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The Veer was built with an outsole created out of Michelin Performance rubber and an EVA Midsole for both durability and grip. The slim, streamlined silhouette blended with the thinly padded tongue and collar lining, create a perfectly snug and secure fit. Comfortable, flexible, and durable, the Veer has something to offer any type of skater.

Product Details

Item Code: 4101000516/968
  • Michelin performance rubber outsole
  • Multi-directional tread with a forefoot flex notch for flexibility
  • Foam Lite 2 insole
  • EVA midsole
  • Slim, streamline silhouette
  • Thinly padded tongue and collar lining
  • Mesh tongue and perforated quarter panel for breathability
  • Suede/Synthetic

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Overall rating
Average rating: 4.77 stars

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Reed 6/15/21 Florida

Veer shoes are extremely comfortable. They’re well ventilated so perfect for warmer weather. They are ideal as tai chi or martial arts shoes because of the flat sole and lightweight construction, which is also great for skating because they give you more foot sensitivity than other styles. All around amazing shoes. They are my preferred shoe for walking, skating or standing.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Reed 6/10/21 Florida

These are the coolest shoes I’ve ever worn. I won’t skate in anything else. The Michelin sole is amazing and the shoe design is super classy, plus they are so comfortable. I bought a bunch of pairs so I’ll always be able to wear them.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Michelin Etnies shoes 5/23/21 Clermont-Ferrand, France

Very comfortable shoes to walk in and to drive in too. Great design, they look stylish. Absolute top marks to the fantastic Michelin sole which brings fantastic grip and, I'm sure, long-lasting performance.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Rox 5/11/21 Belgium

first of all, thanks Etnies, for making so many choices of models in big size US14/EU48 , that is great. I am wearing the Veer shoes and I love them ! I love the fit , the sole, and protection around my full foot. thank you Etnies

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Næstor 6/6/21 Kitchener, ON Canada

Do not ever stop making these! Etnies were my preferred shoes back in the 90s when I started skating and still are. Ordered a pair of Veers through Exoshop in Québec and these are by far the most comfortable and true to size shoes I have ever had. The foot support is outstanding! I have flat feet and do not need to use extra insoles. Skated them right out of the box, no break in required, an all around great shoe!

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Inkaholic82 5/26/21 MT

They’re awesome shoes!! Some of the most comfortable shoes I’ve worn if not the most comfortable. They’re holding up really well so far too, I’m not skating in them just wearing them for everyday use. My job requires a lot of walking and they’re perfect for it. I highly recommend them πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Bierz 4/13/21 Colorado

Some of the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned! No break in period required. And that Michelin tread on the sole is just epic!! All my car buddies love em too, they're a double win.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Bierz 4/3/21 Colorado

Some of the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn!! And I have pretty big size 13 feet so it's not easy to find a good fitting shoe. These are perfect! I just ordered a 2nd pair in case I can't get them again they're that good.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Reed 3/23/21 Florida

Lightweight and flexible with great sole. Comfortable for wide feet.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Cam 3/12/21 California

Much lighter than i expected. Definitely feels like a slightly thinner marana.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
saile0711 2/15/21 Germany, Bayern

The Best durable shoes ever.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
skateratpdx 2/5/21 Portland, OR

Super comfy! Holding up well to every day skating!

Average rating: 4.77 stars
HuBson 6/7/20 uk

great quality, very comfy and light

Average rating: 4.77 stars
CRACK4FREE 12/11/20 Nederland

Really nice and comfortable

Average rating: 4.77 stars
rox the skater 11/22/20 Belgium

I love the gum shoes for winter times because the streets are dirty. I keep the white soles for summer. This two-tone version is a great variety. Thanks for the big sizes you keep delivering. Love Etnies !

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Blueboy53 7/20/20 United Kingdom

I am really happy with my purchase and will definitely order again 😊😊😊

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Robdeth 5/14/20 Belgium

Amazing shoes , good looking and should last long !

