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etnies’ best-selling shoe, the Jameson 2, features a faux-vulc cupsole construction, a thinly padded tongue and collar for protection and an STI Foam Lite Level 1 footbed for added comfort.

Product Details

Item Code: 4101000261/387
  • Thin padded tongue and collar
  • Internal EVA midsole
  • STI Foam Lite level 1 footbed
  • Cupsole construction
  • 400 NBS rubber outsole

JAMESON 2 reviews (51)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.67 stars

Average rating: 4.67 stars
axelrp82 12/2/20 Italy

I really like this model of shoes, with an elegant line and excellent shape

Average rating: 4.67 stars
EENIC 11/20/20 Estados Unidos

totalmente encantado por la calidad de materiales utilizados

Average rating: 4.67 stars
JARCOS 11/19/20 California

They are nice

Average rating: 4.67 stars
Mary Abbott 7/27/15

I've really enjoyed these! The heel is lower that I think some might be prepared for, but in my case it didn't affect my wear of the shoe. I've worn these biking and out adventuring and they hold up and support my foot. Tan color is exactly what I was looking for and expected.

Average rating: 4.67 stars
Emanuel Hjort 6/28/15

Great shoe, great company and fast shipping.

Average rating: 4.67 stars
Austin R Tucker 4/19/15

Amazing shoe, super comfortable aswell

Average rating: 4.67 stars
Euan Blackmore 3/4/15

Great shoe. Looks fantastic & very comfy

Average rating: 4.67 stars
Justin 2/9/15

Just Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Average rating: 4.67 stars
Jay Danz 1/2/15

I love the shoes...although the picture is looks as though the sole, laces and tongue of the shoes are gray when actually they are black....was very disappointed! Gave them as a Christmas gift so they didn't know any different and they still loved em. BUT you really should provide a more accurate picture of the actual shoe. THANKS!

Average rating: 4.67 stars
Wauters Kathleen 11/24/14

Just Perfect!

Average rating: 4.67 stars
d**** 10/22/14

Looks sharp

Average rating: 4.67 stars

Excellent product. Highly recommended

Average rating: 4.67 stars
n**** 6/22/14

Great deliver time, they came 2 days after ordering. Great for value, perfect style. Everything I expected from them. The shoes were a little bigger than ones I previously ordered of the same size, so a minor inconvenience there. Other than that, everything was pretty fantastic!

Average rating: 4.67 stars
No‰l Martens 6/18/14

decent shoes. Fit well, walk well, all a shoe must do. They're a bit 'boring' but not too boring and very well to wear for work. I wouldnt skate with them tho.

Average rating: 4.67 stars
jim 6/6/14

i always buy vans first time for etnies so much more in the comfort department i highly recommend

Average rating: 4.67 stars
chrisbarbano 3/14/14

Love this shoe but I don't get why the price was increased on such a simple shoe. I think it use to be 55 bucks. The shoe should have DTTF and a little more padding in the tongue for the price increase. Also, what happened to the Jameson 2.5? That was a sick shoe too!

Average rating: 4.67 stars
Jake Mummery 3/7/14

I ride BMX with this. not the best etnies shoe for BMX but certainly a super cool and comfortable, long lasting shoe for skateboarding and everyday wear. great job etnies.

Average rating: 4.67 stars
d**** 3/5/14

This is a great casual shoe. Very comfortable.

Average rating: 4.67 stars
Joel Folkesson 2/19/14

If you're looking for boardfeel, this is THE shoe

Average rating: 4.67 stars
h**** 1/18/14

Awesome look, great fit.

Average rating: 4.67 stars
Jeremy 1/18/14

I love these shoes! Very comfy and they fit well. The style is so clean and the inner lining is super-rad. $65 dollars isn't a bad price, considering that's how much most low-top skate shoes go for, and I definitely got my money's worth! I haven't skated in them yet. I think I'm gonna keep them looking nice for a while.

Average rating: 4.67 stars
s**** 1/1/14

nice style once fit, they are even more cool

Average rating: 4.67 stars
e**** 12/16/13

Great shoes; great quality, I'm still an Etnies happy customer :)

Average rating: 4.67 stars
marleen gosseye 11/29/13

prima, ook heel tevreden over de verzending.

Average rating: 4.67 stars
Signal 7/28/13

Bought three pairs of these since they came about. Should be regarded as 'A Standard' and protected from ever being discontinued under some kind of shoe preservation order.

Average rating: 4.67 stars
my name is none of your business 6/27/13

siiiick, i got some sweat marks on the top and side of the shoe after my first day riding, but leave them to dry overnight and its not happened since. best shoes! BMX F?R LIFE SUCKERS!!!!

