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The Jameson HT is an all VEGAN high top designed for vegan skateboarder, Ryan Lay. Developed with all animal-friendly materials, it is made with a combination of canvas and a synthetic suede upper for a long-lasting skate shoe. Built by Skateboarding, the Jameson HT features a hidden toe cap for added durability and the team’s favorite Geo-Hex tread pattern for grip. With an egg-crate construction in the midsole, it offers vulc-like board feel in a faux-vulc cupsole. 

Product Details

Item Code: 4101000468/979
  • All Vegan and animal friendly materials
  • Hidden toe cap under vamp for extra durability
  • Faux-Vulc cupsole construction
  • Midsole egg-crate construction for vulc-like board feel
  • Geo-Hex Tread Pattern
  • Foam Lite 1 Insole
  • High top silhouette for ankle support
  • Microfiber Canvas

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JAMESON HT RYAN LAY reviews (32)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.75 stars

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Kevin 2/12/19 Rhode Island

A great vegan skate shoe that feels good, looks good and skates amazing. I was glad to hear about these shoes because of how hard it is to find a good vegan skate shoe that isn't canvas or really expensive.

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Happy Vegan Customer 1/5/19 Albany

Great gift for my boyfriend. Been looking for quality vegan, cruelty free shoes that aren’t simply ugly, or 100 dollars. These did the trick perfectly!

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Dean 1/1/19 United States

Worth it, especially for the price. I like the way high tops look and feel, but it’s hard to find a good pair that isn’t too expensive. This is exactly what I was looking for. The vegan vamp holds up well, and the hidden toe cap helps a lot. Unlike suede, which expands when your feet gets wet (makes your shoe feel soggy) this shoe feels fine. The board feel was not the best, but better than any cup sole I’ve ever skated. The Ollie area has seen the most wear so far, but not too bad. And the high top gives me good support, once I start skating these I don’t even remember I’m wearing high tops. Overall a great shoe, worth the buy.

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Andy R. 11/27/18 Longview Washington

Great shoe! Very comfortable and durable. Vegan materials are exceptional! Ideal skate shoe! That’s why I have 3 pairs!

Average rating: 4.75 stars
ishy 11/10/18 seattle

Good shoes. Vegan at no cost of durability. Already on my second pair.

Average rating: 4.75 stars
collard stir fry 11/1/18 chicago

Amazing shoe, this will be my second pair. Reaaally durable, with a small amount of shoe goo I was able to push these through three months of daily skating and flip tricks before blowing a hole through the bottoms. With the canvas, your feet can breathe while keeping that sturdy faux suede for flicks. Really comfortable, but the insole sucks pretty bad. Replaced it with a different shoe brand. These have to be the best vegan shoes on the market(couldn't try s*****t cause they don't have my size). Etnies, I'd love to see more styles with this material!! maybe a michelin or joslin!!!!?

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Scott 10/30/18 Cleveland

Great shoes! Very comfortable and the vegan material holds up really well. Durable and last through all sorts of weather. Canvas wore down a bit, but overall is still pretty good. Only reason I can't give it 5 stars is that there isn't a lot of support and the impact control is pretty bad. Would definitely buy again, though!

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Dani 7/29/18 Guatemala

Just got it, they look totally cool, tight and sturdy. I'm really excited to used them a lot

Average rating: 4.75 stars
D 5/30/18 Georgia

I’m currently on my third pair of these (although I chose not to skate in the ones with all the cute animals) and I could could only ask for one thing, a little bit of arch support. I’m a pretty tall guy and my feet and knees can get a little tender if my arches aren’t supported. Otherwise it feels great to be able to look down at a pair of stylish, cruelty free skate shoes. Thanks! Y’all rip!

Average rating: 4.75 stars
SSK 5/11/18 Oregon

Please do a low top version!

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Tom 5/5/18 Australia

The best vegan skate shoe I’ve ever had, super long lasting compared to other canvas shoes. Can you please make these is a low cut shoe

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Derek 5/2/18 Texas

Best shoes, love the animal conscious mindset behind them! Maybe low top option in the future? Or more shoes with this material would be sweeeet! Go Vegan!!

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Laura 5/2/18 Pennsylvania

I’ve tried a lot of vegan skate shoes. They don’t hold up. But these! These are the best shoes I’ve ever skated, vegan or not! They’re super comfy and soft and still have a nice clean look to them. They get a lot of compliments! I have an issue wearing out the bottom of my shoes but these are holding up well for me. I will probably only be buying this shoe from now on 💚 I would love to see the colorway with all of the animals come back 💚

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Ricky B 4/16/18 East coast, USA

I purchased and returned two sizes of this shoe a couple months apart. I really like this shoe, but it seems like these shoes are better suited for those with flat feet...maybe I have high arches. The width and length were good, but my feet were always vertically restricted.

