Moments In Mexico

December 21, 2017

With only a couple weeks of 2017 left to burn, we decided to take a last minute road trip 6 hours south of Southern California to explore some off the beaten path area’s of costal Mexico with 3 of our favorite team riders: Trevor Mcclung, Aidan Campbell, and Samarria Brevard. The goal was to gather assets for our upcoming SPRING 2018 product launch, and while we had a couple key destinations to make it to we also left enough time in between to just pull off the road into whatever little town or beach that happened to catch our eye and see what it had to offer- because that’s what road trips with your friends are all about when done properly.

We’re midway thru the trip and it seems to be working out quite well so far. A big thank you to all the amazing people we’ve encountered so far – especially Richard who runs the absolutely best remote beach Hostel ever called ‘Cuatro Casas’ situated about 3 hours south of Ensenada in Northern Baja on the edge of a cliff on the beach. He will cook food for you while there, let you skate the perfect concrete pool on site and tell you exactly where to catch the best waves…which are about a couple hundred feet away from the pool – no big deal.

Below is a quick behind the scenes glimpse into the trip, and look for the campaign to start rolling out mid January of 2018. 

Samarria, Aidan, and Trevor enjoying the beauty of Mexico

Aidan enjoying a refreshing cocktail

Hanging with the locals

Samarria about to scratch The Showbowl

Trevor and etnies team manager Jameson talking ideas for the spot

Local Transportation

Sneak peak into our Spring 2018 product

Exploring the coast line

Trevor and Samarria trying to find some last minute Christmas presents

Thank you Richard at Cuatro Casas Hostel and all our friends in Mexico who helped us along the way!