Chris Khan:Michelin Marana Wear Test

July 31, 2017

"The longest lasting shoe ever!"

Country Of Residence:Spain


Years Skating:9 Years

“I am so stoked and honored to be one of the finalists! My shoes really underwent a rough wear test as I skated them absolutely every day of the wear test. And not only did I skate them, but as I am on summer holidays I have been skating every day, lots of street (wears the shoes out faster) and even contests. I started the first day with a fresh MOB grip and even considering all of these details they pulled through until the end! These are definitely the shoes that have lasted me the longest ever. As I mentioned in the video, the shoes are super comfortable and I didn't have to wear them in at all (I'm being completely honest here). The Michelin outsole is something that I personally really needed because of the way that I skate, I also brake with my heel and that held up until the last day also (this didn't fit in the video). I am also super stoked to skate this shoe because it's Chris Joslin's pro model, and I look up to that dude a lot (he won BATB this year). The reinforcement of the toe cap is another aspect of the shoe that almost seems to have been made for me, as I said in the video, I love kickflips and I flick a lot when doing them so this did me a huge favor. The fact that I could tie the laces on the inside of the shoes was also a great incorporation, I have actually just run out of spare laces so that was really needed (I had to change my laces three times with my previous pair of shoes...). One of the most important things for me was the insole, it really and honestly was a great balance between board-feel and impact protection (big ups to STI lab for achieving what shoe companies have been trying to achieve for decades), the board feel was exactly as I would like it to be, I have nothing negative to say about it and the impact protection was 80-90% of what I would have liked it to be (which is pretty damn good). The only negative thing that I could say about the shoe (if it is even negative considering it's a SKATE shoe) is that I wouldn't wear the shoes to a party or to a date so they are not the best looking shoes. So overall the Etnies Michelin Marana really are the longest lasting shoes that I have ever skated and not only that but I was able to perform as good as always or even better. Huge props to Etnies for making this beast!” -Chris Khan