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The introduction of the Marana Mid Crank is an extension of the best-selling Marana family that defines durability. Developed with mountain biking in mind, this style is constructed with out stiffest shank while still offering pristine pedal feel. The Marana Mid Crank is tested and proven for cross-discipline riding.

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Average rating: 5 stars

Average rating: 5 stars
george 8/6/19 southern california

I bought these as a replacement for my 5 tens free riders and these shoes are great. The thing i notice most is that the 5.10s have a looser fit and wider toe box, while these are tighter and more secure on the foot. While riding the 5.10 are completely stuck to the pedal with no movement but my foot does move slightly within the shoe. using these my foot is completely secured in the shoe be it feels like the shoe has a little movement float against the pedal which i think in the pins on the pedal moving between the grooves of the sole. The rubber on these doesn't seem as soft as the 5.10 so they are easier to take your foot off for a dab or just stick it out while cornering. I thought this meant it would be less grippy on the trail, but while standing on fast rocky descents these did not lose grip once. overall i'm very happy with the quality of these shoes and i hope they last longer the my 5.10s

Average rating: 5 stars
Jim Dirt 4/8/19 UK

Best BMX race shoe on the market 👌

Average rating: 5 stars
Jim Dirt 3/24/19 Bexhill UK

Perfect BMX race shoe. Nailed it👏🏼👏🏼