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Chris 5/8/20 Boston, Lincolnshire

Bought these for my step son, and this is the third pair of Etnies that I've given him. He can't believe how comfortable they are, and loves the quality. Thanks.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
danijel 5/1/20 vipava

They take some time to adjust to your foot, but then they fit fine. After the 1st week, I already got a hole near the toe.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Pearn 3/23/20 England

Comfortable, light weight and look great. Love these shoes!

Average rating: 4.77 stars
twofourten 3/1/20 Surrey

Excellent design all round & seriously comfortable. I think it's impossible to beat a suede upper with a gum cupsole and these shoes do not disappoint + they're great value for money. Rad!

Average rating: 4.77 stars
lasterketa 11/12/19 Barcelona

Best new shoes

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Eliz 12/25/20 United Kingdom

Really good service, was wondering if i would be able to get a size 7? Got a 7.5 for my boyfriend and they are slightly too big - thanks!

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Dar 8/3/20 Plymouth

Great shoes, correct size and comfy as a spa day

Average rating: 4.77 stars
faurus 5/4/20 bordeaux, france

Best skateshoe : tough yet flexible and comfy. AND stylish. Can't wait for crazy colorways now :)

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Mom 12/31/20 New York

The shoes were a gift for my son. They were a hit! Very nice. Thanks

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Johnny 12/27/20 H town PA

This is my 3rd pair. Great shoes. Great style and build quality. Durable and affordable.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Nicolas 12/22/20 California

My dad got me a pair of these for my birthday and i love how much grip they have. My dad thought they looked nice, so he got a pair and they really fit his feet well. Usually its hard for him to find shoes that fit properly.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Fabian B. 12/16/20 Los Angeles

this shoe is awesome. Love the cupsole feel. I don't have to worry about landing primo and you get a nice board feel once you break them in. The sude allows for a really nice flick and it's really durable too. Great shoe which is why I have bought mutliple of this model. I highly recommend it.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Sker 12/4/20 Jax Fl

These shoe came just as shown. Very well made and comfortable

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Melissa 11/19/20 United States

Good reliable shoes for active 15 year old skateboarder

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Joshua 10/30/20 N/A

These felt so loose on my feet. Especially in the heel area. My heel kept shifting back and forth. Maybe i got the wrong size.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Dirtykicks12 10/20/20 Lubbock, Texas

Bang Bang! These shoes are Badass! The picture on the website doesn’t do them justice. They are way more cooler in person. Not to mention the Sole of the shoe by Michelin are solid and amazing. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wears out shoes really fast these puppies will do a great job keeping up. Thank you very much Etnies keep up the great work

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Kris 10/16/20 California

I dont know what you call it, but the side material is very durable. I heelflip with the side of my shoe so it flicks around that area. Took me forever to rip it. Usually i rip shoes quickly in my heelflip spot.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Keith 10/7/20 New York

Awesome shoes, built well. Skate in them everyday.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Tony 9/25/20 Minnesota

I can never skate another shoe. Love these too much

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Bigdickblake 9/23/20 Santa Cruz


Average rating: 4.77 stars
B 9/23/20 USA

One of my favorite shoes!! I’ve had 5 pairs!

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Robert 9/18/20 Louisiana

This is my first time wearing the Etnies Veer. These are my daily shoes for everything. I go to work, the store, and formal occasions in these. They are great and fashionable in any circumstance. I work on concrete floors in usually uncomfortable temperatures, and all around this is a perfect shoe. For work I wear thin socks. If it is gonna be cooler I wear thick socks. I am not a first timer when it comes to the quality michelin soles, and I expect these to last me for several years before I need another pair. These shoes are comfortable enough to spend 8 hours on concrete in, and breathable enough to withstand uncomfortable temperatures no problem. If you struggle with Athletes foot these are a great pair of shoe to keep away the sweaty conditions some other shoes mantain that cause that. I run cross country, so I search all the time for a shoe that will not collect sweat or quickly degrade in bad weather conditions. All I have to say on that front is this: Go with a pair of Etnies shoes, They will last you a long time and the whole time after you break them in. For extra durability look for the Michelin cupsole variety. Hope these shoes treat you as well as they do me. Thanks again to Etnies for making a brand worth praising.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Sirskate85 9/14/20 Highland in

