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The etnies Marana XT is the newest and most technologically advanced style within the Marana Bloodline. Designed to disrupt the industry standard of durability & performance while redefining the progression of skateboarding footwear. This shoe is 100% Built By Skateboarding; constructed with premium materials and an STI Evolution® Foam exposed midsole to endure Joslin-sized skateboarding. With a brand new flow-molded toe cap, there is nothing that protects your shoes better from the unforgiving griptape. This new toe cap offers the protection you need without compromising the importance of good flick to direct your board’s trajectory.

Product Details

Item Code: 4101000454/472
  • Foam Lite 1 insole
  • STI EVOLUTION® FOAM exposed midsole
  • 400 NBS outsole tread inspired by original Marana with added herringbone
  • Super durable PU flow-molded toe cap
  • Hot melt synthetic suede collar panel
  • Medial side perforated for breathability

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Overall rating
Average rating: 4.88 stars

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Rico 9/26/18 Netherlands

Great shoe, neat design!

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Iris Chen 8/1/18 Philippines

Looks good. Feels good. Awesome.

Average rating: 4.88 stars
RK 6/22/18 Germany

A very good Cup-Sole Skateshoe. Even it seems very stiff in the beginning, now after 5 days of walking around (not skating) and sweating in it, it fits perfectly. I usually buy skateshoes half size smaller, 'cause they get bigger anyway and so it with the marana XT. Now it fits. The Cupsole has supergrip. thats a good one;-)

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Tof 5/12/18 Belgique


Average rating: 4.88 stars
Big Drew 5/2/18 Michigan

LOVE these shoes. Super comfy even on my wide feet and the color looks great.

Average rating: 4.88 stars
charliegp 4/25/18 Spain, Asturias, Gijón

Fun product! But I miss the 43.5 number!

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Andy S 4/27/18 Seattle

I really like these shows. However after only a day of normal wear around work the toe cap started to peal apart from the shoe. It’s disappointing because I would have ordered another pair since cupsole skate shoes are rare nowadays. If that plastic toe cap was glued on proper and didn’t wear after a day of light wear these would be awesome shoes!

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Rod 4/21/18 Los Angeles, California USA

Very comfortable shoes. Like the look and feel. Good skating shoes.

Average rating: 4.88 stars
JAPke 3/14/18 Tilburg, Netherlands

Like all Etnies Marana i allready the have , the best there is . Perfect fit and walk. Won't have anything else

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Deagle 3/28/18 Ca

Best shoe I’ve had so far

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Jason 1/31/18 London

Will take a few sessions to break in but once they do they feel amazing. My mates gone through multiple shoes from kickflips and these don't even have a mark on them. Really great shoes. Will definitely buy again. Only downside is you can't change the insole, but so far have had no impact issues.

Average rating: 4.88 stars
KingPungy 12/28/17 Netherlands

Very nice shoes 8 out of 8 would use for skate mate. Pls no hate im just a kid without skate

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Jasper 12/22/17 Netherlands

I have had the Marana michelin before those and that pair instantly felt good with my skateboard. Those feel really smooth and not like they stick to the grip good, cant really say to much about them since it was one session of just an hour with an injured back. I really love the black part in the sole wich is a little softer, dont know if it helps much with impact but they walk amazing!

Average rating: 4.88 stars
tv83 12/19/17 Arizona

Super comfy, haven't skated them yet though. They fit pretty snug, so get a half size larger than usual.

Average rating: 4.88 stars
El Cruton 11/1/17 Sibiu, Romania

Best shoes I've ever bought! Fast delivery to destination.

Average rating: 4.88 stars
tooky 10/3/17 France

tres bonnes chaussures!

Average rating: 4.88 stars
dan 9/27/17 utah

five stars for sure. Very good all around!

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Ronald arch 9/8/17 Louisville

The best shoe I have ever skated, I tried the the helix it had better board feeling but the toe blew out. I wish this shoe came in mid like kid sizes 5/5 shoe worth the investment!!!

