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Borrowing a little design inspiration from the etnies Fader, the Kingpin is a classic puffy tongue skateboard shoe.

Product Details

Item Code: 4107000030/055
  • Padded tongue and collar
  • Trademark etnies “E” logo on side
  • Internal EVA midsole
  • STI Foam cushioning footbed
  • Stitched 400 NBS rubber outsole

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KINGPIN reviews (46)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.89 stars

Average rating: 4.89 stars
Rowdy 9/25/18 Phoenix

Street tough just like the name. Keep it real! !!

Average rating: 4.89 stars
Shannon 9/11/18 Detroit

Love them all much

Average rating: 4.89 stars
shananagainz 7/18/18 Arizona

These Shoes Rock for Skateboarding, hiking, climbing etc

Average rating: 4.89 stars
Missy 7/6/18 Granville Pa

I got these for a birthday present for my dad and he loves them.

Average rating: 4.89 stars
Dave 6/26/18 Leeds, UK

Comfy, well put together and seem to be as hard wearing as my old pair. Great shoes.

Average rating: 4.89 stars
Scula 6/19/18 KY

My husband liked them, very comfortable.

Average rating: 4.89 stars
Jason 5/26/18 Baltimore

This is a solid ass shoe. Fits nice. Comfortable.

Average rating: 4.89 stars
Tom 5/8/18 Toledo

I’ve worn these since I was a teen and love them! They’re so comfortable and last forever.

Average rating: 4.89 stars
Samurai 5/8/18 Ocala, Florida

Super comfy skate shoe! I'm loving my new Kingpins!

Average rating: 4.89 stars
Danni 4/4/18 Coven. UK

The shoes are exactly what my partner was after, very comfortable for him. We loved the colour in person and the shoe fits a uk size 9 perfect. We will definitely shop at again, as it's one of the only places we find these kind of skate trainers for a reasonable price.

Average rating: 4.89 stars
Ding 4/4/18 Illinois

Would be a 5 but original delivery date was pushed back 4 days on the day shoes were due to be delivered ,wish they would use someone other than fedex but shoes are awesome!!

Average rating: 4.89 stars
Taylor 3/21/18 Utah

Great shoes shipped fast fit amazing

Average rating: 4.89 stars
Dennis 3/19/18 Usa

Perfect fit and fast free shipping

Average rating: 4.89 stars
Frankenserj 3/15/18 Swartz Creek, MI

I love the kingpin style. Great fit amd very comfortable. Good shoe for work or play.

Average rating: 4.89 stars
Shane 3/14/18 Harlowton mt

There are the only shoes that are comfortable and they last

Average rating: 4.89 stars
Invictus 3/13/18 San Diego, CA

Seriously, what an awesome shoe. I've had these almost a year now and they haven't even started to show wear. I love the black with blue and bought some blue laces to amp it up a bit-- can't find any Black and Blue Kingpins on the site anymore, though-- I wish they'd bring that back! Etnies, keep doing what you're doing and never change; I can't get high-quality shoes that have this shape and durability and style anywhere else anymore. <3

Average rating: 4.89 stars
Momma "C" 3/8/18 Pacific Northwest

My boyfriend likes the green. He's picky and really only like solid black but thank goodness he likes these!

Average rating: 4.89 stars
Valérie 1/31/18 France

Very good product.

Average rating: 4.89 stars
Joelomite 1/6/18 Florida

So f’n comfortable

Average rating: 4.89 stars
Bud 12/14/17 Oroville

Best ever

Average rating: 4.89 stars
Carlie 12/5/17 Michigan

I got these for my boyfriend. He likes them because they're comfortable and I like them because they look cool lol.

Average rating: 4.89 stars
Daniele 11/7/17 Pendleton, USA

Love them! With my unique back issues, skate shoes are the only way I am able to walk around without increasing back pain. This is my second pair and I love them! Great looking and very well made!

Average rating: 4.89 stars
AJD 9/26/17 Grand Rapids Michigan

Great look, great feel, comfortable to wear. I usually buy Vans, but just couldn't find anything with a black shoe and black sole with a little bit of blue. Thank goodness for Etnies! They are even more impressive than what the pictures show! I am very happy with my purchase!

