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Scout Bloom features Foam Lite 1 Insole, a fully lycra spandex interior, rubber traction pods, and elastic heel support for convertible drop-top access. Infusing BLOOM intou our products is just one more way etnies is contributing towards creating a better tomorrow for our planet.

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Item Code: 4101000531/001

SCOUT BLOOM reviews (15)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.87 stars

Average rating: 4.87 stars
Blackdgo 5/18/21 Durango mexico

Confortable y duradero !!

Average rating: 4.87 stars
Steve 0 5/3/21 DC

Super comfortable and light, feels like I'm wearing socks. Perfect summer shoe

Average rating: 4.87 stars
Daddi 3/23/21 Sin City

Very nice fit and finish. Great shoe and value. Has been holding up to New Years Resolution gym torture, would definitely purchase again.

Average rating: 4.87 stars
Eric 3/23/21 United States

Insanely comfortable and well made

Average rating: 4.87 stars
Shopaholic 3/21/21 Liverpool

Great size and fit. Nice colour and style.

Average rating: 4.87 stars
Nick 3/21/21 Walsden, Todmorden

Great trainers especially as vegan and great price. They're a tight 9 so when I buy again it'll be a 9.5 or 10. Can recommend tho.

Average rating: 4.87 stars
Reggie 3/13/21 United States

Cool sneakers and love the colorway. Comfy and rugged. I'll buy another pair to work out with because they're that awesome!

Average rating: 4.87 stars
Venomous 2/23/21 San Diego

Comfort is King and these shoes are royaly comfortable. I move around alot in my shoes and don't like my laces coming untied so I double knot but these laces are a little short for that so I have to skip lacing to the top but they're reflective and since I where them in the streets at night it's pretty dope

Average rating: 4.87 stars
Commission 2/20/21 Michigan

The only shoe I’ve had in the last 5 years. They had a scout 2 back in 2018-2019 that were even more comfortable and light. Wish they bring those back. Pick them up fast when you see them. They seem to sell out quick and every couple years they have new color ways. ETNIES BRING BACK THE SCOUT 2 olive green and all black. I’ll buy the whole pallet off you. This shoe is my favorite all around shoe for style and comfort. It fits everything casual to nice and yuppy.

Average rating: 4.87 stars
Gina 2/16/21 Florida

Really light and comfortable!

Average rating: 4.87 stars
PDXBent 2/16/21 Beaverton, Oregon

These are so soft and cushy. Broke in around 5 min.. But I was really surprised at how light they are.. like fluffy marshmallows on your feet. These fit true to size for any skate shoe with a small tongue. Also these are decently wide so if you have a narrow foot, you might float around in this shoe....

Average rating: 4.87 stars
Phillip A 2/16/21 North Carolina

I ordered the scout bloom during the beginning of the year. It is the most lightweight shoe I've ever owned. It is amazingly comfortable and feel like I'm wearing a pair of house slippers.

Average rating: 4.87 stars
T Bone 1/15/21 United States

I had a pair of an older model of these for a number of years and they didn't wear out until I started wearing them for work, even then for my job, they held up very well until I got a proper pair for working in. These shoes are fantastic! They are comfortable, breathable, fit true to size, extremely durable and I love their simple design and clean look! Absolutely nothing to complain about with these shoes. Only pair I've ever bought a second time!

Average rating: 4.87 stars
Dustin 12/10/20 Evansville, Indiana

I've been wearing Etnies for 20 years and these are hands down my favorite pair of shoes that I've gotten from them. I was wearing the original Scout until these came out and I LOVE that the Scout Blooms are a little wider. I also really appreciate the sustainability initiatives and the plant a tree program. I'll definitely be buying a few more pairs as soon as my size is back in stock.

Average rating: 4.87 stars
YO Synergy 10/21/20 South Florida

I thought they would be narrower, like the all-blacks I bought at a San Juan, PR mall. Favorite shoes I've ever had. Of course these being the same model but NICER LOOKING, I was all over them. Still like them, but kinda wide vs my last experience. Big kudos on the sustainability initiative!