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As a part of the etnies ICON Collection, the Calli-Cut is a re-issue of an iconic style that has been released from the etnies archive. Staying true to the classics, the Calli-Cut has a mid-puff silhouette with plenty of padding. It features deep multi-directional flex grooves on the forefoot tread with classic double strobel stitching on the outsole sidewall for durability and a terry visa lining for comfort.

Product Details

Item Code: 4101000505/155
  • Foam Lite 1 insole
  • Midsole egg-crate construction
  • Mid-puff silhouette with padded tongue and collar
  • Terry visa lining
  • Classic double strobel stitching on the outsole sidewall
  • Deep multi-directional flex grooves on the forefoot tread
  • Suede Synthetic

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CALLI-CUT reviews (45)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.64 stars

Average rating: 4.64 stars
Whatever 5/7/21 Serbia

This is the best shoe I ever skated

Average rating: 4.64 stars
FB 4/17/21 Manchester England

Awesome. So comfy!

Average rating: 4.64 stars
Mirko Terapia 3/30/21 Poland

The Best shoes. Thank you

Average rating: 4.64 stars
Dirty Dave 2/9/21 Kent,wa

Love these shoes!!!

Average rating: 4.64 stars
Calli Cut 1/19/21 Los Angeles

Really clean and solid shoe. They fit perfectly. Definitely ordering more when you get more in my size. 😁

Average rating: 4.64 stars
@tryingnottofall83 8/25/20 United Kingdom

After some weak "skate" trainers it was great to get into a pair that are comfy and didn't die within weeks. Such a great shoe and going strong months after purchase :)

Average rating: 4.64 stars
Peti 8/22/20 Hungary

Very good shipping.perfect service

Average rating: 4.64 stars
Mart 7/6/20 Ede

Super shoes

Average rating: 4.64 stars
G 5/9/20 Bilzen

Zeer leuke schoen. Een beetje minder comfortabel dan de marana skate-schoen. Maar toch heel tevreden.

Average rating: 4.64 stars
Mike 1/28/20 Cornwall UK

Been a etnies fan all my life. I've pretty much had every design. Happy with the purchase and they are very comfy to wear. No issues so far. The only thing I'm a little annoyed about is the fact these went down in price a week after my purchase 😏

Average rating: 4.64 stars
Seb 12/31/19 Bedfordshire

Perfect sneakers.

Average rating: 4.64 stars
Minns 7/17/20 Glasgow

Great price and delivery time, cheers

Average rating: 4.64 stars
Joshua 12/27/20 Nm

Sick shoe

Average rating: 4.64 stars
Panek NKS 12/27/20 LBC

Comfortable stylish

Average rating: 4.64 stars
Steph 12/6/20 Albertville

Love these!!!! I’ve missed the old style wide shoe. Most companies don’t make them like this anymore ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Average rating: 4.64 stars
Hamm 10/20/20 Dickson, TN

The only thing that makes this particular shoe a 4 start is the rub against my big toe. Other than that style is that of early 2000s which is what I used to rock in my heavy skating days. Still a comfortable ass shoe. Wish these had the Micheline rubber though

Average rating: 4.64 stars
GayJ 10/7/20 Massachusetts

I love my Etnies and I always will

Average rating: 4.64 stars
Will Fortney 9/22/20 United States

I Love the calli cut has a great look and very durable for flip tricks awesome shoe

Average rating: 4.64 stars
missrio 8/4/20 nashville, tn

very cool

Average rating: 4.64 stars
Kristin 7/1/20 michigan

Ordered them online. They look nice but one shoe is sewn wrong or something on the inside by the toes. Can't even wear them because they are so uncomfortable.

Average rating: 4.64 stars
DrockNessMonster 6/25/20 US

Look great and feel great!!

Average rating: 4.64 stars
Ry Guy 6/24/20 Florida

Great shoes as always

Average rating: 4.64 stars
The Ninja 6/12/20 Wooster Ohio

I LOVE my Etnies!!! Ever since my very first pair back in "97". I currently have three pairs, however my "Kingpins" are getting pretty holey... lol. As long as you make Etnies... then Etnies is going to be the only shoe on my foot. Keep up the good work, and THANK YOU!!!

Average rating: 4.64 stars
braydon 5/26/20 United States

great shoes

Average rating: 4.64 stars
Gabe 4/3/20 Oregon

The shoes are pretty bomb

Average rating: 4.64 stars
Levi 3/26/20 Lincoln

Super quick shipping! All worked out great!