Average rating: 4.89 stars
Jen 8/9/17 Johnstown, Ohio

I love my Etnies. I wish they were sold around here like they used to be. They're extremely comfortable & give me great support. I wear them all day long @ work & wouldn't even think of wearing anything else. I would also like for the women's ones to have the same style as these but in other colors. Thanks Etnies I'll be ordering again in probably 6-8 months or so.

Average rating: 4.89 stars
Smythy 7/17/17 Ireland

Delighted with product and delivery service

Average rating: 4.89 stars
heather 7/20/17 Upstate New York

Love love love..most comfortable pair I've bought yet. I have bought for 18 years and have too many to count..i love the kingpin comfort!

Average rating: 4.89 stars
eastmcduck 7/5/17 Ohio

I had already created what I thought was an honest review but it didn't end up on here for some reason. This will be the abbreviated, half-hearted version since I don't feel like trying to remember what all I said the first time. Shoes are nice. A lot like the Callicuts I used to get in high school, but, as I had originally said, they didn't include the second pair of different colored laces like they always used to. I would have given my purchase the full 5 stars if they had included those.

Average rating: 4.89 stars
Cade 6/14/17 Dodgeville WI

I've been a customer for years and all i can say is these Etnies live up to the standard i have come to expect from a top tier shoe company in every way. they are comfortable, stylish, and i know they will stand up to the heavy use i intend to put them through. in short, Keep up the great work Etnies, I love em'!!!

Average rating: 4.89 stars
Mari 6/10/17 Palisade, Colorado

Great value for these awesome shoes.

Average rating: 4.89 stars
MissNell 6/6/17 Montana EIEIO

Love the shoes. Even raced my car in them. My Rockstar Faders are still my faves, but these are a close second. Would definitely buy them again. Please bring back the Rockstar Faders if at all possible :)

Average rating: 4.89 stars
Kishan 4/13/17 Landgraaf

Mooie schoenen en een shockproof zool die perfect is voor skateboarding maar de verf van de zool slijt er wel snel vanaf. Maar qua prijs/product is het een hele goede schoen

Average rating: 4.89 stars
Frankenserj 4/5/17 Swartz Creek, MI

I really like the color and style of the shoe.

Average rating: 4.89 stars
My kingpin kicks 3/24/17 Port Charlotte Florida

Love them. No One....... sells these shoes anywhere rounds me. Internet wins again

Average rating: 4.89 stars
Matth 3/25/17 The Netherlands

The shoes are really comfortable after wearing for a while in the beginning they felt a bit stiff but after 2 days they were perfect.

Average rating: 4.89 stars
Rob 2/4/17 Massachusetts

Love these shoes! Haven't had etnies since high school and it's been too long. Still the most comfortable shoes I've worn.

Average rating: 4.89 stars
Tom the alleycat 1/24/17 Finland hoods

Hey ya'll. This bad boys really kick some serious butts. Just wait to get these on stage some hardcore action with my band. Thanx almost good as your rockstar editions. Still better looking.

Average rating: 4.89 stars
Swarles Barkley 11/23/16 Arizona

10/10 would wear again

Average rating: 4.89 stars
jvw 11/22/16 Amsterdam

5th Pair of kingpins now. Because I love them. I've been wearing these things for years. Family is getting tired of seeing me in the same shoes year after year, but I don't care. :)

Average rating: 4.89 stars
Navseabee 11/1/16 Lewisburg wv

Very comfortable

Average rating: 4.89 stars
Vinnie 10/5/16 St. Louis Mo

Awesome as always!!!

Average rating: 4.89 stars
Anon 9/23/16 Minnesota

They arrived early. That was a bonus. The shoes are very comfortable and look awesome. Thanks Etnies

Average rating: 4.89 stars
Boo 9/20/16 Latrobe

Love the shoes. Will definitely order again!

Average rating: 4.89 stars
Acinatas420 9/20/16 Pueblo

Came very fast and look awesome

Average rating: 4.89 stars
Alberto 9/8/16 Pa

Classic etnies

Average rating: 4.89 stars
Madgas 8/27/16 Vegas

I have always loved Etnies. My not-so-good ankles love the support, and the bottom of my feet don't blister up after an entire day of walking and bike riding. 6 stars our of 5.

Average rating: 4.89 stars
Ben 8/25/16 England

Great comfatable shoes fast delivery cheers