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Taylor May 4/9/18 Michigan

I got the pyramid country collab of these and they are awesome. They take a couple sessions to break in. So glad there is a great vegan hightop!

Average rating: 4.75 stars
furiousmonad 4/6/18 New York, NY

These shoes have a nice clean look and I appreciate the vegan materials used. The quality overall was very good, with clean stitching and nice, understated details. These are the highest cut skate shoes I've ever worn and as a result my feet feel very secure once I managed to get them on and the cupsole construction hugged the foot well. Unfortunately, the fit is on the narrow side and I think going up a half size is worth exploring if you have a wide forefoot like mine. I would have given this shoe 5 stars, but the insoles do not provide much cushioing and I had a pain in my hip after a few ollies down a three stair. Aftermarket insoles are generally too voluminous to fit inside the shoe, unless they are flat. So, I cannot recommend these to anyone on the heavier or older side (and I am a bit of both). Overall, a well-designed shoe that could be perfect with a bit more cushioning underfoot.

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Mattias 2/17/18 Sweden

Great shoes, super fast delivery!

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Lapworth 2/20/18 Bay Area

Super comfy, look great, and vegan!

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Sam 12/19/17 Michigan

Great shoes, they used to hurt my feet but they got infinitely more comfortable when I laced them up a bit more. They're cozy

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Cucnus 11/1/17 Budapest, Hungary

Everything was fast and excellent. And this e-mail is so cute and unexcepted. Thank you guys, youre great!

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Adrean 10/30/17 France

Very good shoes the sides aren't breaking yet unlike many MANY other shoes!

Average rating: 4.75 stars
TheBigFunk 10/13/17 Mirfield, Yorkshire.

They look the part. I'm not a skater or a grunge head but I am a vegan and I want to look the part when going about my business. These hi tops fulfill the purpose, they have a quality look and feel to them. They are sturdy and comfortable to wear.

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Dominic 9/17/17 Southall

Excellent shoes but a bit of a narrow cut. Always got a 8.5 size ( U.K. ) previously and never had a problem but these are a bit of a tighter fit. Great to see that Etnies have brought out another vegan shoe, one of the few manufacturers that do. Would love to see them bring back the RVM which I've bought before in both black and camo.

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Josh 8/23/17 Stevens Point, WI, USA

This shoe is dope. It is comfortable, looks great, and feels great to wear. I am a fan of the High Tops and this shoe is well worth it. I don't skate however, I used to though. I love the style of the shoe and will continue to wear it. It may have a steep price tag, but after wearing these for a day you'll step back and say "Wow".

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Marc 7/14/17 Maryland

I'm not a vegan. I love this shoe. Great comfort, great skate shoe . Holding up great and provides great support. In a world void of good high tops to skate in- this is my favorite. And of course Etnies rules... Gonna pick up a pair of navy soon...

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Harry 7/4/17 UK

Appreciate that this shoe vegan. A low top version would be sick

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Jack 6/20/17 San Luis Obispo, CA

These shoes are sick. Comfortable as hell after a couple days and no rolled ankles! Of course my favorite thing about them is the message of compassion I can spread just by wearing them. (Just don't use sweatshops and I'll really love you, Etnies).

Average rating: 4.75 stars
TGN 6/17/17 Hawaii

Narrow shoes but quality made. Stoked on a sick vegan shoe that is made for skating.

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Bustin Ben 6/15/17 Durham, NC

Lol that I'm the first US review. Immediately impressed with the construction of these shoes. Feel great inside and out. Hopefully you guys will keep these around for when I need a second pair!! This may be the only Vegan thing I accomplish in life, but it was totally worth it.

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Aaron 5/24/17 Northants, uk

Best shoes I have ever skated! 10/10 for design and comfort, been skating hard in these shoes for. Couple weeks and they're barley worn down. Been searching for a long time for a synthetic vegan suede and you guys have pulled it off really well! I'll never buy another shoe again this one will be what I skate!........ GO VEGAN!

Average rating: 4.75 stars
LReed 5/23/17 Uk

Fast delivery. Really comfy, cute design. Happy customer :)

Average rating: 4.75 stars
Millhausen 5/19/17 London

I just want to say how bloody amazing it is that you offered a vegan shoe. The second I saw the first post about them on Instagram I ordered them immediately. They arrived quickly and were on my feet straight away. A really good shoe with real quality. I have yet to skate them as I don't dare. I have loads of shoes and these are my go to shoes every time!