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A winterized version of our famous Marana Mid. It has 3M Thinsulate and Scotchguard.

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MARANA MTW reviews (17)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.88 stars

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Lucky 3/31/21 Van Nuys CA

Very good looking shoe

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Rambo 1/27/21 Utah

Amazing shoes for the winter months. Nice and warm and water proof and you can’t go wrong with the Marana, it’s already the best shoe out there. Then make one for the snow or winter. I would recommend this shoe for anybody in snowy area’s.

Average rating: 4.88 stars
KMR 1/12/21 los angeles

Marana Mid but weatherized?? Sign me up! So Cal doesn't get the worst of the winter weather that often, but when it does get cold/rainy, these look like they will be fun to trek around in and skate in some dry areas. I like the metal lace eyelets on this model, since it makes it feel like a boot. The small drawback to the metal eyelets may be that the laces could rip easier while skating, but the tongue is attached to the sides of the upper so it should still stay secure if you tie the broken laces off and have that. Feels comfortable with the 3M thinsulate on the inside of the collar/tongue area. They feel cushioned, comfortable, and supportive. The suede doesn't feel like normal suede, it almost feels like it's coated in something to be more water/weather resistant, so it's nice to SEE the features it offers to be different from the normal version of this shoe. Some shoes claim the tech or fancy features but you can't see a difference once on feet/in hand. Not with these, I am eager to get adventuring/skating in these ASAP! Tempting me to go grab the newest colorway that just went on sale haha!

Average rating: 4.88 stars
axelrp82 12/2/20 Italy

I really like this brand, this model of shoes

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Huusi 11/16/19 Zurich

Great Shoe for the winter, nice and warm

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Henrik 10/31/19 Forssa, Finland

Amazing shoes, a lot warmer than I dared to hope for. My feet are always cold in the winter but these seem to scratch that itch. I strongly recommend these.

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Gilles 8/6/20 France

Perfect! Efficacity and rapidity.

Average rating: 4.88 stars
palzywalzy 12/2/20 Dirty Jerz

Love these. On sale, wow!

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Nico 11/27/20 Quebec City, canada

#1, bas expected! Was hopping the same comfort as the last etnies shoes i bought 10+years a go!!!

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Jacob 11/15/20 Colorado

Please Etnies, never stop making Marana mid tops. I love them so much I will never buy another shoe.

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Ninja 10/28/20 Ohio

Great pair a shoes

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Robert 9/12/20 Louisiana

I ordered these shoes in error. I loved the design and were really excited they were on sale. I had the Marana's for going on 2 years before they gave out on me which was amazing. I wanted to replace them and accidentally bought the winterized version and I live in an area where these shoes would be much too hot. I processed a return which went extremely fast as far as processing and handling. I was really saddened to see them go back, and ordered a non-winterized etnies shoe that I wear every chance I get. I am certain anyone looking for a winterized Etnies shoe would absolutely fall in love with this pair of shoes. If I ever move north, I will be sure to re-invest in another pair.

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Paul 8/6/20 La Mesa, CA

Would give these 10 stars if I could. Far and away the absolute BEST mid-top BMX shoes available on the market today! Sturdy, durable, padded in all the right places. Lasts 3X longer than similar Vans models. I love these and hope Etnies never stop making them. If you ride BMX on a regular basis and find yourself wearing out shoes too quickly, do yourself a favor and try a pair of these. *Size note- I wear a half-size up in these. so 11 in a vans half-cab and 11.5 in the marana mtw fwiw.

Average rating: 4.88 stars
JOEL 8/6/20 United States

I really loved these shoes and was excited to try them on. Unfortunately I did not realize they were normal, and I have a wide foot. I was forced to return them and will be unable to wear etnies due to my wide feet. I still love etnies, and if you guys were to start making wides I would definitely get a pair.

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Dingekrewbykes 3/4/20 Daytona beach fl

Love them very satisfied

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Steve 2/11/20 Alabama

Great overall. Surprising warmth down to around 25*F. Comfortable padded tongue. Great grip on most surfaces. Only complaint is the insoles could be better as the shoe could use more cushion.

Average rating: 4.88 stars
Cascade Snow Bije 12/17/19 Bend, OR

These are awesome mid-tops. Etnies seem to phase in and out their mid-tops so when they get a solid one in I like to grab it up. I got tuned into their mid-tops in 2007 riding BMX at Woodward West., I have tried different brands over the years and always come back to etnies for the design, durability, & style. These are sweet with the Thinsulate as it gets cold and snowy in Bend, and I don’t always want to wear a winter boot. Stoked to see how the Michelin soles hold up. Really nice shoe, good job Etnies.