This shoe was a like gold this cupsole is pleasant change from the joslin 1. I love etnies style and function.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Jacob 9/13/20 New york

I love these shoes so much. I completely understand why Trevor McClung skates these religiously.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Necro0138 9/8/20 Surprise

Love the shoes. The feel and tenaciousness. The only down side is they take a bit of breaking in. Transitioning from a well worn, broken in shoe to a cupsole takes a minute so keep that in mind.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Pootermac 9/7/20 Palm beach

Great shoes. Great price

Average rating: 4.77 stars
I Eat Planets 9/5/20 South Bay California

Comparing them to the other Etnies I have had for skating these are far above, both the look, board feel, and midsole impact. I have three pairs of Veers in different colorways, some fit a little tighter than the other pair but after skating them and breaking them in they stretch to your feet and lose any over tight feel. I recently got the Joslin 2s Marana's and they are less stiff with the new Michelin sole they come with and that toe vent pattern as well seem to make a big difference, and the strap. I would say that this the only real difference besides the look and that the Joslin 2 Marana's with new Michelin seem to be less stiff off that bat and feel more broken in immediately. The Marans feel like they hug your feet inside, and the Veers feel like outside is wrapped around your feet. I definetely enjoy skating both shoes and are worth picking up if you usually skate Marana's and like the colorways of the veers.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Potsy 8/28/20 Belleville Pa

Size 10 is what I wear they are to small. 10.5 are to big wish you made shoes 10.25 that would fit perfect

Average rating: 4.77 stars
B 8/27/20 Usa

Good board feel,great padding! Fits true to size.. durable material!

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Joe 8/26/20 LA

Got a 10 but realized it was a little too big for me. I should've gotten a 9.5, but i just sticked with the 10. My favorite things about this shoe are the flex grooves on the sole and the 2 piece toe. The flex grooves make every push feel grippy and powerful. The 2 piece toe lasts quite a while. Pulled out the superglue after the stitching ripped, but it was durable even without the glue. Lasted me around 4 months of cruising and street skating.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
M Prime 8/21/20 Canada

Excellent quality, great comfort and look great as well. Would definitely purchase from them again.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Bubba 8/7/20 Nevada

This things are like glue with that Michelin sole

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Enrique 8/13/20 Costa Rica

Excellent quality, very durable and also made with the best materials. Highly recommended #loveEtnies

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Ash 8/11/20 California

I love how these look, but i just wish they had maybe a little bit more padding in them and the tongue centering straps. The shoe is pretty easy to repair. I superglued the toe stitching right out if the box and when the stitching ripped i simply superglued the toe piece backtogether. Even if i didnt superglue them they wouldve still lasted me quite a while.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Shawn 8/10/20 New York

These seemed to be too wide for my foot. I wish they were just slightly narrower.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Salvador0411 8/7/20 United States

I love this shoes give me a real comfort in my mountain bike

Average rating: 4.77 stars
meta 8/4/20 OC

a tad more narrower than I thought, decent shoe, was hopin it was puffier

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Daniel 7/12/20 Huntington beach

These saved me from rolling my ankle. Your foot will sit lower in the shoe so theres overall more ankle support. I havent rolled my ankle im these, but we'll see. Good so far!

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Tyler 6/26/20 Indiana

Great heel support more comfy than nikes

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Shawn 6/14/20 San diego

At first, these shoes were a little too wide for my foot, but i changed the insole to a thicker one and it fit perfectly. Maybe get this shoe if your feer are slightly wider than normal.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Jacob 6/6/20 California

These are my favorite shoes! Please make these shoes forever.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Ricky 5/30/20 Tennessee

Ive been wearing the same pair since December. I skate in them every once in a while and i wear them to work too. Very comfortable and durable shoe. Definitely gonna get a pair of the white ones when these are finished.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Charllie Moungkhoun 5/26/20 Holland, Michigan

I have skated these shoes for 2 weeks, and within the first week, the first layer of suede ripped, the bottom Michelin outsole was very grippy, but I was very disappointing with the durability, the whole toecap had ripped by week two, would not recommend.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Nordy 5/16/20 Austin Texas

These shoes do the job πŸ‘ŒπŸ½

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Kenneth 5/16/20 New york

This shoe was a very durable one. I've been wearing the veer for skating and the same pair to work. Its been about 3 months and they are just now about to blow open. Thats great for me!

