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The Joslin Pro was built to provide Chris with a shoe that is as unstoppable as he is. The Joslin Pro features a hidden toecap below the vamp for durability and an STI Evolution Foam midsole for impact.This shoe is also stacked full of stealth technology. Down to every tiny detail, the Joslin Pro is everything he wanted in his first pro skate shoe, a clean-cut style that’s affordable, tough, long lasting. “From the inside out, this shoe LASTS and that’s what I love!” – Chris Joslin

Product Details

Item Code: 4101000484/259
  • Pro foam 1 insole
  • STI evolution foam midsole
  • Outsole made with Michelin performance rubber compound
  • Hidden toe cap that extends into the ollie area
  • U-throat holds the upper together for durability
  • Elastic tongue straps for superior fit
  • Well padded tongue and collar lining locks front foot in place
  • Hidden lace loops and inset eyelets for lace protection
  • Suede/Synthetic

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JOSLIN reviews (58)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.86 stars

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Eddie 1/20/20 California

Very comfortable and true to size. Excellent customer service with fast shipping.

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Shane 1/14/20 California

These lasted me 3 months of hard skating before a hole started to form. I decided to shoe goo them and they've held up ever since then. We are going on 6 months now. The grip is just starting to wear down.

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Nemosfate 12/31/19 Cincinnati Ohio

Bought myself and my son a pair, both loving the comfort and durability. Always liked Etnies but the customer service with my order of my sons in a separate order was hands down the best customer service I've experienced, great choice and great company.

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Lovelyevenstar 11/21/19 Olympia,WA

Awesome shoes as always. My son said they took some breaking in but now he likes them. And they’re rugged which is what he needs with how hard he is on his shoes.

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Leezy 10/16/19 Colorado

I've had these shoes for over a year now, worn them the whole time and skated a bunch of times in them. The only parts that are significantly worn out are the inside Achilles and the top of the toes. But even with that these shoes are still more comfortable than any pair I've felt since. Greatest shoes ever!!

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Josh 10/11/19 Phoenix, AZ

These shoes deserve more than 5 stars in my opinion. This is the best shoe I’ve ever skated, hands down. From lace protection, like the old school shoes, to the comfort upon landing. These are the best shoe you can ever skate in.

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Kevo 8/31/19 Hesperia

Theses shoes are awesome love the gum soles

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Kevo 8/31/19 Hesperia

Great shoes

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Carlo 8/20/19 Carson

Perfect fits well comfi and love them

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Brad L. 8/12/19 Salisbury NC

Colorway on these are 🔥 🔥!!! Been skating since 1998 and have owned and skated in most every brand of shoes in our industry. Joslins are up there with some of the best.

Average rating: 4.86 stars
B 8/6/19 North Carolina

I’ve been skating etnies for the past 5 years,I have countless pairs of maranas and I’ve had 4 pairs of joslins so far. These are the best shoes out, they hold up and protect your feet while still having board feel!

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Jmoods 8/6/19 Richmond

Dopest skate shoes to date.

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Jordan 8/4/19 Minnesota

These shoes are so comfy and shred ready right out the box!!! I need a cup sole cause I had an implant put on my foot! I tried over 10 pairs of shoes and the Joslin's are the best skate shoe I've had on and off the board!!! 🤜🏻🤛🏻🤘🏻

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Jimboski 5/11/19 NJ

All around awesome shoe🤙

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Jt 5/10/19 California

Amazing quality. My foot has a new home!

Average rating: 4.86 stars
LeftyCRS 4/22/19 Hillsboro, OR

The shows look great, fit is perfect, and very comfortable to wear. The traction is top notch.

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Burosha 4/16/19 San Clemente

Comfort 10 looks 10 functionality 10 100%good

Average rating: 4.86 stars
hitmaan42 4/8/19 gonnareah

love you

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Cam 4/3/19 Virginia

Best pair of skate shoes I've ever put on my feet. I even bought a second pair just to wear when I'm not skating. Comfortable and protective. Very good looking shoes.

