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The Barge LS has been redesigned. We revamped the old pattern for a fresh new shoe. Adding a hefty armoured collar and raising the heel has made all the difference in reconstructing the Barge LS into a slimmer and more narrow shoe design.

This colorway is made of suede.

Product Details

Item Code: 4101000351/585
  • Recycled open cell PU foam insole
  • Hefty armored collar
  • Slim, vulcanized shoe
  • One piece clean toe design

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BARGE LS reviews (65)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.77 stars

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Ryan 11/12/18 London

Love these shoes, I have always been loyal to Vans and DC, but decided to try these this time around and absolutely love them, they are very comfy and great for wearing day-to-day or on the board. My only problem with them way the colour at first as they looked more green than grey, but now after wearing them they are definitely grey! Love them and fully recommend

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Florin 11/3/18 Bucharest

First of all, I'm not a skater, but I like a lot the shoes for skating. I've bought these from a local shop here in Bucharest ( and was kind of Love at first sight! :) Really good quality and they look incredibly good and suits perfectly for office.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
BemHaja11 10/12/18 Portugal

Fast shipping, arrived in excellent conditions. Great shoes!

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Oli 9/18/18 Liverpool

great casual smart shoes for all occasions.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Sk8rBoi 8/25/18 San Antonio, Texas

Great durability. Insoles are difficult to remove though.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Josh 7/10/18 St. Louis, MO

Super comfortable, great prices. No issues with shipping. Loyal DC and Vans fan being won over.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
RK 6/22/18 Germany

All time classic. Perfect shoe for miniramp and flat skating. supergrip. I usually buy vulcanised Shoes 1 size smaller 'cause they get bigger anyway. So did I and it fits perfect. I had a lot of the barge already (ca 15times) and they are just great.... direct boardcontrol, perfect fit and super grip.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Raina 5/23/18 New Jersey

Love them

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Panhead1987 4/25/18 New York

Fit well, great design. Only complaint it that the laces were too short, I wound up buying different laces. But otherwise I’m perferctly happy with them.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Rcmedrano83 4/24/18 The woodlands

Very comfortable shoe. Came in un damaged. Wear them all the time. Would highly recommend.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
D 4/12/18 St. Pete fl

As usual you guy nail it a great pair of shoes feel great look good with everthing

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Ben 3/12/18 Eastbourne

Amazing riding shoes

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Tiago 3/12/18 Portugal

Best looking and comfortable ever! I still remember when I got my first etnies, Joe Rich bmx etnies. when I put them on, I was like. "This is the best shoes ever!!" Etnies never let me down!

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Flynn 3/10/18 Eastbourne

Amazing grip form scooter riding

Average rating: 4.77 stars
p3ngu1n 3/1/18 NL


Average rating: 4.77 stars
jeremy 12/26/17 New York

best color. i was worried that the color would be too bright and too blue -- it isn't. it is darker and more faded than pictured and actually perfect (for me). bought it on sale and was so happy that i got another exact same pair. it's also vegan.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Giorgia 12/16/17 Italy

It's all ok! The product is as described and the shipment is very fast.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Birotechnics 11/21/17 Birmingham

A great shoe at a great price. Very crisp looking and the sort of shoe you divert around a puddle for. It has a firm sole and the colour of the nubuck leather is deep and works really well. I imagine for skating, they'd be extremely long lasting as the uppers are thick and the sole is fairly heavyweight yet not so heavy you can't feel your deck. My legs don't works so well anymore though so for me the biggest factor is the heavy wear from my walking crutch on the rear right which has really decided the men from the boys. These have remained in unmarked condition by my stick.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Jalen O 10/19/17

Absolutely love the Barge LS. Bought a couple of pair to have for the Tampa Am this year. Can't wait to have them for that contest. Etnies is core and the shoes are the best and the Barge LS certainly did not disappoint.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Jordan 9/2/17 Nottingham

Awesome pair of shoes. Once again such a good price for the quality of the shoe.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
LokiLuk 8/5/17 Zürich

Really cool and comfortable shoes! I'll buy another pair soon

Average rating: 4.77 stars
guillaume 7/30/17 france

the best skate shoe for me!!!the most confortable!!!

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Noodle 7/28/17 Northampton

Arrived in good time, they look and superb as always

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Charlie 7/13/17 Southampton

Absolutely loving these shoes, bare comfy and the colours are popping

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Kk 6/28/17 Nj

Super comfey, i got them on sale for a great price.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Murray 6/5/17 Kinross scotland

Having previously only ordered dc shoes I thought no let's go with friends recommendation of etnies. Best thing I ever did there so comfortable and I shall be buying more. Thanks guys Murray

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Joe 6/4/17 TX

Definitely the best skate shoe I've skated so far. Everyone should get at least 1 pair.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Cathy w 5/6/17 Oxford

Good hard wearing trainer perfect for the wider foot. Exceptional value for money. First class service.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
#ToughLuckTommy 5/2/17 Chicago

These Shoes are on point and will order another Pair for sure.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Rhideras 4/8/17 Mccall ID

Nice looking skate shoes that are vegan are hard to find and these are both. Can't comment on how they hold up over time but initial impression is good. Would give five stars if they were a little more padded on bottom.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
SenorTwallos 3/19/17 Belgium

These shoes are so comfy and they look good as well

Average rating: 4.77 stars
April 3/14/17 North Carolina

Love the look. Love the feel. Got a 7.5/9 and it's a good fit.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Toby 2/24/17 Bristol