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Sonny 5/2/20 Fredericksburg Virginia

good shoe could have a single toe piece but good outsole wish the toebox was a little pointier for some flip tricks

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Devastator 3/12/20 United States

Super comfy, excellent grip, haven't yet skated em but they're in the rotation.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Kevin R 2/24/20 Los Angeles

Veer: Black/Camo I'm size 11 in the Jameson Vulc MT, RVM's, Marana Vulcs, but 11.5 in Joslin and the Marana. These shoes fit a little small in the toe box in your normal size, so I suggest going up 0.5 a size. I am used to the Michelin sole on the Marana and the Joslin, so I was eager to try this new formula and see how they compare. I love the upper's construction, with the mult-paneled layering, since this helps keep the shoe more rigid, not bag out super quick, and be durable. I'm hoping that holds true when I actually skate them. These feel like a slightly slimmer Marana, but with a stitched toe panel instead of a TPR toe cap. I haven't skated these yet, but they feel great just walking in them. The toe box fit is a medium width: not too narrow and not too wide (in your correct size), the heel/ankle feels substantially cushioned, but less than the Joslin and the Marana. Somewhat similar to the eS models: Accel Slim or Swift 1.5. My only gripe with the Veer is that they don't come with the Pro Foam 1 insole, so I had to pull out the stitched insole and swap with a different insole of choice to increase the comfort/support to my preference. Overall, I think it's a great, mid-puff silhouette that is supportive and comfortable, while also a great canvas for experimental colorway and material combos in the future.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Know Names 2/22/20 Little Rock

Ok, the Michelin thing...was kind of skeptical at first...but, why not!! 10 people have asked me about what 'Etnies' is, sent them to your sight. Guys, do you still make denim anymore, I'm sure you do. Get to the point- a sweet grippy sole. Perfect for my board. I will definitely purchase again!! Wish I could have bought a pro shoe!! Support your pro team/riders!! I bet that is a hell of a video!!

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Landon 2/21/20 Virginia

Just overall a good shoe. Durability is good, Impact protection is good for what im doing, Flick is on point. should last me another 2 months or so. Ive skated them for about a month and a half.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Swoops 2/13/20 KC

So I was needing a new pair of shoes and I thought, I should get these Etnies Veer shoes in grey. So after I did that I waited a day or two for them to come. They came as expected. Now I’m trying them on and thinking, man, these are my new shoes...this is who I am now. And so from then until now, those became my shoes. I now wear them. Some day they will not be my shoes any longer, but all good things (especially shoes) must one day come to an end. I’m proud I have them tbh.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Carlos Bahamonde 2/11/20 Philadelphia

Literally my favorite shoe right now. This and the marana are my favorite shoes and I can't even skate any other shoes the way I skate etnies!

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Peter 2/6/20 Virginia

The shoes are pretty good. The only complaint I have about them is the width. It was a little too wide for me, but nothing too bad. Still a great shoe.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Denny 1/31/20 Washington

Comfy. It only took me half a day to break them in.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Shane 1/29/20 San Diego California

Its a great shoe. Ive been skating them for a month now and I'm just starting to wear through the first layer of suede. Impact support is great for it being a slimmer shoe. The simple design hides the technology within.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
Eddie 1/28/20 California

Very comfortable, quality made and true to size. Great customer service with fast shipping.

Average rating: 4.77 stars
ghost 10/23/19 New Orleans

Super comfy, breathable, seems like they will hold up well too. Though I've only had them for about a month now, so I can't say for sure.