Average rating: 4.64 stars
Natalie 3/24/20 United States

Love these sneakers!! They are so comfortable and I love the way they look!!

Average rating: 4.64 stars
B 3/18/20 Mesa

Great shoe! Comfortable and well padded. Will be buying another pair. Super fast shipping as well.

Average rating: 4.64 stars
ShowBizWolf 2/27/20 Pennsylvania

When the Calli-cut first came out, I loved all 5 pairs I owned... they were my favorite shoe of all time. Super comfortable, never had to "break them in" and quite durable. This re-release had me excited... but it leaves me very disappointed, unfortunately. They are much thinner than the originals (from what I remember) and they hurt my feet and ankles... I'm guessing because of how thin and rigid they are. I want to love them because now I can't return them after wearing them for a shift at work and I love the styling... but they are not what I remember.

Average rating: 4.64 stars
Opey 2/22/20 Pa

Shoes are comfortable, but they pinch right behind my toes when i walk. I think its either the eyelets or right in front of the last eyelet when the leather rolls that causing it.

Average rating: 4.64 stars
jboehler 2/20/20 Montana

13’s were too big but the 12’s rock!! Great price too. Not much selection here in the Bog Sky state!!

Average rating: 4.64 stars
Chris 2/15/20 Virginia beach

They were a present for my daughters Birthday. She loves them!!

Average rating: 4.64 stars
Dea 2/4/20 United States

Love the shoes but they were stolen from my porch before I could wear them ..was so excited to have these too!

Average rating: 4.64 stars
William 1/28/20 San Diego

Soles are to thin. That’s why I usually buy skate shoes.

Average rating: 4.64 stars
Barbara 1/1/20 Palm Desert Ca. 92260

My son loved the shoes. He was happy.

Average rating: 4.64 stars
Paul 12/12/19 Nebraska

I love how they look but they are just about unbearably uncomfortable. The seam where the tongue connects to the shoe sticks into the top of my foot and is forming a bruise. I am just hoping they break in soon for pain sake. Etnies are usually insanely comfortable, so I was disappointed with this pair. Going to see if this was just a bad pair to see if I can get them exchanged.

Average rating: 4.64 stars
Brandon 9/27/19 Harrisonville Missouri

These shoes are great. I do wish they had a tad more cushion in the sole, but other that that they are awesome and classic

Average rating: 4.64 stars
Rooster 7/16/19 Winnipeg

Make the back heel area the same color as the shoe, AND, then it will look WAYYYYYYY better, and I would buy again. Having a different color on the back RUINS this shoe !!

Average rating: 4.64 stars
Iria 4/11/19 Spain

Good afternoon, I am a girl who likes etnies shoes a lot, I always use your brand, but lately the shoes I like are not my size. Somehow I feel that because we are women it seems that we have to settle for fewer colors and choices. I just hope they also think a little more about us for the future because I think it's a shame.

Average rating: 4.64 stars
WEEMiX 4/2/19 Connecticut

Love this color. Shoes are comfortable, however these aren’t like the OG models. Would prefer a fatter tongue and elastic center straps. I have to lace these up a little tighter so I’m not walking out of them. The tongue comes out of the top of the shoe after walking/skating in them with no straps. Would pay a little extra for more padding and tongue straps.

Average rating: 4.64 stars
DeShon 3/30/19 Abilene,tx

Great pair of shoes, I've enjoyed wearing them because there comfortable, and they are one of my favorite

Average rating: 4.64 stars
Kile530 3/26/19 Chico ca.

I’ve owned at least 5 pairs of calicuts. Every pair has been amazing and lasted much longer then any other brand shoe I’ve worn. And I ride bmx witch Is very hard on shoes but calicuts have always be awesome.

Average rating: 4.64 stars
Jack 3/18/19 IL

These are the best etnies!!! I haven't had a pair since customs were discontinued, calssic style calli-cut are the way to go. Fit the same as they used to. @Etnies please never stop making this style.

Average rating: 4.64 stars
Fat head 3/12/19 Pittsburgh pa

DONT STOP MAKING THESE SHOES!! Completely stoked you guys rereleased these, as well as the czars and the locut II LS! Now I don’t have to search all over the world for peoples old stock!!

Average rating: 4.64 stars
Jeven 1/26/19 LA

Haven't worn etnies recently, but when I saw these I had to buy them. They're the comfortable nostalgia that I wanted.