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The introduction of the Marana Mid Crank is an extension of the best-selling Marana family that defines durability. Developed with mountain biking in mind, this style is constructed with out stiffest shank while still offering pristine pedal feel. The Marana Mid Crank is tested and proven for cross-discipline riding.

Product Details

Item Code: 4101000493/570
  • Pro foam 1 insole
  • STI Evolution Foam Outsole
  • Durable outsole made with a Michelin performance rubber compound
  • Fused on, injected rubber toe cap
  • Midtop construction for ankle support
  • Asymmetrical collar for medial ankle protection
  • Tongue pouch to tuck laces
  • 3M Thinsulate and Scotchguard protection

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Overall rating
Average rating: 4.78 stars

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Juzzy 3/27/21 Australia

The mid crank is the best shoe I've worn bring them back!

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Gherman 6/8/20 Deutschland

Just perfect for riding your bike and allso for being prepared to walk the city 😉 !

Average rating: 4.78 stars
ChildofSithis86 3/15/20 Ireland

Excellent comfort feeling and quite sturdy. Really good for regular wear and look very good in my opinion for less formal occasions.

Average rating: 4.78 stars
WrongTurn 10/29/20 Germany

Nice shoe ..extrem water prof ..and very warm But not wet in there!!

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Rosa 6/22/20 Poland

Awesome mountainbike shoe. I love the stiff sole and the tight fit. Just the right amount of grip

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Joe M 4/8/20 United Kingdom

Bought for BMX since I found my regular Etnies were a bit lacking in pedal support. The sole is grippy enough with plastic pedals and the extra ankle protection is a bonus. The sole is stiffer than a standard skate shoe but you can still feel where the pedal is under your foot since most of the flexibility is in the toe rather than under the arch. As others have commented they fit a little on the narrow side so if you have wide feet then maybe size up + the laces are little too short but otherwise I'm pleased with them

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Julien 3/3/20 France

Perfect shipping, very quick. Perfect size. Perfect shoes

Average rating: 4.78 stars
1Ball 2/25/20 United Kingdom

The Maranas are great shoes, really comfortable and good looking but they could do with longer laces.

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Nick gr 7/23/19 Greece

Perfect transaction!!! Perfect shoes!!!

Average rating: 4.78 stars
DJNnobby 12/4/20 UK

Excellent delivery. Good shoe. Wish I'd bought next size up. I bought them for bike riding.

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Alessandro 3/12/20 Italia

Nice shoes! Good grip on pedals and strong

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Jake 12/14/20 Colorado

Please do another run of these in 10's. I need these shoes in my life.

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Kb 11/17/20 NJ

I think the only shortcoming are the short laces. I have wide feet and usually wear 9.5. I bought these in 9.5 and feel that they fit fairly well. The toe box is not very high but high enough to not squeeze the toes from the top. The width is the box is also adequate for me. I tried same size power line from Ride concepts prior to this and they were too tight at the toes.

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Bub 9/8/20 Union pa

Really awesome shoes I'm hard on shoes and demand a lot out of them. The marana mid crank managed to hold up for a decent bit of time befor I buggered them up. put it like this I wore them when boots would have been more appropriate and they held up to the demand. If they where made/available in size 14 I would give it five stars hands down. A second par is definitely in the works!!.

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Mark W 6/11/20 Burlington, VT

These are the best MTB shoes I have worn! The shank provides the right amount of stiffness that I was looking for and the Michelin sole offers the perfect grip. They are grippy enough to feel like I am attached/connected to my pedal, but they also allow me to make pedal placement adjustments if needed. Do yourself a favor and buy these!

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Andreas 5/26/20 San Diego

Great Qualiy fromEtnies as always! I love the stiffness on the sole as it gives you enough feel on the pedal but also the confidence of solidness in your feet! Well done Etnies!!! 10 star rate.

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Mayt 5/26/20 Tennessee

I really like these so far. Great tow protection, I hit a rock hard with the tow of my shoe and I barely felt it. The flip side to that is it feels a little tight in the toe area and feet fall asleep a touch. They seem to be stretching out a touch now. Great grip and style though.

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Jacob 4/21/20 Colorado

I bought these for my next pair of skate shoes. Definitely on the stiff side but once these shoes are broken in they are the most durable skate shoe around. I can shred with the up most confidence with my new maranas. I may never buy a different shoe.

Average rating: 4.78 stars
riley 3/6/20 Washingto

I am loving these shoes. They grip on the pedals of my mountain bike super well and provide good protection. They are working way better than 5.10s ever did and they look wayyyyyyy better. Thanks Etnies for bringing some style to the MTB game.

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Slaying Metal Giants 11/7/19 Idaho

Grew up wearing etnies so when I heard they made mountain bike shoes I knew it was a given. Use them on my enduro/downhill rides and not only are they super comfortable but super durable as well.

Average rating: 4.78 stars
george 8/6/19 southern california

I bought these as a replacement for my 5 tens free riders and these shoes are great. The thing i notice most is that the 5.10s have a looser fit and wider toe box, while these are tighter and more secure on the foot. While riding the 5.10 are completely stuck to the pedal with no movement but my foot does move slightly within the shoe. using these my foot is completely secured in the shoe be it feels like the shoe has a little movement float against the pedal which i think in the pins on the pedal moving between the grooves of the sole. The rubber on these doesn't seem as soft as the 5.10 so they are easier to take your foot off for a dab or just stick it out while cornering. I thought this meant it would be less grippy on the trail, but while standing on fast rocky descents these did not lose grip once. overall i'm very happy with the quality of these shoes and i hope they last longer the my 5.10s

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Jim Dirt 4/8/19 UK

Best BMX race shoe on the market 👌

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Jim Dirt 3/24/19 Bexhill UK

Perfect BMX race shoe. Nailed it👏🏼👏🏼