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The etnies Jefferson Mid shoe takes the brand-new Jefferson up to a mid-top. That means you’re getting more ankle support and the stable skating you want from a mid-top, but with all the other performance features of the low-top Jefferson: A streamlined cupsole built super narrow to create a specially shaped toe box that will increase board flick and enhance its slipper-like fit, plus a DTTF (dropped-to-the-floor) footbed for maximum board feel and control.

Product Details

Item Code: 4101000398/536
  • STI Foam Lite 1 Insole
  • Midtop silhouette for ankle support
  • Streamlined cupsole construction
  • One piece clean toe design

JEFFERSON MID reviews (40)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.53 stars

Average rating: 4.53 stars
danov 5/13/21 BG

Be aware that sizing is a bit off. Order 1 - 1.5 bigger size (EU).

Average rating: 4.53 stars
Eds 3/9/20 UK

These shoes are awesome! Great style, and comfy. Fleecy feel around the ankles make then feel cosy for the colder months. Only two minor issues I have are that compared to my other Etnies of the same size, they rub a little more in the heel than I'd like, so I'm finding it difficult to wear for extended periods when walking. Might still need some breaking in, so YMMV. Also, the tongue has small rubber straps fixing to the outer wall. When on your feet, these kind of fold in the middle, and the thickness means they can aggravate the top of your foot if you don't take the time to tuck them out of the way. Otherwise, very happy with these, and I'm sure you will be too!

Average rating: 4.53 stars
Woods 12/16/19 York

Cracking pair of trainers. They look really smart and are comfy

Average rating: 4.53 stars
TK 12/5/19 UK

Well made and ultra comfortable. Based on the advice of others, I went up by half a size and the fit is perfect.

Average rating: 4.53 stars
Nick 12/2/19 Southampton, UK

These are some seriously comfy shoes. Super padded and warm. I've not skated in them yet, but as general casual shoes they are epic.

Average rating: 4.53 stars
Mark 9/3/19 England

Nice product they look grate and very comfortable

Average rating: 4.53 stars
FinnTastic 8/3/19 Finland

Great product. Size takes one star away since I use 42 size fader shoes but these with the same size feels bit tight, but may loose a bit to feel good enough

Average rating: 4.53 stars
Abtin 1/6/21 Shelton CT

Great shoes

Average rating: 4.53 stars
Doug 12/15/20 New Cumberland, PA


Average rating: 4.53 stars
Riley420 5/17/20 Newcastle, NSW, Australia

Just purchased my second pair of Jefferson Etnies after loving my first pair so much. Very comfortable and hard wearing, the upper part of my first pair is still in per perfect condition except for a few stains, the leather hasn’t work at all. Only part that did wear out was the sole but I’ve worn them as my only pair of shoes for 18 months and I’m a big heavy fella so do wear my soles out (last pair of DC’s the soles were cactus after 6 months. I will keep buying this exact show for as long as they keep making them. I am even thinking of buying a 3rd pair soon in case they do stop making them.

Average rating: 4.53 stars
Hecker 2/9/20 Long Beach

Great Look but sizing is off. I suggest bumping a size up.

Average rating: 4.53 stars
Haley 1/1/20 Lubbock

My husband is very excited about these mid top sneakers. I think they will be a staple in his wardrobe. The leather has some marks on it fresh out of the box (like streaks from dye). It doesn’t bother him, but it’s something I didn’t expect since I paid close to $100 for them.

Average rating: 4.53 stars
Will K 6/4/19 New York

I own like 6 pairs of Etnies shoes. Every single pair is incredibly comfortable. These are no exception. Between these and the Callicut’s, it’s hard to decide which I prefer but wearing these is like walking on a cloud. Highly recommend. Honestly one of the best skate shoe companies out these!

Average rating: 4.53 stars
Randy andy 3/8/19 Hull

Comfy , stylish , love em

Average rating: 4.53 stars
Andreas 12/28/18 Germany-D-75223 Niefern-Oeschelbronn

Very quick delivery and fitts allways best.

Average rating: 4.53 stars
AC 12/10/18 Cardiff

Top winter shoe!