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Caden 3/30/19 Garden Grove, CA


Average rating: 4.86 stars
Matt Watson 3/23/19 Michigan

Love the shoes I have 3 pair of the same ones just in different colors. Wish there were extra laces that came with them. They are intended for skateboarding

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Trevor 2/28/19 Canada

I've been skating since I was 2. Im 19 now turning 20 in May. And in all that time, I have never skated a more perfect shoe! I skate almost every day of every week and i get excited to skate this shoe. I get the same flick every time, the durability is incredible. I got my pair in the beginning of September and it's now almost the end of February and all that has happened in that time just recently was my shoe laces came apart. That's it. 6 months of skating it and no holes, no damage or anything. 100% Getting myself another pair! Well done Joslin!

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Merelin 2/26/19 Pa

Our son loves these shoes, this is his second pair, they barely held up after a month of very limited use due to winter.... never has he had a skate shoe where the stitching gave out on the laces. Usually his skate shoes last 3-4 months of rigorous abuse, these have lasted just past the thirty day return policy. Disappointed. In this particular pair, we think it was a manufacturing defect.

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Lowdown 2/20/19 Austin, TX

Solid shoes. Comfortable and durable!

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Sylvain 2/14/19 Paris

Good shoes, looking really nice. Mostly, super glad about the sole which doesn't have the ethnies logo that often breaks.

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Mullen 2/16/19 Usa

In all seriousness.. these shoes are the most comfortable shoes I’ve owned in my 25 years on earth. Etnies is killing it this year! Keep on keeping on! Definitely will and all ready have ordered another pair!

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Al 2/14/19 Australia

Awesome shoes - they are Marana’s on roids!! (I thought the Marana was perfect!!) The whole order and international shipping process was super easy and quick.

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Willy 2/12/19 Manchester

Best all rounder!! Excellent impact protection from jumping down stuff, and primos feels like nothing anymore. The Michillen sole is very durable and only takes 1 session to fully break in. I’ve skated it for 3 months and had trouble putting a hole through the sole. No comprise on board feel whatsoever, once broken in I can feel everything that’s happening under my feet. It’s also very grippy and gives me tons of confidence. The flick on this shoe is so good it’s adicting. And once the swede wears through, the tough rubber toe cap takes 2-3 extra weeks to wear through. Very hard to put a hole in these shoes. On top of it all this shoe is amazingly comfortable, it feels like classic skate shoes - walking on a cloud. The ankle feels like it’s surrounded by pillows. Over all: great impact and foot protection, extremely comfortable, extremely durable, fantastic board feel, addicting flick. The perfect shoe if you love skating every single day. 1 downside is the laces still rip - but you can hide them in the hidden loops. Support the homie and skate this beast of a shoe 🍑👌👌

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Wutah 2/11/19 Columbus Ohio

After 6 months of skating they have lasted better than any other skate shoe I’ve had. Perfect for skating in colder weather. They are very thick and protect well. May make your feet sweat a good bit in the summer.

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Jonathan 1/20/19 Antioch, CA

pretty good overall, except that the stitching on the tongue and lace loop area started ripping after one day, exposing the foam padding in the shoe. i didn't even skate in them yet. and the midsole/ outsole looked like it was squished by something heavy near the heel. i know it wasn't me as i only weigh 150 pounds. all of my problems were with the right shoe. am going to send in an email to see if i can get a-replacement pair that does not have so many issues.

Average rating: 4.86 stars
MikeG 1/19/19 San Bernardino, CA

Just a minor heads up--in Brown/Gum, they are slightly darker than pictured. Perfectly OK. They look and feel good. If you live in SoCal, do not pay for expedited shipping. They got here in 3 days with regular shipping. Sorry for spilling the beans Etnies ;-).

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Jerom 1/13/19 Netherlands

There awesome, the shoelaces never rip and the shoe has a lot of grip

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Jasper 1/2/19 Netherlands

Skates amazing, side blows out really fast. If you are looking for durabillity I would recommend a Marana over the joslin.