Really nice shoes and very comfy Only thing I don't like is that the heel broke not long after I got them (don't know how) so they could be stronger but overall very happy with them :)

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Bob 2/14/17 Omaha, NE

Snazzy and comfortable.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Mac 2/13/17 United Kingdom

Having not worn a skate shoe for a couple of years; and returning to ride BMX meaning the need has once again arose, I've been excited to see Etnies offering a range of styles without the use of animal products in their production, aka Vegan. I've always favoured beefier (not literally) construction, there is ample padding on the tongue; to support the ankle; and a plush feel overall, with a cushioned feel to the insole. The raised heel of the sole helps to achieve a good balance of support and feel. I have had physical problems attributed to wearing through the soles of skate shoes in the past. The canvas and sole are both easy enough to clean, I have managed to cake the shoes in mud a couple of times, a bit of water, a sponge, a shoe brush and they quickly come up good. So far, so good, I will look to Etnies again next time!

Average rating: 4.77 stars
David 2/12/17 Netherlands

I love the simple look of these shoes. When new, they are a bit stiff and they can push into your toes when walking but they get more flexible after a few days of use. They are quite easy to keep clean, especially after spraying them with wear and water resistance coatings.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Gamma J 2/7/17 SAN DIEGO

I've used DC's before but the quality of Etnies are amazing

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Lo 2/5/17 London, UK

They are just so comfortable I cannot believe it. Amazing shoes!

Average rating: 4.77 stars
quinten 11/19/16 belgium

quick delivery ! nice

Average rating: 4.77 stars
tommy 10/16/16 sfv

Damm good shoe nicely priced . Dig the light padding !

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Michiel 8/10/16 Utrecht

There a little bit stiff. And the shape is more bold skate shoe than I acspected

Average rating: 4.77 stars
m**** 4/4/15

Comfy and beauty, everything is just great! Thank you!

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Justin P 3/25/15

Great board feel,really comfortable,got holes after 3 weeks but I skate Mob grip so that's inevitable with any shoe.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Adam Derabin 3/20/15

Exactly what I wanted.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
yenal murat 1/30/15

Hi Etnies, is this a vegan product? I mean it is suede, but is it real suede, or is it synthetic. I mean not from an animal. The questions is valid for your other leather products? are they leather from an anima or they are synthetic leather* Thanks alot

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Steffen Wandt 1/15/15

Great shoes for every day, fixed perfect and cool design.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Jon L‚rida Garc¡a 9/17/14

Amazing !

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Andrew Fuchs 5/23/14

Most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. The stock insoles are kickass. Etnies fan for life.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Kyle 4/16/14

These shoes were great until the backing in the heal shattered apart, i can feel the little pieces digging into my heal. Be gentle with the heal and don't smash them down when putting them on and they will be your best friend. I wear an 11 but got the 10.5 because these shoes run big.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Christopher Walters 4/3/14

Really comfortable. Glad I got them.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Simon Bennett 3/23/14

Best thing is super comfy! has quickly become my every day shoes as they even work with smart ish trousers, such an awesome shoe.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Joy Slack 12/26/13

they look great on me also love the color

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Sandra Pace 12/18/13

Bought for teenage son to skateboard in - he loves Etnies!

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Silvia Gerding 9/8/13

Very good grip on Bmx

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Yulia 5/10/13

My son is a hip-hop dancer and he's happy with the shoes!

Average rating: 4.77 stars
crazyduck1 5/3/13

I have had a pair of Barge LS ahoes for over a year now, and this is the first time a pair of skating shoes has lasted me until i grew out of them. They are close to dying but they havent fallen apart yet, and i do not treat my shoes nicely. These are very durable and super comfortable. I have one problem only. When i bought my shoes, the whole line of colors was awesome. I have the light grey blue trim ones from summer 2012. But now, the color schemes just arent as awesome. I love etnies for their color, board feel, and durability, but not as much for their style anymore. If you cant think of any more truly awesome color schemes, then you dont have to change the old ones etnies! Come on.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Tracey Pascali 3/13/13

fantastic product, quick service

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Kyle Brady 1/26/13

Barge LS shoes are my go to shoe for casual wear and light boarding. After just one wearing they seem form to your foot and are more comfortable than slippers.

Average rating: 4.77 stars

They are very, very comfortable because of the wide style, and the ultra cushioned STI Foam sole. Great for skateboarding, even though I love these I use the Etnies Bledsoe Low, and these ones for Longboarding, since feet hurt when you ride for long periods of time, so I need an ultra cushioned and comfortable shoe. But it's awesome for skating. Colours are incredible too!

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Reuben 10/16/12

Freakin Sweet

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Joseph G. Zaleski 8/25/12


Average rating: 4.77 stars
Aaron Bowen 6/28/12

These shoes are great! Everything on the shoes were durable and comfortable. The insoles are extremely comfortable and the outsole has tons of grip and last longer than most shoes i've had. Overall this shoe is comfortable and durable, probably one of the best shoes i've ever skated. I really don't think I could find a single flaw on the shoe...

Average rating: 4.77 stars
s**** 6/13/12

Friggin love these shoes super comfortable and look great. They look even better with black laces

Average rating: 4.77 stars
harry 5/24/12

fuckin etnies barge no doubt! sick skaters

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Sam Parry 5/17/12