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CALLI-CUT reviews (22)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.45 stars

Average rating: 4.45 stars
braydon 5/26/20 United States

great shoes

Average rating: 4.45 stars
Gabe 4/3/20 Oregon

The shoes are pretty bomb

Average rating: 4.45 stars
Levi 3/26/20 Lincoln

Super quick shipping! All worked out great!

Average rating: 4.45 stars
Natalie 3/24/20 United States

Love these sneakers!! They are so comfortable and I love the way they look!!

Average rating: 4.45 stars
B 3/18/20 Mesa

Great shoe! Comfortable and well padded. Will be buying another pair. Super fast shipping as well.

Average rating: 4.45 stars
ShowBizWolf 2/27/20 Pennsylvania

When the Calli-cut first came out, I loved all 5 pairs I owned... they were my favorite shoe of all time. Super comfortable, never had to "break them in" and quite durable. This re-release had me excited... but it leaves me very disappointed, unfortunately. They are much thinner than the originals (from what I remember) and they hurt my feet and ankles... I'm guessing because of how thin and rigid they are. I want to love them because now I can't return them after wearing them for a shift at work and I love the styling... but they are not what I remember.

Average rating: 4.45 stars
Opey 2/22/20 Pa

Shoes are comfortable, but they pinch right behind my toes when i walk. I think its either the eyelets or right in front of the last eyelet when the leather rolls that causing it.

Average rating: 4.45 stars
jboehler 2/20/20 Montana

13’s were too big but the 12’s rock!! Great price too. Not much selection here in the Bog Sky state!!

Average rating: 4.45 stars
Chris 2/15/20 Virginia beach

They were a present for my daughters Birthday. She loves them!!

Average rating: 4.45 stars
Dea 2/4/20 United States

Love the shoes but they were stolen from my porch before I could wear them ..was so excited to have these too!

Average rating: 4.45 stars
William 1/28/20 San Diego

Soles are to thin. That’s why I usually buy skate shoes.

Average rating: 4.45 stars
Barbara 1/1/20 Palm Desert Ca. 92260

My son loved the shoes. He was happy.

Average rating: 4.45 stars
Paul 12/12/19 Nebraska

I love how they look but they are just about unbearably uncomfortable. The seam where the tongue connects to the shoe sticks into the top of my foot and is forming a bruise. I am just hoping they break in soon for pain sake. Etnies are usually insanely comfortable, so I was disappointed with this pair. Going to see if this was just a bad pair to see if I can get them exchanged.

Average rating: 4.45 stars
Brandon 9/27/19 Harrisonville Missouri

These shoes are great. I do wish they had a tad more cushion in the sole, but other that that they are awesome and classic

Average rating: 4.45 stars
Rooster 7/16/19 Winnipeg

Make the back heel area the same color as the shoe, AND, then it will look WAYYYYYYY better, and I would buy again. Having a different color on the back RUINS this shoe !!

Average rating: 4.45 stars
Iria 4/11/19 Spain

Good afternoon, I am a girl who likes etnies shoes a lot, I always use your brand, but lately the shoes I like are not my size. Somehow I feel that because we are women it seems that we have to settle for fewer colors and choices. I just hope they also think a little more about us for the future because I think it's a shame.

Average rating: 4.45 stars
WEEMiX 4/2/19 Connecticut

Love this color. Shoes are comfortable, however these aren’t like the OG models. Would prefer a fatter tongue and elastic center straps. I have to lace these up a little tighter so I’m not walking out of them. The tongue comes out of the top of the shoe after walking/skating in them with no straps. Would pay a little extra for more padding and tongue straps.

Average rating: 4.45 stars
DeShon 3/30/19 Abilene,tx

Great pair of shoes, I've enjoyed wearing them because there comfortable, and they are one of my favorite

Average rating: 4.45 stars
Kile530 3/26/19 Chico ca.

I’ve owned at least 5 pairs of calicuts. Every pair has been amazing and lasted much longer then any other brand shoe I’ve worn. And I ride bmx witch Is very hard on shoes but calicuts have always be awesome.

Average rating: 4.45 stars
Jack 3/18/19 IL

These are the best etnies!!! I haven't had a pair since customs were discontinued, calssic style calli-cut are the way to go. Fit the same as they used to. @Etnies please never stop making this style.

Average rating: 4.45 stars
Fat head 3/12/19 Pittsburgh pa

DONT STOP MAKING THESE SHOES!! Completely stoked you guys rereleased these, as well as the czars and the locut II LS! Now I don’t have to search all over the world for peoples old stock!!

Average rating: 4.45 stars
Jeven 1/26/19 LA

Haven't worn etnies recently, but when I saw these I had to buy them. They're the comfortable nostalgia that I wanted.