Average rating: 4.86 stars
DezzNutz 1/1/19 Orlando

Dope on dope on dope and comfortable

Average rating: 4.86 stars
timmy turner 12/29/18 dimmsdale

5 star shoe. just runs a little a half size smaller than what i usually get. i got a 10 1/2 and should have went with an 11. other than that no complaints

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Tim Mitchell 12/25/18 Torrance, CA

These are some amazing shoes! Great work Etnies!! Built for impact and super durable! High recommend!! Just bought my second pair of these!

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Blue sky 12/25/18 Oregon

Great high quality shoes, comfortable, and stylish.

Average rating: 4.86 stars
hotell 11/19/18 Prague, CZ

Best skate shoe I've ever had!

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Scott Savage 11/15/18 Los Angeles

Best all around shoe from standing on your feet all day to just landing on your feet all day. In the last three years I have went through many of models/brands even have changed sizes to maximize comfort and control. These are it

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Milan 11/5/18 Brno

very Nice and Comfortable

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Nate dix 10/31/18 Waterloo,ia

Comfortable . sharp looking shoe. So nice got them twice but could your boy get some stickers? i mean i spent a 160 bones .

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Dylan 10/30/18 Detroit, MI

Got these from my local shop. Hands down one of the greatest skate shoes of all time. These are even better than the Joslin Maranas because they have way better ankle support and a tongue that actually stays in place. Hidden toecap and unique logo make for a way better looking shoe but should have kept them fully black with the darker gum and contrasting Michelin logo and bottom grip. Also, still don't know why the hidden lace loops don't go all the way up to the top eyelet because that's where I do my heelflips. Could be wider at the base but overall these have a way better fit. I'm not 16 years old anymore so if I want to keep acting like I'm Chris Joslin I need a shoe that can make me at least be slightly less scared to attempt to. Coincidentally I seem to have found that shoe.

Average rating: 4.86 stars
burosha 10/28/18 san clemente

they fit like a glove, comfortable and clean af

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Sergio H 10/15/18 Madrid, Spain.

Perfect shape. great.

Average rating: 4.86 stars
@Dunno_just_yet 10/3/18 London

Exactly what I needed. Incredible durability. Phenomenal outsole, genius idea to partner with Michellin. They are the best shoes I've ever skated durable, effective and comfortable. Chris Joslin knows the way. 10/10

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Mike 9/28/18 Marseille

Shoe very comfortable, the foot is well maintained. After a few sessions no traces of wear, very resistant. Size slightly small, think to take a half size above.

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Georgisk8 9/24/18 Spain

Best shoes ive ever skated with!!

Average rating: 4.86 stars
@matticulousmind 9/21/18 Gainesville, fl

This is my 3rd pair with the michelin soles. They are the most durable and comfortable shoe ive ever skated. Etnies have always been my favorite skate shoe since the mid 90s.

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Trevor Donegan 9/18/18 Beamsville Ontario Canada

Wow! Just wow! I’ve rode Etnies my whole life but I have never skated anything like it! The flick is amazing for flip tricks, it’s already broken in and it’s so comfortable! I would recommend these to anyone any day!

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Jax 9/13/18 NC

Great shoes! Just as pictured and expected!

Average rating: 4.86 stars
neal 9/11/18 houston

these show fit nice and look great. the bottom has some tight grip too.

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Lanky 9/8/18 Kentucky

Solid,comfortable and great grip.

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Gcodyb 9/7/18 ‘Mesa Az

Best shoe out there

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Airwreck 9/6/18 Texas

Comfortable shoes and great quality always

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Ricl 9/5/18 Washington

Hyped to skate these and they hold up so good! Thanks Etnies

Average rating: 4.86 stars
امیر 9/2/18 حیدری

امیرحسین حیدری

Average rating: 4.86 stars
LillCarl 8/26/18 Sweden

I have always been a fan of the Marana and this is the update I've long waited for. comfortable, durable and great to skate

Average rating: 4.86 stars
Eldrick Vargas 8/20/18 Australia

These are extremely comfortable and makes the foot feel safe and secure. Awesome grip, still enough board feel so it doesn't put you off having the thicker sole. Highly recommend!!