Average rating: 4.67 stars
Alex 5/5/13

too much expensive

Average rating: 4.67 stars
Scott 4/28/13

Nice quality shoe that's holding up well while skating and walking around San Francisco. Fits well and is really comfortable!

Average rating: 4.67 stars
matt 4/19/13


Average rating: 4.67 stars
s**** 4/5/13

The suede leather fabric get easily damaged and stained

Average rating: 4.67 stars
michael croft 3/17/13


Average rating: 4.67 stars
d**** 2/21/13

love 'em, hope they stay

Average rating: 4.67 stars
Sigurd Madsen 2/7/13

good shoe!

Average rating: 4.67 stars
Barney Dade 2/6/13

Really good shoes! The price of these are great for what you are getting :) Would recomend these to anyone!

Average rating: 4.67 stars
Daniel Horn 2/6/13

Great product, good quality from Etnies and great (cheap) delivery

Average rating: 4.67 stars
Tim 1/8/13


Average rating: 4.67 stars
TIm 12/12/12

I have had one of the original jameson 2's, from the first release of colours since june of 2011, and they have been the comfiest and best shoes I have ever owned. The sti foam is still comfortable, and 2 of my friends have compared them to having the comfortability of bedroom slippers. The only downside is that if you are skating hard just about everyday, after a few months holes occur, and if the lacing tab-like part of the shoe gets torn from the rest of the outsole, you will have trouble keeping them on unless sho-gooed

Average rating: 4.67 stars
Seth Nelson 12/11/12

Loved these shoes for the comfort, the only issue I had was the soles wore out way too quickly. I got about 3 months in them before I had to throw them away. Past that I would buy another pair

Average rating: 4.67 stars
derek young 11/8/12

a very happy grandson so hase to be good

Average rating: 4.67 stars
Rachid 10/1/12

I highlly recommend these pair of shoes, it's just amazing !!!

Average rating: 4.67 stars
Gillian Pursall-Armstrong 9/23/12

Excellent purchase. School shoes for my son that are approved by him and the school-brilliant!

Average rating: 4.67 stars
John McCaughan 9/9/12

All good, just a bit dear, but I needed them, and loved the colour.

Average rating: 4.67 stars
MRS W WATTS 9/7/12

great insole it fits your feet like gloves great colour aswell

Average rating: 4.67 stars
NJ Petersen 9/6/12

I love these shoes. Light and simple. I've had Vans Eras for a long time, and these are a nice little bulked up version, that is super comfortable and look great. Kind of like the Vans Chukka Lows. The only thing that was a little unexpected is the color was a little more navy blue, than just a Dark Grey/Charcoal color as I expected.

Average rating: 4.67 stars
Veronica martinez 8/17/12

Yes, I like the shoes, exactly what the picture looks like.

Average rating: 4.67 stars
g**** 8/16/12

It's a really dope shoe, it's very comfortable and it has a sick as clean look to it. Awesome F****** shoe I recommend it!

Average rating: 4.67 stars
Justin Durbin 8/15/12

Great pair of shoes! Absorbs shock well, good grip, and clean classic design.

Average rating: 4.67 stars
Aaron Winward 8/10/12

I am a long time Vans consumer, about 30+ years of my life has been spent wearing one of their shoes. I really got use to their fit and styling. I ride BMX and was blown away by the latest Brain Kachinsky I thought I would give these shoes a chance. I was really impressed with these shoes the minute I put them on my feet. They have a very classic and simple look. So I expected a simple feel, but I was very surprised on how nice they felt. The color is great too, they have a worn in black look and the red acsents are subtle and not over flashy. The most impressive part of this shoe is the sole. It felt like it locked in to my pedals. I have been riding with them for a couple of weeks and no damage or visible wear. Buy these shoes!!! They look great with shorts and jeans and slacks. I'm going to buy some RVMs or Number Mids soon too. Thanks Etnies for making an awesome product.

Average rating: 4.67 stars
Jack 8/7/12

these are great shoes overall i highly recommend these the one thing that can be better is the cushoning its just a bit thin and cant handle the biggest of drops but they are really good other wise

Average rating: 4.67 stars
Edwin 7/13/12

These shoes were the bomb! best shoes ive skated in my life and ive skated many types of shoes, and this one stand out for best board feel, cushion, protection, and best looking shoes ive had in my life, i could defentaily live on just skating these for the rest of my life. Best shoes to get! there are no regrets at all

Average rating: 4.67 stars
Boston Hoppman 5/29/12

Definately a GREAT shoe, especially for skating. This is the best shoe i have ever skated, very comfortable and stylish. They lasted a while too if you take care of them. I definately recomend this shoe!