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Stay agile and flexible with the new Michelin Fiber Lite Technology featured in the all-new Joslin 2. Michelin Fiber Lite Technology offers 3X more durability than your average skate shoe, all while still maintaining the same flexibility and movement needed to shred anything, anytime

Product Details

Item Code: 4102000139/076
  • Designed and tested by Chris Joslin
  • New Michelin Fiber Lite Technology that offers a lightweight and flexible performance rubber cupsole
  • Pro Foam 1 insole
  • EVA midsole
  • Tongue Straps
  • Optional lace holes for lace protection
  • Slim, streamlined silhouette
  • Rubber underlay beneath vamp & toe cap

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JOSLIN 2 reviews (65)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.78 stars

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Mat 5/25/21 Germany

Perfect Skate shoe. I plan to buy more. Size fit perfectly. Very good shock absorber. Great material. The best Skate shoe I had so far.

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Pepper 5/8/21 Sussex

I love these shoes. I have only worn etnes for 10 years now. I have 5 pair at the moment and these are my favourite. (Do'nt tell my low cut Cbs) Always comfortable, durable. They look stylish when fresh and dope when buffed about. They keep their shape till the soul wears through. Love em. ps/ I feel reassured that as a company etnes are fair and ethical in their business. peace.

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Kong 5/30/21 Texas

It's a great shoe after the break in period, but after you break the top stitches the shoe becomes useless. All in all good grip but not as durable as advertised

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Hector 3/30/21 Michigan

Etnies shoes are great looking comfortable and well made. I have 6 pairs and love them all.

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Bruno 7/14/20 Portugal

Fast shipping, well packed, perfect 5*

Average rating: 4.78 stars
hoskins 7/6/20 london

best skate shoes. been skating them for about a month everyday and have only gone through a little bit of the stitching but glue gunned up and it’s perfect. Been doing a lot of Ollies and still haven’t ripped. highly recommend.

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Niall 6/11/20 United Kingdom

I would highly recommend these skate shoes they fit so well and my skating has improved ten fold and also the grip Is awesome too

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Matteo José 5/5/20 Italia

it's a cool shoe, very comfortable and I like the strong sole grip . HIGH RECOMMENDED

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Mathias 4/8/20 Denmark


Average rating: 4.78 stars
h4cksaw 1/13/21 New England

Best everyday skate shoes I've ever owned. I also use these for single track mtb. The sole is just thick enough that the mtb pedal pins don't hurt my feet, but I do feel them. They're bulky and the sole is thicc, but being a little older my feet like the extra support. The velcro is great for just throwing them on quick... Then I'll lace them up when I need to. The velcro strap has held up ok, but might be the first part to break. The suede is super thick and barely has any wear, though I don't do a ton of flip tricks anymore. Just pre-ordered my second pair for spring 2021.

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Kev 1/12/21 Southern California

These shoes are fantastic! Sturdy, comfortable, and supportive. Also the Black/White colorway looks so clean. A modern, core skateboarding company's version of a dunk, but BETTER! The strap is optional since lace holes go up to the top, which adds to the versatility with this shoe. Secure with laces or the strap, or even both if you wanted. Run the strap loose, take it off, or strap in. It works for whatever you want out of it. The shoe feels more squishy/responsive in the sole than the Joslin 1 or Marana, but that's likely because of that fiberlite adding that flex. Something I like the more I skate the shoe. The flick is good, but the Marana and Joslin 1 are a bit better in my opinion (probably because I am so used to it). With some time, it will be perfect. Durability: suede toe on top of suede vamp and a rubber layer underneath the two? That's a recipe for a shoe to last months! So far, in my pair I haven't ripped through the top suede panel after 1.5 weeks of skating them. I am wearing the sole down faster than the upper. If the suede is durable, then I'm not worried. This shoe feels puffy by comparison to its predecessor and the Marana, but don't let that deter you if you think you can't skate puffy shoes. This is puffier for support but still feels athletic and thin enough once you break them in, so you get the best of both worlds. A good balance of thin and boardfeel mixed with padding and comfort. Highly recommend!!!

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Kaz 1/12/21 Glasgow Scotland


Average rating: 4.78 stars
Tom 6/7/20 Merseyside

Really really comfortable, definitely an upgrade to my Joslin 1's that are still intact, but obviously with use and age the colour isn't as it used to be. Hoping the joslin 2's live up to the expectation of the first iteration, very happy so far!

Average rating: 4.78 stars
kedaR 5/26/20 London

Awesome! 🤑

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Aber 5/8/20 Ireland

Seems durable and feels comfortable.

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Pablo M 11/8/20 Ghent Belgium

Everything very nice, only point I'd like to see change is the fat tongue, it might be due to my foot but for me on the inside of the foot it's too thick, it hurt when I want to strap it on hard enough, the tongue should be or less thick on the inside of the foot.

