The original Marana was an incredibly durable shoe, but contrary to most skate shoes, the upper was so long-lasting that the rubber outsole could not keep up.

In an effort to continuously improve the most durable skateboarding footwear on the market, etnies joined forces with one of the world’s top manufacturers of premium rubber to translate the performance and durability of Michelin tires to the outsole of a shoe.
For the past 30 days, 30 wear test troops from all over the world participated in a Global Michelin Marana Wear Test for a chance to win a year’s supply of the New & Improved Michelin Marana. They submitted a 1-minute video about their Wear Test journey and YOU vote for the grand prize winner on Instagram. Here are the SIX finalists…
Chris Khan Cory Mansour
Hugo Dynewall Jordan Lilly
Jakob Dohse Rene Reiter