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FADER 1.5 reviews (16)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.25 stars

Average rating: 4.25 stars
Fernando 1/1/19 Columbus, OH

Great shoes, print delivery, would recommend a 100%

Average rating: 4.25 stars
Ss 7/5/18 Us


Average rating: 4.25 stars
Eli 4/29/18 NYC

Fader 1.5 is a bit narrow in the toe area. Not like my favorite entnies with the ultra-suade that look similar. Thought I was buying my favorite ones but these are little different. Also I miss the young elastic from the golden days. Please bring back the toung elastic.

Average rating: 4.25 stars
Martina Nina C 12/12/17 Italia


Average rating: 4.25 stars
John 11/30/17 Dublin

Very stylish sneakers, easy to clean and fits like other Etnies. Not as "fluffy"/comfortable as the kingpin, but wearable for long hours

Average rating: 4.25 stars
pi-air 10/3/17 nantes - france

great shoes

Average rating: 4.25 stars
James 9/23/17 Leicester

Not as comfortable as some of the other etnies shoes (ie, metal mulisha family etc) but for 30 odd quid they definitely deserve a 3 star rating and a 2 thumbs up for value. Etnies is the best shoe Co out there for skate/bmx footwear.

Average rating: 4.25 stars
De Basses 9/24/16 Vlijmen

Dikke prima

Average rating: 4.25 stars
s**** 7/30/13

There brilliant and really comfortable

Average rating: 4.25 stars
a**** 3/14/13

I have been wearing Etnies for over 10 years. The fit has always been consistent regardless of shoe style, until I purchased these. As others have stated there is something wrong with the way these are made. The area where the base of the tongue meets the rest of the shoe is extremely tight/narrow. As a result the inside of the shoe pinches against the top and sides of my foot creating raw spots after a few hours of wear. This rubbing is still occurring after two months of break in. I have other pairs of faders (not 1.5) this same size that fit perfectly.

Average rating: 4.25 stars
Anthony 1/21/13

ok product for the price. soft insole but starting to tear away material. sides also starting to tear away material after only a little over a month of wearing them.

Average rating: 4.25 stars
d**** 1/20/13

Comfort would be 5 stars if they wouldn't be too narrow in the front. If you got wide feet, try them in store first.

Average rating: 4.25 stars
rey alejandro gutierrez longa 1/7/13

Just awesome! So comfortable, great value and great web page shipped so quick!

Average rating: 4.25 stars
Daniel Fry 11/19/12

I love these shoes! Super comfortable and a great value.

Average rating: 4.25 stars
tom smith 10/31/12

Aint the type to leave feedback for things but felt with these I had to. Been supporting the E's for years now and and after my grey/red/white faders finally died (and not being able to source their replacements anywhere on the planet), decided to give these a try. They look rude!! honestly, a really dope set of sneaks... alas it ends there. Never had any footwear that's such a small fit... i mean ever! Even after a week of stretching the badboys my foot's being crushed and toes all bunched up like by the hyper-narrow build. Dont feel like they've got the give that the other faders had neither. Shame, gold stars for rad... a massive boooooooo for wearing

Average rating: 4.25 stars
Brianna Kracht 9/15/12

Love em!