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Vaughn 1/6/21 Minneapolis

Love them! Durable and comfortable, easy to put on

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Landscaper ya kno 11/11/20 Virginia

I can honestly say this shoe is close to being the best skate shoe, no I dont skate but 8 dont use boots for my job, the Joslin 2 held up for almost a year to brutal shoe conditions. Best shoe for your buck, and I hope the developers who make it see my comment because the only thing that made its life end was the sole attaching to the shoe itself, I got my moneys worth for sure but I hope they upgrade it to a thick tether instead of glue, other than that great

Average rating: 4.78 stars
I Eat Planets 11/10/20 South Bay California

One of if not the best lookin Joslins imo. Id take these, the white, and greens always super fire, comfortable, strap is one of my favorite features, and the new Michelin sole is more flexible than the one on the Joslin and Veers. 10/10

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Wiggy 10/26/20 Chicago

Great shoe very comfortable the thick sole is perfect for taking big impacts and don’t hurt your feet at all if you ride a thin vulcanized shoe this might take a while to get used to but I liked everything about the shoe and will be reordering once they restock the Black And White color way

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Liam 10/25/20 Australia

Nicest shoe I have skated in best board feel and comfort is amazing like walking on clouds the lace pocket is a nice addition and the ankle strap is the best if you roll your ankle you can just tighten the strap some more and skate on gives the best support padding in all the right places reminds me of the old school chunky skate shoes but without all the heavy bulk weighing your feet down , of you're on the fence about buying these? Don't be! Do yourself and your feet a favour fantastic grip with the Michelin soles too never skated better only been wearing them a week but already if and when they give out I'll be getting another pair 🤙

Average rating: 4.78 stars
I Eat Planets 10/9/20 South Bay, California

10/10 Shoes, has what I keep seeing referred to be as shoes with that stepped in feel where the thick cushion inside hugs and provides support for your ankles. The new Michelin sole is a step up from the performance, feel like a shoe that has been skated in for few sessions on your first skate with them. Also love the strap! wish they all had the strap, and the veers had it as well. Absolutely love them!

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Wiggy 10/7/20 Chicago

Very solid shoe the soles take in hella impact the only downside is there isn’t much board feel but if you like to jump off high shit this is the shoe for you

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Ken 8/17/20 United States

I think this shoe would last longer with a rubber toe cap above everything.

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Max W 8/10/20 Burlington, VT

I love the velcro strap and the new logo is great.

Average rating: 4.78 stars
NJX 8/4/20 Central Asia

Great shoes. Felt a bit tight at first but wearing them couple of times solved that. They are darker in real life compared to product photos.

Average rating: 4.78 stars
BIGTOM 7/28/20 San Francisco

I was off the board for 12 years before starting back wearing the Chima Pro ultra cush Vans I was already wearing. After 1.5 months, my sessions were being limited and I didn’t even know it. I used to rock a pair of puffy DCs back in the day and I missed the protection and support they provided. The Joslin 2s seemed like a perfect fit and I have no regrets. They were pretty stiff out of the box but after a few sessions I was back in the swing. My sessions last longer and I feel more surefooted than before.

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Dan 7/23/20 santa barbara

Very good service and extremely quick on the delivery

Average rating: 4.78 stars
kiki 7/21/20 United States

love em out of sz 9

Average rating: 4.78 stars
TC 7/20/20 Mississippi

The shoe skates amazing my favorite so far. Just wish the toe cap was a little bit more durable.

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Noah 7/18/20 Norcal

Been using these for bmx and they are holding up quite nice. Loving the feel and protection that these offer.

Average rating: 4.78 stars
mrbahamonde 7/16/20 Philadelphia

THE STORES ARE FIREEEEE but also can y’all get more maranas in because i need a 9.5 and y’all don’t have any in practically any color way but still the shoes are the best!

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Ljet 7/15/20 NYC

Fell apart very fast, I’ve skated them the least of all my etnies before the entire front part of the shoe ripped up... never skated them on fresh grip.

Average rating: 4.78 stars
@Matticulousmind 6/27/20 Florida

Favorite skater and company. 7th pair of joslins so far and still the best skate shoes ever!

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Paper Cut 611 6/24/20 OK

LOVE em! They already feel broken in out of the box. The strap feels like a breath of fresh air. Haven't seen em since Circa.

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Vaughn 6/14/20 United States

awesome shoes love the blue ones

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Jonesy 6/11/20 South Dakota

Great shoes. Very comfortable and durable definitely getting another pair

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Sean 6/6/20 Texas

Best skate shoe I've had in a long time. The grip is great, they are durable, and stylish. They leave little blue streaks on your griptape, which aren't permanent, so it's kinda fun, and you can see what you did right or wrong with each flick

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Noodle 6/4/20 Earth

Comfortable stylish remind me of wing toe dress shoes. Should come with the option of black or white laces or one of each in box. Five stars definitely

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Jimmy 6/4/20 Highland ny

By far the best most comfortable shoe I’ve skated, from the feeling of it breaking in right out of the box to the feeling of the flick the way it hugs your feet you can wear them right or lose and still em got them. The durability of these are insane and I go through shoes in about 1-3 weeks tops. And this is coming from someone who only would skate mid to high top shoes for the last 10 years. And the velcro adds so much ankle support feels equal to the Marana mids without all the tall padding. 10/10 would recommend and will be purchasing more in the future.

