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The long-running and best-selling etnies shoe, the Fader, teams up with the Metal Mulisha.

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Item Code: 4107000233/978
  • Metal Mulisha artwork and logos
  • Padded tongue and collar
  • Internal EVA midsole
  • STI Foam Lite level 1 footbed
  • New 300 NBS stitched rubber outsole

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Overall rating
Average rating: 4.82 stars

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Matt 3/27/20 Virginia

Great quality, and they look good too.

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Angel 4/23/19 Michigan

Love the shoe and style

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Konn 3/12/19 USA

Great shoes in all. They're comfortable, look good and are perfect for skating.

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Emster 2/21/19 Ak

These are the most comfortable shoes ever! Love the color so much!

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Terra 2/8/19 Online

The best

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Estag35 12/31/18 North Wales


Average rating: 4.82 stars
Daniel S. 12/27/18 Ocala FL

Fantastic product. Over the past decade I have tried other skate shoes from other popular brands and they just never seem to last as long as a pair of Etnies Fader. I do my absolute best to order at least one pair every holiday season if I can't get a deal on 2. Regardless the shoe quality is 5*, the looks are 5*, and durability and comfort are also 5*. Whether you skate or just wear skate shoes for long lasting sneakers this is without a doubt one of the best choices on the market for your money.

Average rating: 4.82 stars
trowie 12/10/18 midwales

really comfortable and hard wearing shoe

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Johnny93 11/9/18 Portugal

awesome shoes!! i've been buying this specific model for years now and they never disapoint! plus, the Metal Mulisha editions always give them a nice little touch

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Samblue 8/6/18 Valencia Spain

There are perfect! Super confort and the colours and details are wonderful!

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Zack 7/31/18 Beacon Falls CT

They look awesome just wish you had some in my size. Would definitely buy them.

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Kirsty 5/21/18 Goulburn

Great my partner is so happy with them

Average rating: 4.82 stars
elfshanx 5/15/18 US

Comfortable, durable, good-looking shoes. I get a pair, wear em every day for a few years, then get a new pair when the old ones wear out.

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Mar1saaaa 4/3/18 Harrison, NY

Nice shoes and comfortable. I am a female and I wear womens size 7, I got these in a mens 6 and they fit fine. May have been able to get away with a 5.5. Wish there were more of these sizes available. Awesome shoes.

Average rating: 4.82 stars
xashes 3/31/18 Dubois PA

they look great.

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Goofy 3/29/18 Long Island NY

I ordered online the size fit perfect 100% happy

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Katiedoodle1979 3/25/18 Nevada

Awesome shoes! Awesome customer service! Seem to run about 1/2 size on the small side. Ordered my normal size 10, didn't fit right. Contacted customer service, requested a return/exchanged for 10.5 No hassles free shipping both ways had my new pair within a week of returning the ones that didn't fit. Very comfortable! Will order again!

Average rating: 4.82 stars
ivy 2/20/18 italy

WOW! Davvero belle, con i lacci viola spaccano!

Average rating: 4.82 stars
VittorioCR7 2/15/18 ITALIA

Prima volta che uso scarpe del genere, veramente ma veramente belle, avrei voluto vederle nere. Il numero calza alla perfezione, avevo delle 45 new balance e sono andato sul sicuro. Materiali ottimi e qualità da top ma le avrei preferite made in U.S.A. belle veramente

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Lin-z 1/19/18 Orange Park Florida

Order these shoes for my husband for christmas but once it shipped they said i would have them by december 26th. But i recieved the shoes on december 23rd. So they have very fast shipping and on christmas morning my husbamd was so happy to have these shoes bc here in orange park they do not sale shoes like these they only sell nike and adidas in our skate shopes. He loves them so much thank u for the fast shipping amd comfortable shoes.

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Goof 9/12/17 Netherlands

Love the shoes. My second pair of faders. The only point is i would like the outer soles a bit sturdier.

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Danny 8/11/17 La

Great shoes for as expected and comfortable

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Terra 5/10/17 England

Fast delivery of shoes and really comfortable as this style of shoe always are.

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Brandy twizted 4/10/17 Jackson mississippi

Amazing shoes. Really comfortable! Nice design and well made.

Average rating: 4.82 stars
dinky 4/5/17 Idaho

Love them! They fit great and they're really comfortable! They even got here a day early!

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Specchina 3/6/17 Mel


Average rating: 4.82 stars
MCB42 2/21/17 Gainesville, Fl

I've bought Etnies before and the shoes have never let me down, this pair is no different. Not only are they comfortable, but they are also durable (previous pair I bought lasted 5 years). Etnies, continue making great shoes and you'll always have a loyal customer here.

Average rating: 4.82 stars
internet 1/28/17 at home

i was very happy with this shoe i will get another pair

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Vii 1/23/17 Trani

Shipping very fast and perfect shoes, i really love it!

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Kristin 12/28/16 Delaware

I ordered them online and they came on time they were a christmas gift and my boyfriend loved them they r his favorite kind of shoes he was so excited to see they came in blue he already has the green ones

Average rating: 4.82 stars
demony 12/19/16 Reus, Spain

They are being very warm and confortabe

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Steve 12/1/16 Serbia

Etnies are the only one making shoes with skull prints.I had the same model before with another print.They are great and durable even on winter.And of course - powerful looking.Very fast shipping to Germany,only problem is that I can't order them directly to Serbia. I hope they will make more great looking models in the future.