Average rating: 4.53 stars
Davey 4/15/18 England

Genuinely shocked with how comfy these are... definitely recommend

Average rating: 4.53 stars
Dec 4/3/18 UK

Very comfy and quick delivery

Average rating: 4.53 stars
Alexis bourdarias 2/23/18 Étaules

Really nice to wear it, very confortable ! It s the 3rd pair i buy ;-)

Average rating: 4.53 stars
Kev 2/18/18 North East England

I've been wearing etnies now for over 30 years. Love them. The 9.5s have always been a great for for me but these are a little tight still. Hoping the leather loosens up a little more after a bit of wearing. Apart from that they are really smart and comfy.

Average rating: 4.53 stars
Ed 1/19/18 Latvia

The shoe loks great, excelent design! Toe cap is a little bit too tight. I always order 44EU size, but this time it feels like a half size too small.

Average rating: 4.53 stars
JR 1/8/18 Forest of Dean

Almost 5 starts. I've had these shoes for over a year now and get them out every winter. I love them, very hardy and the bronze/copper coloured stitching is great. Big downside to these shoes though are the laces, they don't grip and come loose all the time. It's very frustrating. Most would suggest changing them, not me, I like the default laces. I'm here to assist anyone looking to buy a pair of these fantastic shoes to change the laces if you're into that sort of thing or prepare for hourly re-lacing. Etnies - If you're reading, please re-review the laces when developing the next version of this shoe, or similar shoes that use these type of laces. Use a different material one that grips tightly and stays tight. :)

Average rating: 4.53 stars
Sergio 1/3/18 Texas

There nice shoes!

Average rating: 4.53 stars
Josh 12/27/17 Germany

Good wintershoe in general but the sole isn't as durable as I thought it would be

Average rating: 4.53 stars
Bobo 12/12/17 Minnesota

I wear a 10 in Jordan’s all day, but I would go a 10.5 at least in these etnies. They are sweet.

Average rating: 4.53 stars
Niko 10/9/17 Germany

I get this shoes today and I love them very much <3

Average rating: 4.53 stars
Hass 4/15/17 Loughborough

Awesome look!!

Average rating: 4.53 stars
Rostro Maligno 4/5/17 Hawthorne

Cool Shoes .

Average rating: 4.53 stars
Falcor's son 2/7/17 Connecticut

comfy, styly AND cheaper than comparable shoes from other places

Average rating: 4.53 stars
Nick Z 1/23/17 Belgium

Super fast delivery and great vegan winter shoes, couldn't be happier

Average rating: 4.53 stars
LOJ 1/2/17 March

They were for a gift and very pleased with them thank you

Average rating: 4.53 stars
Gerbod 10/13/16 London

Looks great, and on first inspection looks well put together. Quite a thin shoe though, tight fit if you have wide feet like me. Fat-footed friends should stick with the RVM. Cheers.

Average rating: 4.53 stars
Carlos Terr¢n de Pedro 7/31/14

my first dress-boots, very proud of it :)

Average rating: 4.53 stars

Great style...Order one size smaller than ussually

Average rating: 4.53 stars
Philip Hatchett 11/16/13

Love em!! Perfect for BMX

Average rating: 4.53 stars
paolo81 11/10/13

Good shoes for every day but this model fits a bit narrow; after a couple of weeks just perfect!

Average rating: 4.53 stars
Niels Mostert 10/18/13

Size, style and price are perfect. It's just that I have a rather wide foot and these shoes are kind of narrow. So it took about 2 weeks before they were really comfortable.

Average rating: 4.53 stars
kandadi 9/19/13


Average rating: 4.53 stars
AnonymousSkater 8/7/13

Best shoes Ever great for skating in get sooooo many compliments on the style and look overall great shoe model, colours, style I personally recommend these

Average rating: 4.53 stars
Steven Downie 3/13/13

These are a little stiff, but my lord do they look sharp! I get compliments on them all the time, very nice shoes, true black top...I just hate how the white gets dirty so fast, i wish shoes would stop putting a white border on the bottom. Overall great shoe, have to break them in, but worth the style.