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Sheep is back and this time, herded by etnies. Originally created in 1996 as a fun animal friendly brand, Sheep shoes quickly created a cult following of talented skateboarders, artists, and vegans around the world. This Sheep capsule is 100% animal friendly, made with all synthetic materials and will sure have fans flocking to buy them.

Product Details

Item Code: 4107000541/105
  • STI Foam Lite 1 insole
  • Midsole egg-crate construction
  • Geo-Hex tread pattern
  • One piece clean toe design
  • Low toe box, keeping the vamp closer to your foot
  • Rubber foxing is raised in the ollie area for extra durablility
  • Single wrap vulcanized foxing tape
  • Vulcanized version of our best selling shoe
  • Canvas

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Overall rating
Average rating: 4.53 stars

Average rating: 4.53 stars
Troels 8/16/19 Copenhagen

Great shoe. Thanks for bringing Sheep back!

Average rating: 4.53 stars
Bewcannon 3/2/20 Germany

Really comfy, skated it a few times now. Durability is okay, if you hold back on your kickflips, like me, you should be fine. Affordable and vegan, all i could ask for. Thanks Etnies!

Average rating: 4.53 stars
Lizzie 6/9/19 London

I love them. They fit very well to my feet. I don’t need to break them in too much. I can feel the board under my feet and have lots of control because the soles improve insole aren’t too thick. I really enjoy wearing them knowing their part of the vegan range too.

Average rating: 4.53 stars
bean 6/3/19 london

Best skate shoe!! Perfect straight out of the box. Obviously being canvas the upper is not as durable as suede, but the slightly higher vulcanised toe cap keeps them in great shape. A touch of glue on the ollie patch and these lasted as well as any other. Loved Sheep back in the day, so I am very happy to see the brand name being used again. I want more! Please keep herding them

Average rating: 4.53 stars
ShaneOmac 7/23/20 Massena NY

Love the extra flick protection. Great fit, break in easy and quick. And what's better than buying a shoe, that will also plant a tree for you? Replant the planet!

Average rating: 4.53 stars
Sheepster 6/24/20 Florida

Didn't need to break in too much to start using and I just got to say that the look of these shoes are awesome. Like the green in-sole and the sheep logo on the back, comes nicely together for a shoe that is well worth the price.

Average rating: 4.53 stars
B L 4/4/20 Sacramento, California

I bought the white Jameson Vulc LS X Sheep shoes and haven’t had any problems with them so far, except for the color. The website advertises it as “white,” but they are actually a beige, yellow-ish color, which was not what I was expecting when I ordered them.

Average rating: 4.53 stars
ErickHarmon 3/28/20 Flint Michigan

They look nice other than that they are garbage the bottom sole comes apart a week into just wearing them skating them whole different story tore all the way apart in a single session.

Average rating: 4.53 stars
Duke 2/23/20 Kannada

Amazing should definitely would buy again

Average rating: 4.53 stars
Switch Backside Willy Grind 11/20/19 Oakland, CA

etnies, please bring back that synthetic Jameson high top suede! As skater of 20 years, vegan of 10, I really appreciate the vegan options. I really like this shoe. It fits well, looks good, it's slim and simple, but the canvas is no match for grip tape. So my shoes end up with a heap of shoe goo on all the flick areas and I end up re-goo-ing them after every third or fourth session. I'm on my fifth or sixth pair of these shoes. They are good, but they could be even better!!

Average rating: 4.53 stars
Vegan Ryan Skate & Cultivate 9/7/19 los angeles

Pros: VEGAN! light weight, comfortable, thin, exceptional feel/grip and board control. Cons: if your grip hits the canvas expect a hole unless you shoe goo or have a plan to protect or repair. If you are careful and can olie / kickflip / etc. with the sole not the canvas side they hold up very well! So nice i went for a 2nd pair after I skated through the first one.

Average rating: 4.53 stars
Make with synth suede!! 7/7/19 Colorado

These shoes are great but the canvas tears apart super quick while skating and I'm constantly having to shoe goo them. If you made a colorway with synth suede instead of the canvas they'd be perfect! The synth suede that was on my Jameson hi tops was super durable. If you arent planning on skating these shoes and just want to walk around in them then they'd be perfect. But if you are planning to skate in them make sure you have some shoe goo!!!

Average rating: 4.53 stars
Onion 2/8/19 Avalon

Frothing on my new sheeps

Average rating: 4.53 stars
Abby 1/25/19 Washington

I love these shoes so much my first pair was stolen out of my car so I had to get a second pair they are my favorite

Average rating: 4.53 stars
Vero 1/18/19 Yucaipa

Bought them for my son a week before christmas. Arrived only two days after ordering. Very satisfied with how easy and fast everything was processed. Will definetely shop from this site again.

Average rating: 4.53 stars
Wade 12/26/18 California


Average rating: 4.53 stars
Chad 11/26/18 US

White ones are so awesome looking. Very comfy too!

Average rating: 4.53 stars
Wes 11/12/18 Lake forest

Bought a pair of shoes just about 6/7 months ago, sole completely fell apart within the first week. Customer service team was awesome in getting them replaced. The replacement pair once again fell apart within a short period of time, this time just under a month. Shouldn’t have bought from Etnies again but since I’ve always repped the brand growing up in the local area, I thought I’d give these sheeps a go. Unfortunately they too are beginning to fall apart way too quickly. Not sure what is going on with the glue. No longer do I skate, been working a desk job for the past year, normal walking... unfortunately I’d not recommend these to others due to quality. Once again, customer service team was excellent!

Average rating: 4.53 stars
Phillips 11/6/18 Dana Point

Memories that are warm and fuzzy like a sheep. Also a rad slimmed out shoe to skate or cruise in. Went a half size up. Usually a 9 but had to go 9.5 for some reason.