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100% 20 singles s/s t-shirt with high density screen-print artwork and custom label.

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Item Code: 4130003343/001
Color: BLACK

MOD STENCIL reviews (2)

Overall rating
Average rating: 3 stars

Average rating: 3 stars
Azim 9/15/18 Malaysia

Poor quality. Poor material. Poor printing. I washed just once and the tshirt just ripped off. I am dissapointed.

Average rating: 3 stars
eastmcduck 7/5/17 Ohio

Again, really digging this design and fit, a little concerned about longevity since one of the other tshirts I bough ripped very easily the first time I wore it. I will say, though, I still have some etnies tshirts that I used to wear regularly in high school 14 years ago. Some of them really show their age but are still wearable, but also a couple of them still look practically new. Not gonna kick up too much fuss over the one problem tshirt I got, nor will I stop buying etnies products because of it. Always have and always will love etnies.