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As a part of the etnies ICON Collection, the Czar is a re-issue of an iconic style that has been released from the etnies archive. Staying true to the classics, the Czar has a mid-puff silhouette with plenty of padding. It features deep multi-directional flex grooves on the forefoot tread with classic double strobel stitching on the outsole sidewall for durability.

Product Details

Item Code: 4101000508/129
  • Foam Lite 1 Insole
  • Midsole egg-crate construction
  • Mid-puff silhouette with padded tongue & collar
  • TPR toe cap underlay
  • Classic double strobel stitching on the outsole sidewall
  • Deep multi-directional flex grooves on the forefoot tread

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CZAR reviews (46)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.78 stars

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Carlos 9/17/20 Estonia

They are very comfortable

Average rating: 4.78 stars
zelek 8/13/20 Slovenia

Awesome shoes....awesome service...awesome brand!

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Bob Hope 2/23/20 Zeeland

Great shoe. Fits and feels great as always. Looks cool to the olive/black..

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Steve 8/5/20 Cornwall

Good old school skate shoes. Not as much padding as they used to have but comfy and grippy. 👍 I’d recommend

Average rating: 4.78 stars
MO257CAT 12/5/19 England

Just brilliant, I wear etnies all day everyday no matter what I am doing and this pair is excellent for winter weather and of course the comfiest shoes you will ever wear.

Average rating: 4.78 stars
tammy2dope 12/15/20 United States

Love the re-release of these. Still have my original pair but they've seen their better days. Excited of the days ahead with my new pair!

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Jay-CassetteVa 12/1/20 Newport news VA

Personally my favorite shoe to skate in right now. It's tough, durable, has a long lifespan, flexible and light. The pattern on the bottom of the soles gives great board feel and the rubberized layer around the toe box gets along great with your griptape. The you have the pad on top of the toe box(no more hole where your toes are just shoe-goo the pad back on and your good to go!) and the cushioned tongue in classic ernie's fashion. This shoe is *chef's kiss* brilliant!!!

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Daniel 11/16/20 Chicago

Truly an epic cupsole shoe. Very durable and breathe able for the foot.

Average rating: 4.78 stars
T-Dawg 11/13/20 California

I have been skating these kicks for a couple years now. As soon as I made the switch, the ankle pain and hot pockets I had been experiencing significantly decreased. These shoes are my go to and you can't ask for a better price point. They continue to push these quality bad boys out for around $37, you can't beat that. But don't take my word for it, I am fine with keeping what I believe is a depleting inventory for myself.

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Reed 10/14/20 United States

Great, mostly accurate replicas. I just tossed my old Czars a few days ago, when I found I could order these, so it's very easy for me to compare these to the originals. I REALLY wish they'd kept the red Etnies logo on the heel. If I could rate them 4.5 stars for that style error, instead of 5, I would. I'm glad they ditched the white marshmallow molding on the sides, above the soles, though, as that wore out long the shoes themselves on the original Czars. These are a little roomier. The old Czars were made during the height of puff skate shoes, in the early 00s, and the line between snug and claustrophobic with puff sneakers was always very thin. These are a modern sneaker build with a puffy tongue. I am very pleased to have one of my all time favorite sneakers returned to me. They look fantastic, and fit well. Well done, Etnies.

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Numbers 9/12/20 Manheim PA

Very comfortable and good looking shoes.

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Jose 8/22/20 Pomona California

I was a little disappointed that they didn't come with two pairs of shoe laces like they originally did in 2001.

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Adam 8/21/20 Oklahoma

Man these bring me back. Great fit and feel, nice colorway too. Thanks for making great skate shoes.

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Chris 8/4/20 Bronx ny

Since I was little I always wore these shoes I love them.

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Nate 8/4/20 Chicago, IL

Awesome shoes. Bring back the Vallely shoe!

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Johnny 7/5/20 Sacramento

I remember the last time I was able to get these was 2003 and am so glad they’re being reissued. Best skate shoe of all time.

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Tim r 6/11/20 West burke

Such an amazing pair of a 10.5 in nike...same with these shoes..hope that worth it. Cheap and durable..can't beat it

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Shawn 6/9/20 Florida

Size 11 fits like it should, I use them for biking, they're comfortable and hold up to the abuse. Would buy again

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Beezer 5/27/20 North’s Carolina

Most durable skate shoes out there!

