Etnies Germanic Tour

June 28, 2019

The etnies (ger)MANIC Tour is here and will will be coming through Germany and Austria. It’s all about just getting in the van and getting out there; just pure skateboarding.


Etnies (ger)MANIC Tour | Three Stop 





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6th of July / 17.00 - 19.00

Titus Stuttgart

Hirschstraße 14


11th of July / 18.00

Wacker Skatepark Munich

Demleitnerstraße 2


12th of July / 18.00

Skatehalle Innsbruck

Matthias-Schmid-Straße 12d

Riders: Chris Joslin, Trevor McClung, Matt Berger, Barney Page Nassim Lachhab, Thomas Eckert, Jiri Bulin, Jelle Maatman


Aside from these three stops, etnies will be filming for another new edit with Mike Manzoori, in Munich, Stuttgart, Innsbruck, and anything in between. etnies will also be working together with Solo magazine on a full article for there next issue.