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Borrowing a little design inspiration from the etnies Fader, the Kingpin is a classic puffy tongue skateboard shoe

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Item Code: 4101000091/557
  • Die-cut EVA insole
  • EVA midsole
  • 400 NBS rubber outsole
  • Trademark etnies logo perfed into medial side
  • Padded tongue and collar
  • Action Nubuck/ Synthetic

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KINGPIN reviews (68)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.85 stars

Average rating: 4.85 stars

My son absolutely loved these trainers I’ve had to order 2 pairs one for school one for playing out !

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Kenny 12/23/18 Winchester

The Kingpin truly is the king of casual footwear. They are comfy, look great and I love the relatively plain design. My second pair but my first lasted a good few years. I hope Etnies never stop making them.

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Dem 12/10/18 Amsterdam

Nice shoes good service

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Johnny Locals 11/13/18 Santa Cruz California

Born and Raised ETNIES

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Grasshopper 11/6/18 Croatia

Nice and god made skate sneakers

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Silverback 10/21/18 Brighouse

On my 2nd pair at 62 years old you know when you buy quality, use these in the summer months when out on my Harley, hard wearing ,durable and comfy. Highly recommended 5 stars

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Kingfish 10/8/18 Hannover

Wunderbar geklappt.

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Rnsh 9/23/18 London

I love this shoe- comfy and practical!

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Jeff 9/8/18 Oxford

Always ready to go from the first time you put them onπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Average rating: 4.85 stars
shaggy 9/11/18 North

Fast service and exactly what I wanted

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Ryan 7/17/18 NY

I like these a lot! was fan of the puffy tongue for awhile and Etnies is the only Skate-Shoe i can wear since i got hurt and pinched multiple nerves in my back. Due to the injury most shoes feel horrible on my feet but I still Skate and Snow Board too, 32 and Etnies are the only brand that works! the Kingpin remind me of my Freights so I'm rocking these now. Please Etnies never stop making these "Puffy Tongue" style shoes!! Its the only pair of shoes I can wear for skateboarding these days that don't annoy my feet! All day comfort even with nerve injuries and great performance on the board too!! Thanks!!

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Don 6/6/18 MD

It's a bit tighter in the toe than the Fader, especially toward the outside which might be better for some but wasn't for me. It's not so bad that they're unwearable or even uncomfortable just not quite as comfortable as what I usually get (which was out of stock in my size). Still a great shoe, no defects and great material quality. Personally I'd go for the Fader though...

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Wes 5/31/18 Gloucester Virginia

I love love love my etnies! They are my favorite brand of skate show!!

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Dennis 3/23/18 Bedfordshire

Once broken in, very comfortable to wear on a daily basis.

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Frankenserj 3/15/18 Swartz Creek, MI

Very comfortable, great work shoe.

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Rob 2/26/18 Newquay

Love etnies trainers! They are my favourite! ☺☺

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Sailor mum 1/8/18 Devon

Bought for my son, had them before . Seemed less padded this time. Last pair wore well, hoping these do too

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Herve 12/29/17 Portland

David best!

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Patricia Ski 12/3/17 Fort Myers

Very clean shoe! Little tight but that’s how they all are, just have to break them in! If you guys don’t like the fat tongue I wouldn’t get them because they are skate shoes! Traditionally that’s how Etnies we’re when I use to be able to go an buy them from PacSun! All an all a great show! So comfortable and fun to wear !

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Drew 11/25/17 Manhattan

Love Etnies! The Kingpin shoe is perfect.

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Scotty 11/17/17 Missouri

I use these for work shoes. I own a framing business and a solid skateboard shoe is the only thing that keeps me safe walking on 2 inch ceiling joists 2 stories in the air. The Kingpin is one of the most durable shoes I've found lately. The extra stitching around the shoe lasts so well that I often wear the sole out before it comes loose from the top. Well done, Etnies

Average rating: 4.85 stars
eva 10/14/17 hungary

We have been buying etnies products for a while. I think they are great . This Kingpin does not disappoint iether. Looking forward to next purchase. Thanks. I started buying off etnies because they ship to Hungary very fast and cheap.