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Nick 5/26/20 Schertz Tx

Love the shoes

Average rating: 4.78 stars
old guy 5/19/20 Phoenix

Great fit,color is cool and the comfort is great also. A good every day shoe.

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Tony 5/14/20 California

Love these shoes, I’ve had a pair before, good board feel, durability and style. I have a white, yellow and blue pair which has some synthetic leather material which is nice, my previous pair where navy blue and grey, which had suede all over

Average rating: 4.78 stars
mike anthony 5/10/20 kansas

Great shoes!

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Pipe_sk8 4/9/20 Revere MA

Perfect shoes

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Ben Dover 3/21/20 New York

Great fit, little bit of extra space which is good for me. Looks sweet, a classic.

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Jeff 3/11/20 Colorado

These shoes are so comfortable and awesome!!!!!!

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Ccox 2/28/20 Hamilton, Montana

My daughter and I fought over whom was going to get this pair. Very stylish and functional. She wears them every day and and has gotten so my compliments on them. They look like a hiking boot but not. Her classmates want to know where they can get a pair and very worth the price

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Thursday 2/19/20 AL

So happy to have these shoes again after a decade without them, updated tread pattern still as sick as the originals can’t wait to wear them in some more...thanks for bringing back my all time favorite shoes :)

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Pheonix 2/12/20 Midwest

Love this shoe. Its comfortable and I broke it in quickly. I have wide feet and these are awsome even for me. 5/5 would order again

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Dick 2/11/20 Pa

Super comfy old school style Etnies

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Justin 1/18/20 Kokomo

I love my etnies, very comfortable and stylish shoes

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Digital 1/1/20 NY

This shoe is more comfy and better constructed than almost everything out right now, while still being very flexible and light. I just wish they had better lace protection for the bottom 2 eye holes.

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Shabangabooboo 10/19/19 California

These are my favorite skateboard shoes of all time. They are a big reason I bought etnies. I just purchased a pair from the skate shop.

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Marco 77 5/17/19 Los Angeles

Had them back in my last year of middle school 00’s! Great to wear them again!

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Greggers 4/19/19 Picton, Ontario

Perfect fit. Nice styling

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Phucur 3/12/19 Minneapolis

I Love the comfort of the shoe. The Fact I have more than one option for a Size 15 is making me an avid Collector/Buyer of Etnies for years to come. Cheers 💯

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Seb 3/8/19 Philadelphia, PA

Wore them through high school and they were the best pair of shoes I ever owned. I know this is probably inevitable, but I'd love it if they didn't get D/C'd again.

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Jack 1/31/19 Seattle

Thank you for making a 15. Please make more

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Skoops 1/29/19 Seattle

Comfiest skate show ever. I had pairs when I was a kid. They are light. Wish they had the old maroon color or all black. Gonna get another pair in case this is the only run

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Teresa 12/21/18 Houston

I was so excited when I saw that they brought this shoe back. I owned a pair back in the day and they were my favorite Etnies ever! I think I may order another pair just in case they get discontinued again!

Average rating: 4.78 stars
derGast 10/29/18 Hamburg

the cornerstone of my love for etnies. Please, please, please more colorways in vegan so I can stock up again after so many years

Average rating: 4.78 stars
mike 9/23/18 la

too fat br

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Sk8r 9/19/18 Colorado

Thank god!!!

Average rating: 4.78 stars
Danny 9/18/18 Boca Raton

Too much padding. I had no board feel, and it felt really heavy!

Average rating: 4.78 stars
MPM 9/18/18 Houston, TX

I'm not a fan of the minor changes they made to this re-release, such as the top eyelet that used to be more of a lace hook, and how the sole used to have an exposed PU midsole, instead now using the same shared sole as the Lo Cut and Senix when the originals had all different soles. Either way it's my only chance to get these again so I'm still buying.

Average rating: 4.78 stars
@the_shaggy_wizard 9/14/18 Los angles

Best skate shoes, bring back the poof! They got protection flick and feel believe it or not. Need more colorways!!!