Unstoppable, built by Joslin


How one of skateboarding’s biggest names went from the underdog to the wolverine

Built by Joslin


Go behind the design on how Chris Joslin meticulously crafted a dream shoe

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Proving grounds: Testing the limits of performance and durability

With a hidden toe cap beneath the vamp for durability and an STI Evolution Foam midsole for impact resistance, Chris Joslin’s first pro model shoe is packed full of stealth technology including every component he wanted in an ideal skate shoe.

“I skate my shoes until there’s nothing left. From the inside out, this shoe LASTS and that’s what I love!”

- Chris Joslin

Long-lasting, grippy outsole made from a Michelin tire rubber compound providing unmatched durability, precision, enhanced adherence and maximum flexibility for a superior board feel.

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