Average rating: 4.85 stars
ian 7/31/17 hereford

super comfy. have been looking for a pair of navy skate shoes and finally found them. great price too.

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Axl 7/31/17 Belgium

I searched for these shoes for a long time because the Etnies dealers are not very many in my region. The shoes are very comfortable and the colour is very nice. The product received on time without damage. Great shoes!!!! Thanks. The website is very serious.

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Evo 7/29/17 Merced CA

Love these shoes. Hope they don't ever discontinue these

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Frenchie 6/15/17 Paris

As nice as usual.

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Roller 6/4/17 Slovak Republic

best shoe ever

Average rating: 4.85 stars
JB 5/26/17 Arizona

Great shoes. Bf loves them

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Scotty 5/26/17 Scotland

Simply the BEST

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Lizzie 5/4/17 Minnesota

I LOVE etnies! Best shoes I've ever had! I have fat feet so it's hard to find comfortable shoes ... etnies are very very comfortable! Only shoes I ever buy anymore! I recommend these shoes to everyone!

Average rating: 4.85 stars
mcmahon 4/25/17 Sarnia, Ontario

Great shoes, love the look of the toe. Etnies is my go to brand, especially since it is so hard to find them in size 15!

Average rating: 4.85 stars
MikeD 4/25/17 Canada

Great shoe the solid soles

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Nick Belgium 3/14/17 Brussels

I love Etnies and I wear it since about 10 years, mostly black Fader and red Woozy, always the same size: 42,5. I still wear most of them. Best brand to me, ever. However... the quality of this Kingpin is perfect, but it is the first time that a 42,5 is barely too small for me. (I keep wearing 42 and 42,5 in other brands, and my weight did not change) Please take care of this, as Etnies needs to stay coherent. I'm expecting two pairs with the same size to have exactly the same size. Unless I cant trust the sizes anymore when I buy online. 3mm less or 3mm more make a big difference for the factory, but also for our feet. Pushed by the inside, the shape of the shoes is slowly changing. But if it wasn't about the size, these shoes would be absolutely perfect. Great materials, awesome resistance, outstanding colors (especially the brown rubber). And your fast delivery is a must. Maybe - for size change - you could set up a "free return" policy in the future, just like a famous clothing company (name begins with L) already does. I will buy Etnies again in the future of course, I just hope the usual 42,5 won't be a very short 42.

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Jacyybabyy 3/7/17 Valrico fl

Great shoes.

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Ty 2/27/17 Maine

These are great, exactly what I was looking for.

Average rating: 4.85 stars
JustSomeGuy 2/24/17 Arizona

Just received these today, they are the most comfortable shoes I think I've ever had. Having huge feet it's INCREDIBLY hard to find shoes that aren't too narrow without going a size up and tripping over the extra length. if these shoes last I'll be buying them as long as they make them, needless to say I'm more than satisfied.

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Lai Volkov 2/21/17 Bellingham

The most comfortable shoes on the planet.

Average rating: 4.85 stars
AB89 1/24/17 Netherlands

It's a nice all Black shoe. Comfortable as always and is nice and warm in the winter.

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Frankie 1/3/17 Denmark

I'm crazy bout them.Super comfortable and awesome looking.Not to mention the insanely fast delivery ! Don't stop making this model Etnies and keep on being awesome as always ! cheers

Average rating: 4.85 stars
ivan 12/28/16 Belgrade, Serbia

best shoes i ever had

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Bamboojumper 12/10/16 Ireland

Love my Kingpins. First Etnies I bought and feel like I've struck gold.

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Frankie 12/8/16 Aalborg,Denmark

I ordered them 2 days ago and I literally just got them(Dark Brown version). They look and feel awesome ! I'm totally happy with my purchase, not to mention the surprisingly quick and on spot order/delivery system.Cheers to you Etnies Europe !

