for topping off a great Christmas for my 15 & 21 year olds!

Average rating: 4.82 stars
DJTRAILBO55 12/24/18 So.Cal.

These are great shoes, but as far as these being targeted for MTB use, I much prefer the reverse hex soles found on the "winterized" MTW's and SLW's. I have ridden in several versions of the Jameson over the last few years, but since first trying the SLW x32 around a year ago, I can't see myself buying anything with out the reverse hex soles.They have phenomenal, glue-like grip on pedals, and get traction on dry ,loose, hard-packed trails, or in wet slippery world cup DH rock gardens. I wish I could get Semanuk's shoe to show my support and would love to be able to get a more breathable, non-winterized, variant of any Jamesons with the reverse tread. If you brand managers plan on having any presence the freeride MTB/outdoor footwear market, not offering the reverse tread within this newly formed collection is a big mistake.

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Matt W 11/30/18 Cheshire, UK

Amazing shoes. Fits perfect, very comfy and they look great, absolutely spot-on. Haven’t ridden in them yet but they’ll definitely be my next biking shoes when I get another pair!

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Jim B 11/12/18 Dorset

Great quality product, very comfortable. Marks come off quite easily too.

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Jake 10/27/18 Brevard NC

Best shoes ever! Very comfortable, look great, I will reorder this exact shoe the next time I am shoe shopping.

Average rating: 4.82 stars
sovaking 10/9/18 Colorado

. I’ve run these through the grinder at Trestle Bike Park and on my local dirt jumps. Pedal feel and grip are solid and there is just the right amount of cushioning when you need to bail out. Size runs a little small. I wear an 11.5 in most Etnies skate shoes and had to go up to a 12 in these.

Average rating: 4.82 stars
samW 9/12/18 Oxford UK

Please make a non suede version <3