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The etnies Cyprus SC was built as an incredibly comfortable shoe to rest your feet in Supreme Comfort between sessions. Taking design inspiration from the Scout and heritage detailing from the original Cyprus, this lightweight shoe has an STI EVOLUTION® FOAM outsole with a thin layer of co-molded rubber on the bottom to enhance traction. With a lycra spandex inner bootie offering a superior fit and a molded TPU heel clip for support, the Cyprus is sure to provide a secure and stable fit.

Product Details

Item Code: 4101000475/976
  • Thin co-molded outsole adds grip
  • Extra thick energy foam midsole for maximum cushioning
  • Inspired by the original Cyprus but with a modern silhouette and minimal layers
  • Wider forefoot design along with a TPU heel stabilizer to provide stability
  • Lycra spandex straps on inner

CYPRUS SC reviews (17)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.76 stars

Average rating: 4.76 stars
Braney 8/20/19 Topeka,KS

I have very wide feet and can never find adequate shoes but these are literally the most comfortable pair I’ve ever worn in my life. I got them for a new factory job I started a month ago and I have absolutely zero complaints about them other than the flap at the top of the heel digging into my Achilles’ tendon, but I just bent it back and it stays perfectly fine. Would recommend to anyone at all.

Average rating: 4.76 stars
ghost 7/30/19 New Orleans

I just walked the Camino de Santiago (800 km) in these shoes with few blisters! The moister wicking interior is so niiice.

Average rating: 4.76 stars
Johnny 6/14/19 Tamoa


Average rating: 4.76 stars
Nesmar 6/10/19 colombia


Average rating: 4.76 stars
Drew 5/18/19 Florida

Love the design and my favorite colors black and red!!!

Average rating: 4.76 stars
Kel 4/4/19 Pittsbrugh

Why don't any of the picture on this site shoe the soles of the shoes?

Average rating: 4.76 stars
Venci 2/25/19 Bulgaria

Got these as I needed something for outdoor activities like hiking and just walking around. I would say they are great shoes for that. The mesh exterior keeps your feet from sweating on hot days and they are generally very comfortable. Somebody in the comments mentioned the sole is too thin and you feel everything but tbh they are not that thin, I would say the sole is medium thickness, though if it were a little bit thicker they would definitely be more comfortable as your feet need protection when you're walking up rocky trails and things like that. I would give these shoes 4 stars. Definitely recommend them.

Average rating: 4.76 stars
ghost electricity 10/6/18 New Orleans

The interior is what makes these shoes so special. They are completely lined with this durable, moisture wicking material. Etnies should put a picture of the interior. Just photographing the exterior doesn't do these justice. Great stitching and construction, lightweight. I've had mine for about 4 months now and they are holding up pretty well.

Average rating: 4.76 stars
D 7/28/18 california

Im not happy with these shoes. They say its should have a superiour fit and molded heel clip but my heel just moves around alot when i walk. My heel moves up and down against the heel clip when i walk. I feel like i have to tie these shoes really tight to make them fit right. Also, when i walk some of my toes rest on the edge of the insole. I can feel the edge of the insole when i walk with both feet. Its not a comfortable feeling on your toes. Its almost like the insole is too small in the toe section and not wide enough. Also, with the supreme comfort aspect they talk about i was expecting them to be more comfortable on rough terrain. When walking across dirt and rocks i can feel alot of the ground like my shoes are too thin. Also, shoes used to come with extra laces.. what happened to that? No stickers with the order either?

Average rating: 4.76 stars
Andrew 6/30/18 Largo Florida

Need to get me some I love the one I have from 2 years agooooo!!!!

Average rating: 4.76 stars
Ads 6/25/18 Poland

Amazing shoes, soft, light, durable, great on skateboard

Average rating: 4.76 stars
Russ 6/22/18 Uk

So comfortable great design wish this was the original black colour as the added red and white improves the look of the black and grey version ... My fav pair as I have all 5 colours

Average rating: 4.76 stars
Philippe 5/2/18 Paris

The shoes are very confortable and very nice.

Average rating: 4.76 stars
dave 3/27/18 brighton

very comfortable trainer/shoe

Average rating: 4.76 stars
Jonas 2/16/18 Germany

Nice shoes - very comfortable, good feeling all day And I love the all black style :)

Average rating: 4.76 stars
G 2/6/18 Tennessee

Mostly comfortable, light weight, fits well, flexible He front of the toe well the rubber sole part that comes up has slightly started to unglue.. i have only had them a couple weeks and have worn them maybe 6-8 total days So hopefully it doesnt get worse Would have loved these in the new color options that the new A-E collection offers I bought two other pairs after these on the buy 1 get one weekend and again i wish the color options were there for those two pairs..

Average rating: 4.76 stars
M4D_Frank 2/4/18 Swindon

Nice shoe, quality material, good fit, sick gear.