Average rating: 4.88 stars
JohnJohn 7/23/17 Dieppe, France


Average rating: 4.88 stars
K Dawg 7/23/17 Gainesville

I've done at literally hundreds of fliptricks in this shoe and the toe still looks good as new. Board feel is also surprisingly great while also having enough cushioning to give you good support. I will be getting these again considering that my first pair ever actually wears down

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Troy Gundle 7/15/17 Lake Tahoe California

The best shoe that I have ever skated in. Would definitely recommend if you go through shoes fast like myself, as these last me about 2 months before I blow out the toe (I do a lot of flip tricks). The boardfeel or performance is not compromised at all; these shoes skate great. I've had 5 pairs of theses shoes and they are now the only shoe I get. 10/10

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Jess The Geologist 7/14/17 planet Earth

Best skate shoe I've rocked in 20+ years of skating, hands down. I was having toe issues but this shoe saved my skate game. Only problem is they've lasted so long that now they smell horrible!!

Average rating: 4.88 stars
RH 7/10/17 Netherlands

Beautiful shoe, comfortable to wear, holds up well under heavy use. Highly recommended.

Average rating: 4.88 stars
James 7/9/17 Oregon

Hands down the best skate shoes ever! Like high key

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Will 7/7/17 Cincinnati

One of the best skate shoes I have ever owned. Very comfortable and ready to skate right out of the box. I've been skating them for almost 3 weeks and barely any wear in them. Highly recommend this shoe.

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Myron 6/13/17 Utah

This shoe is amazing, it's one of the first shoes I've that hasn't ripped on the toe and is still holds it shape. The only problem I have with it is it's insoles, it's sort of flimsy but I could just put another one in. Other then that, I would buy these again in the future and suggest you guys to other skaters I meet.

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Savage 5/10/17 Oceanside

So far so good feel a little more rigid than I'm used too.

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Lill Carl 4/26/17 Sweden

By far the best skate shoe ever made.

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Stevie 4/17/17 Manchester

Great board feel almost instantly. Barely had to break them in. Very effective cushioning on the heel without adding bulk to the design too. Been skating them solidly for over a month and they still look decent enough to turn up to a pub in. Will be ordering more of these that's for sure.

Average rating: 4.88 stars
haedan 4/10/17 Oklahoma City, ok

Definitely best in the shoe game I didn't think nothing could beat vans until I tried etnies

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Izzys dad 3/14/17 San Diego

I absolutely love these shoes and they arrived super fast. Thank you!

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Cam 3/8/17 Boise

Love these shoes so much I bought another pair. Only problem is that I can't beat up the first pair enough to start on the next. It's been 3 months! Incredible how much board feel you have with such a durable shoe!

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Ham 2/22/17 Georgia

These shoes are comfortable, stylish, and they skate excellent. I would definitely recommend them.

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Reese 1/17/17 Switzerland

Just one thing to say: #maranatoughasfuck Trust me! 100% true!

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Micaiah Sopkovich 1/3/17 Cleveland

Live the shoes so much they are tough as f*ck

Average rating: 4.88 stars
PJH 12/26/16 UK

Fantastic footwear excellent staff customer service

Average rating: 4.88 stars
TheodorK 12/10/16 Athens Greece

This is by far the best etnies shoe I ever bought Very nice finish, high quality, nice balanced. The shoe is amazingly comfortable, good looking and quite light. I'm considering buying another pair cause I like them so much

Average rating: 4.88 stars
SweatyPalms 12/5/16 Rijeka, Croatia

Love this shoe! Definetely worth the price :)

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Mike F 12/2/16 Sayreville, NJ

One of the most comfortable shoes I've worn in some time. Almost don't even want to skate them because they're so beautiful.

Average rating: 4.88 stars
oroir 10/5/16 Belgium

fucking awesome shoes ! super comfort !

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Ronald arch 9/11/16 Louisville

Please make SL version this shoe is amazing

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Florian 8/14/16 France

Best shoes ever !

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Antonio 4/24/16

I love my new shoes!