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Andrix 11/7/16 Lisbon

Delivery service 5 stars! The shoes are very comfortable, we loved it!

Average rating: 4.85 stars
darasse 11/2/16 france

très bon service et qualité

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Silverback at 22 10/12/16 West Yorkshire

An excellent pair of etnies, comfortable, snug fitting everything as described on the box. Perfect everyday footware.

Average rating: 4.85 stars
John 10/12/16 Brussels

Kingpin is a cool and reliable model. Nice shape hugging the foot. Thanks Etnies.

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Dan 10/5/16 Butternut, wi

Nice shoe, well built, could use a little more cushion in the sole, but better than most shoes that aren't running shoes.

Average rating: 4.85 stars
TractionBuddy 9/22/16 UK

That full herringbone gum sole just never quits, and the grip is amazing. I wish more shoes had this type of gum sole. If an all-black mid version of Kingpin existed, I'd certainly be tempted to buy it.

Average rating: 4.85 stars
grasshopper 8/30/16 tamworth uk

so comfy, like walking on air. really cool, smart.

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Lizzie 8/19/16 Minnesota

I love ETNIES shoes! They are the most comfortable and best made shoes I have ever worn!!! I've been wearing etnies for 4 years now and will never buy anything else!

Average rating: 4.85 stars
John 5/18/16

Classic style, elegant, great shoes, please don't stop making kingpins.

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Antonios Sotiropoulos 2/12/16

The shoes are very comfortable and I really like their style. Also, they arrived only a few days after I made the order. All in all, I'm quite pleased with the product and the company.

Average rating: 4.85 stars
kelley morgan 1/20/16

Great product. My last etnies lasted me for 8 years in alaska. just ordered this one and i love the all black look. very comfy. Love Love Love these

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Amy Long 1/10/16

Great buy. Love the shoes. Thank you

Average rating: 4.85 stars
ISIDRO Olivier 11/22/15

Comfortable for a daily use Resistant for skating and other means of shoes destruction Sober and fits all styles Definitively the good choice

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Alvarez 7/16/15

Nice looking, all black! Fits perfectly. The delivery was super-fast and free, that's a plus!

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Baz 6/12/15

Superb, fits my feet wonderfully, please don't stop making these I want to wear them forever now. A lot of skate shoes are too tight for my feet but these are lovely and comfortably with a great fit.

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Imko Schuit 6/12/15

Nice strong shoe. Comfy and like the all black look! Good stuff.

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Lauren Probst 4/16/15

My Hubby loves them. He has worn your shoes for over 15 years. He had one pair last for about 10 years! They are worth every penny spent. Excellent product!

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Hugo 4/10/15

simplemente , los mejores que he usado para patinar !!

Average rating: 4.85 stars
omen23 12/16/14

simple yet cool design, saved my feet from severe injuries a few times - best shoe next to ŠS accel ...

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Stefanie Knoth 10/24/14

Best Shoes ever

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Giovanni Zamboni 5/7/14

Very nice shoes, but above all very comfortable

Average rating: 4.85 stars
jimwah 1/2/14

Subtle skate shoe, very comfortable - wore them to work for years, beats the flimsy little leather shoes everyone else is wearing in the office.

Average rating: 4.85 stars
m**** 11/26/13

I remember this shoe from years ago and i just dropped 100 bucks on the camo 32s but wish i would have jumped on these! never knew they brought em back! best shoe I've ever owned and they have madd style.

Average rating: 4.85 stars
Michele Vivian 10/31/13

These shoes are very simple but incredible cool and comfortable. You could use them as elegant shoes because of the color (simply black) using in combination with a black jacket. I am really pride of my new shoes :)

Average rating: 4.85 stars
GUERIN Mathieu 8/30/13

almost perfect

Average rating: 4.85 stars
andy3639 6/24/13

i have been bying etnies kingpins for years very hard wearing and good if you have flat feet would highly recamend