Average rating: 4.78 stars
ster 6/2/20 LA

put super glue on the stitching and these shoes will be golden

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Cozi_42 6/2/20 Los Angeles

One of the best shoes I’ve skated, for them being a vulcanized shoe, they pretty light and so comfortable. They make your feet feel secure and like if they were inside a cloud. Been doing so many Ollies and flip tricks and still not a tear. Shout out to Chris Joslin for an amazing shoe that won’t let you down.

Average rating: 4.78 stars
KAMT 6/1/20 Colorado

These are great shoes, insane durability and padding while still having flex and board feel, favorite shoe so far.

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Jude 5/31/20 Chicago Illinois

Just from trying them on and looking at the details.. i fell for these! BTW Chris joslin Fucking amazing idea with the hidden pocket in the tongue. Couldn't have asked for a better upgrade from the 1s. I cant wait to buy more.. debating whether i should buy my second pair now before this white and black colorway sells out or hold out for a new colorway. PLEASE MAKE A RED AND WHITE Colorway. I'll buy 3 pairs to start! ETNIES FOR LIFE! YES You should buy these. Stop reading this review and start typing in that card of yours. You wont regret it trust me. I also skate a number of other shoe brands but etnies has always been deeply rooted in my heart. If youre looking to upgrade from the joslin 1s or whether youre looking for something new to skate or hey maybe you just wanna look good trust me you'll fall in love with these =)

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Robert 5/29/20 Sandy utah

They ripped in the first session pretty bummed the joslin ones lasted 3 months

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Matt 5/29/20 Westbrook

So far after over 3 weeks I still haven't worn through the toe... that's promising. I love the flick and boardfeel. All around great durable skate shoe

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Daffy 5/22/20 Dawson Creek, BC

Absolutely love my shoes!!!!

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Keagon 5/21/20 Nebraska

The shoes pretty good but sometimes I think only Chris joslyn needs this much padding lmao goat tho

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Chelse 5/19/20 41101

The shoe ripped and it’s been two weeks

Average rating: 4.78 stars
shawn 5/17/20 ct


Average rating: 4.78 stars
COlliN 5/16/20 LA California

If your trying to find a shoe that is durable, comfortable, and great for impact, this is the perfect shoe. Yes, it is a little on the price-ier side but, it's definitely worth it. Would for sure recommend them.

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Shane 5/16/20 Virginia

This shoe took a little bit to get used to since it had a strap, but after a little while i realised it was a good add on. Since i use the strap, i barely have to tighten my laces. I've had a bunch of bad ankle rolls but the strap holds my foot nicely so it doesnt want to roll.

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Brucelee 5/13/20 29 Palms

So comfortable

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Nate D 5/13/20 Grand Island Nebraska

Love these shoes so much! The sole is by far the greatest thing on them. So much grip. Would recommend for anyone.

Average rating: 4.78 stars
jtripp 5/10/20 montrose

they feel really good but i skated mine a few days and the sides blew out and led to the toe cap blowing out i already need new shoes and ita been a week or maybe 2 weeks of skating these

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Anthony 5/9/20 Virginia

love these shoes

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Sk8cho 5/7/20 United States

Comfortable and great quality Great to Skate in!

Average rating: 4.78 stars
A.M 5/5/20 Canada

Hands down one of the best skate shoes out there. I have wise feet so in the beginning it can be a snug fit but within a couple days skating it loosens up.

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Lando 5/1/20 Wilmington, NC

Beautiful Shoe, Great build quality, Awesome color. They are like Blue Suede shoes for Skater Elvis!

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Mitch 5/1/20 Missoula, MT

Best shoes I ever skated. 1 1/2 weeks is a long time for a skate shoe to last me and the Joslin 2s lasted 9 days of destruction. That's why I ordered a second pair and probably will a third. Black and gum colorway would be sick love the strap reminds me of the Circa CX205s

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Alva 4/30/20 San Diego

A gnarly shoe, for a gnarly skater, in this gnarly time. This the corona joslin

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Mikey 4/26/20 Washington DC

Ive merked 2 motherfuckers in these. Looked icy af stepping over their dead bodies

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Jhon 4/23/20 New York City

Very good for skateboarding!

Average rating: 4.78 stars
B sull 4/8/20 Nh

Best show I've ever skated.

Average rating: 4.78 stars
@buh_how_dis 3/30/20 San Diego CA

Haven bought them yet, though i have a good feeling about them, been skating the maranas and the regular joslins pretty much since michelin soles came out. just gonna wait for the white and black color way ive seen on Joslins instagram.