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JAMESON SLW reviews (7)

Overall rating
Average rating: 5 stars

Average rating: 5 stars
Otto 8/15/18 Waunakee,wi

Love them.They hold up very nicely and comfortable. Only shoes I will buy.

Average rating: 5 stars
H lear 6/15/18 San Diego

These things are solid. Fit perfect

Average rating: 5 stars
Geo 4/27/18 Dublin

The colour is really beautiful, They feel very comfortable.

Average rating: 5 stars
Visceralreaction 3/29/18 Moscow Idaho

Awesome comfortable shoes

Average rating: 5 stars
DJTrailB055 3/9/18 So.Cal.

Bought these to use for MTB and BMX . For platform pedals with metal pins, these things are amazing. The outsole on any normal skate-oriented shoe, even ones designed by the BMX team, will get eaten alive by metal pins. The raised tread pattern on these shoes sticks like glue to my pedals and after two days of shredding, show none of the tearing and gouging I would get from a traditional waffle sole. Are they better than FiveTen's soles?i wouldn't know. Never tried them. I'm a skateboarder first and foremost, been a loyal customer since the O.G. Natas Highs. But soletech always comes through with the best for whatever I'm riding.

Average rating: 5 stars
Chris Alex 12/29/17 Spring

Nice shoes