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Michael 11/23/16 Wisconsin

Great site

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Matt 10/19/16 Beloit wi

Love them

Average rating: 4.82 stars
brat 9/13/16 Minnesota

teenager, loves 'em!

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Paddy 9/4/16 West Sussex

Always had metal mulisha faders. Really comfortable and hard wearing.

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Stv 9/3/16 France

They just rocks ! thanks ! :)

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Dee 8/26/16 585 Prince Perry Rd.

This shoe is really amazing. I ride rode bikes & mtb. The stiff sole makes peddling a breeze & the thick tongue keeps your foot snug and centered in the shoe. I wear several name brand shoes when riding but the MMF is by far my favorite.

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Jojo 8/23/16 Washington

Love these shoes for work! I walk around a grocery store all day. The colors match my uniform and the comfort is through the roof! My first pair lasted over 2 years. I'm getting another and was so happy to find them again. I love men's shoes because my feet are wide. They keep me comfortable and last a long time. Very, very pleased!

Average rating: 4.82 stars
matt 8/23/16 Michigan

I've wore etnies shoes for years they arebsome of the most comfortable shoes ever I kind of wish the green on the shoes was a little bit darker of a green and not so much of a yellow but all in all I'm happy very very comfortable shoes

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Etnie fan 8/23/16 Colorado Springs

I've worn these shoes for years. I tried DCs when Etnie discontinued the calicutts, but they didn't compare so now I bought these & am extremely happy

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Manny 7/19/16 Hawaii

Great shoes

Average rating: 4.82 stars
patrick 7/19/16 PA

Most comfortable, toughest shoe out there. I've been wearing them for years and won't stop anytime soon.

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Izanamihime 6/30/16 Netherlands

Love the shoes.. now get them in smaller sizes.. Im a girl with shoesize 35/36 but I see no metal shoes in those sizes! pls! we want them as well!

Average rating: 4.82 stars
alessio rimmaudo 5/28/15

AWESOME , and the photo dosen't pay the real beauty of these shoes!!

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Joseph Kirk 4/16/15

I love the shoes. The only two changes I didn't like was the metal mulisha logo was replaced with the E on the back and the tongue has no shoestring loop to keep the tongue in place like the 2013 Fader did. Other than that, they are solid and I like the new double stitch on the front this time. The 2013 Mulisha faders soles wanted to come away from the shoe too easily. The double stitch should fix that problem. I'll be back to buy another pair after I kick the crap out of these. =)

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Leanna Oberhelman 4/12/15

Love the shoes! Fit perfectly, can't wait to get another pair!

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Edoardo Guarnaccia 3/25/15

Those shoes are very comfortable, I'm very happy to have bought this item !!!

Average rating: 4.82 stars
baked 3/18/15

always liked etnies for there comfort and style.

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Lacy 1/15/15

I bought these for my boyfriend for Christmas. He normally wears DC's and would never even look at a different brand so i was iffy about purchasing these. But, he LOVES them, he says their not only comfortable but their perfect for him as far as style and color.

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Bob Hope 11/2/14

Ethies keep on making them great Faders! They are not to be disposable, now and in the future!! Dig???

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Chistiaan 10/30/14

Great old school classic Fader! Metal forever!!! Tough and strong as nails and bloody comfy too, what else to say. Good stuff?

Average rating: 4.82 stars
t**** 3/31/14

I ordered a pair of these shoes for my daughter and my husband. My daughter wears custom orthodotics and prefers mens shoes for the width. Buying shoes for her is challenging and usually very expensive. Her favorite brand is metal mulisha so if there were more colors in the metal mulisha brand and fader style, I would buy many pairs for her. My husband is very happy with his etnies. It would be nice if the etnies shoes size chart indicate size by measuring the foot in inches or the conversions between mens, womens, and childrens shoes.

Average rating: 4.82 stars

ok tout va bien

Average rating: 4.82 stars
faynn 8/20/13

I'm very happy to have choose those Etnies shoes (Black/Grey/Black). I love the Metal Mulisha Collection. I was no sure for the size because it's a men model and I'm a woman but it's perfect. I'm truly satisfied. Thank to you for have some sizes for woman in men model. A french woman ;)

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Andries Rienks 7/21/13

It's the only brand selling size 49 (EU) shoes I can use on my flat pedals for mountainbiking. Not to expensive so I gave it a try, must say I'm happy with them. Soles could have been a bit stiffer.

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Dylan smith 3/22/13

where are the black and red ones? ive been rocking them for like 2-3 years now. its time for new ones. please bring them back

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Michael D. 2/1/13

wish you had the black and red ones

Average rating: 4.82 stars
motherfucker666 8/12/12


Average rating: 4.82 stars
b**** 7/18/12

Excellent product!

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Paul McDevitt 6/14/12

very nice easy to walk in and deadly for mountain biking in best enties i got in a long time

Average rating: 4.82 stars
Candice Sheak 6/13/12

These ROCK! I was so excited about the short amount of time that it took for them to arrive. My husband loved them... And unlike most other sneakers, he said he didn't even have to break them in!!!!