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CYPRUS SC WOMENS reviews (8)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.5 stars

Average rating: 4.5 stars
Julia 3/11/21 Netherlands

These are the best shoes I've ever worn, I hope that they restock them soon because I want to buy a new pair. I can recommend these to everyone!

Average rating: 4.5 stars
Mitzie 7/19/19 Ellesmere Port

Love them, comfy lightweight ethical what more can you ask for. I have Plantar fasciitis and was able to walk miles and still feel comfortable thankyou Ethnies

Average rating: 4.5 stars
Liz 4/30/19 Sweden

I absolutely love my new etnies shoes. Super comfortable and what makes me so happy is that they look really nice and are vegan!! Hope to see more trendy vegan shoes like this one :)

Average rating: 4.5 stars
Taryn 8/15/20 South Pasadena, CA

So cute. So comfortable. So many compliments. And vegan too?! Forgetaboudit. These are the ish. - OG Etnies fan back in the 90s

Average rating: 4.5 stars
Karmen_Becerra 5/13/20 Visalia CAs

My life is better today because of these shoes! I would definitely purchase these again! They look very nice with any outfit! They are super comfortable and you can wear them to walk long distances. If you have wide feet they will need to be broken into! Overall, I would recommend you get these if you haven't yet!

Average rating: 4.5 stars
GW 5/5/20 Washington

Unfortunately, these are not comfortable. The top ridge of the shoe that meets the back of my heel rubs my skin raw even with socks on. I thought it was the shoe size so I exchanged them for a bigger size, but the same thing happened again. The soles are not supportive and very stiff. It's a cool looking shoe and had hopes my for small narrow feet that they could enjoy these in the Summer, but I can't wear these at all.

Average rating: 4.5 stars
Jfer 2/21/20 North Carolina

Love the shoes but the price was a little high for the material of the shoe. They’re super lightweight but I was expecting a heavier and thicker sole.

Average rating: 4.5 stars
Tasha 9/9/19 Beaverton, Oregon USA

These are so comfy, I could walk in these all day! I love the pastel pink color also, it looks exactly like the picture! These are excellent, love them.