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As a part of the etnies ICON Collection, the LoCut is a re-issue of an iconic style that has been released from the etnies archive. Staying true to the classics, the LoCut has a mid-puff silhouette with plenty of padding. It features deep multi-directional flex grooves on the forefoot tread with classic double strobel stitching on the outsole sidewall for durability and a soft PU collar lining for a vintage feel.

Product Details

Item Code: 4101000507/981
  • Foam Lite 1 insole
  • Midsole egg-crate construction
  • Mid-puff silhouette with padded tongue & collar
  • Soft PU collar lining for a vintage feel
  • Classic double strobel stitching on the
  • outsole sidewall
  • Deep multi-directional flex grooves on the
  • forefoot tread

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LOCUT reviews (25)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.76 stars

Average rating: 4.76 stars
Roy 12/31/19 Nuneaton Borough

These trainers look great and even though I normally don’t like the type of hard inside material these are actually very comfy when wearing all day I’m glad I got 2 pairs in different colours because I genuinely think they’re great

Average rating: 4.76 stars
Reese 11/24/19 Switzerland

From the beginning on pretty soft very comfortable.

Average rating: 4.76 stars
Dan 8/4/19 Essex

Love these trainers, had many pairs over the years, always a good buy

Average rating: 4.76 stars
Harry 2/6/20 Netherlands

The best ones super classic and comfy

Average rating: 4.76 stars
skimaster 12/30/19 slovenia

You might consider ordering half a size bibger than usual. Very nice shoe, it feels very minimalistic and at the sem time it offers a good protection around you foot.

Average rating: 4.76 stars
Akoska 8/14/19 Munich

Strong(!), yet comfortable.

Average rating: 4.76 stars
Cleavergirl 6/24/20 Kansas

Great sneaker. Only downfall is the dye runs into everything.

Average rating: 4.76 stars
Ckutz 5/29/20 US

These shoes take me back, I love em! I normally wear 9-9.5 but got a 10 in these and wouldn’t go smaller.

Average rating: 4.76 stars
Ragerkevin 2/20/20 Saint Paul

This one is a classic, I had a pair in 1992. most durable skate shoe that keeps you foot comfortable and safe from your deck.

Average rating: 4.76 stars
Braydun 1/28/20 Leamington, Ontario

Was very excited for these and love the throwback but performance wise they are awful and hurt my feet like I've never experienced before. Look great though.

Average rating: 4.76 stars
Dgochingon 12/31/19 Tx


Average rating: 4.76 stars
JFKerrig 12/26/19 Somerset, PA

Absolutely, truly the best of the best! Etnies is my go to!

Average rating: 4.76 stars
hanz 9/25/19 germany

great shoes, had plenty of them back in the days as well, lucky that you are bringing back the old days! please bring back also Arto Saari's pro model Arto Mids, best shoes you ever made!

Average rating: 4.76 stars
Damian 8/26/19 Venice Florida

Putting on these shoes took me back in a time machine 20 years ago. They are super comfortable

Average rating: 4.76 stars
Mic 8/7/19 Mex

I bought a pair and I'm in love with them! But please, bring back the Cinch, I had a pair of these model and I loved it, good times..

Average rating: 4.76 stars
The Dude 7/12/19 Ocala, Florida

I love old school shoes. They never go out of style! Etnies will always be my favorite shoes even though I think the Scout is a ugly shoe.

Average rating: 4.76 stars
Serp 4/28/19 Los Angeles

Also my first real skate shoe (brown suede) not a more perfect shoe exists. Please reissue the old colors please o pretty please. Thanks!

Average rating: 4.76 stars
Nick 3/26/19 Denver

Never, EVER stop making the LO CUT .....EVER

Average rating: 4.76 stars
sweet ice t 3/13/19 Chattanooga

Absolutely love locuts! I have the OG’s in tan suede/navy badge...circa 2003-2004. Keep making them, I’ll keep buying.

Average rating: 4.76 stars
Jacob 2/22/19 California

More colors please(brown suede). My first skate shoes in the early 90’s. They lasted forever!

Average rating: 4.76 stars
Andy 2/17/19 London

Amazing shoe, just the right on is a bit snug on the toes and wants a bit of a burn in to start taking the shape of your foot! and.. it's painful until then, hence the four stars

Average rating: 4.76 stars
Tim 1/1/19 South Carolina

Takes me back to when I was 13. Wish there were more color options but other than that, love them

Average rating: 4.76 stars
paris 11/25/18 jersey shore, NJ

WOW! wish i could give more than 5 stars..This is truly a gift from etnies to the skateboarding world.. they were my first pair of skate shoes ever owned in 1996, ever since the early 2000s i have been desperately scouring the internet for a pair, though there have been re-issues over the years, they never were re-issued in THIS form.. the proper holy grail of skateboard shoes and overall 90s culture/style.. if i was rich i would buy 2-3 pairs in every colorway and wear them EVERYDAY for the rest of my life.. im so grateful! thank you etnies!! please more colorways & NEVER cease production of these super important historic shoes! super comfortable and amazing for skating(did 1 ollie), but since i only have one pair, i wont be skating these lol

Average rating: 4.76 stars
Gabri 11/13/18 Italy

My son loves these shoes, perfect for him and durable, they arrived perfectly on time. Thanks!

Average rating: 4.76 stars
Danny 9/18/18 Boca Raton

Awesome! Best shoe ever. It felt really solid and durable! Need more color ways!