Wear Test Roster Announced!

June 19, 2017

The following participants have been hand selected to be part of an elite group of Michelin Marana Wear Test troops from around the world. They will have 30 days to document their Wear Test journey by video and photos, kicking it off on Go Skateboarding Day — June 21st. At the end of the 30 days, YOU will be the judge of who wins the Grand Prize — A year’s supply of the Michelin Marana!

To learn more about the Michelin Marana Global Wear Test, click here.

Carlos Alberto Hidalgo Ruiz — Mexico

Helene van Regteren — The Netherlands

Lester Cepero — Florida, United States

Jordan Lilly — Newfoundland, Canada

Linus Luschtinez — Austria

Raymond solid — California, United States

Dylan Hilton — California, United States

Kaine Rogers — Australia

Pedro Guerra Duarte — Brazil

Dylan D'Onofrio — California, United States

Alex Rivera — California, United States

Daniel Cervantes — California, United States

Filip Wojnowski — Spain

Dexter Podolski — Belgium

Pierre Toldi — France

Ivan Curiel — California, United States

Brandon Turner — California, United States

Miles Kerbs — Idaho, United States

Robert Turner — England

Reiter Michael Rene — Austria

Hugo Dynewall — Sweden

Cory Mansour — Ohio, United States

Daniel Davies — Wales

Kyle Layton — New Jersey, United States

Martin Feuillade — France

Jonatan Spooner — Québec, Canada

Byron Pietersen — South Africa

Jakob Dohse — Germany

Chris Khan — Spain

Trey Tyler — New York, United States