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Global Tour Dates
APRIL 27, 2018
Sherbrooke, Québec - Capsule Bistro-Cinéma
April 29, 2018
Fast Times Brisbane, Brisbane, QLD
April 28, 2018
Kickin Skate Bar, Hongdae, Seoul
May 3, 2018
Orillia, Ontario - The Brownstone
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May 1
etnies presents ALBUM, a feature-length global skateboarding film with some of the biggest names and emerging talents in modern skateboarding. From the creativity of Ryan Lay and Nick Garcia to the raw power of Chris Joslin and Ryan Sheckler, this eclectic tribe has been scouring city streets across five different continents in the never-ending quest for new skate spots. This film is an ALBUM of moments and a reflection of all the years of dedication that went into the project. It is a time capsule of commitment and an offering of gratitude to skateboarding. Arranged to an original soundtrack - directed by Mike Manzoori.

CHRIS JOSLIN | RYAN SHECKLER | MATT BERGER | NICK GARCIA | TREVOR MCCLUNG | RYAN LAY | Aidan Campbell | Barney Page | Willow | David Reyes | Jamie Tancowny | Silvester eduardo
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The first of its kind, ALBUM's soundtrack features musicians that have been interwoven into the fabric of skateboarding culture for decades; creating an original score inspired by each skater's style and personality. The artists involved are a heavy-hitting cast of characters, including Mike Watt, Mario Rubalcaba, Randy Randall, John Herndon, Paulo Diaz, Atiba Jefferson and Leo Romero. All produced in the skater owned and operated recording studio, Bionic Ear, by Noel Paris.