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Average rating: 4.83 stars

Average rating: 4.83 stars
Christian 8/14/17 Holland

What a great shoe this is my fifth and what a beaut. in grey with the gum wall.

Average rating: 4.83 stars
Bobby4130 7/8/17 Holland

Great shoe!! Using these a lot now and somewhat wider then the Faders which i used a lot. But still as long lasting and comfy also in half sizes on buy direct site which is great as well. Good stuff Etnies...

Average rating: 4.83 stars
Bob hope 12/23/16 earth

These are my third pair and they last forever and so comfy. 2 blacks and thought try 1 white for this price. Good stuff!!

Average rating: 4.83 stars
Grub 9/19/16 South coast

Great shoes great service great price

Average rating: 4.83 stars
christiaan 3/15/16

Another great Cartel! my third is this type and love the longer nose and sole. My opinion they last longer then the great Fader which are great as well but the sole wear faster and used and destroyed plenty with biking. Etnies have the finest shoe in my book. Good stuff!!

Average rating: 4.83 stars
Vanja Mehanovic 9/17/15

Very comfortable shoe, especially the memory foam footbed. My only gripe, and this is personal nothing against etnies or its associates, they were a little narrow for me. I bought these to replace my worn out Fader pair which are a little wider than the Cartel model. But all in all, still an incredible, comfortable, and indestructible shoe. The brand I trust the most when it comes to skate shoes. Also they look cool as f**k!!

Average rating: 4.83 stars
Randell Alexander Boswell 2/10/15

bad ass! wear 'em all the time.

Average rating: 4.83 stars
Jeffery P Hurley 10/2/14

The Metal Mulisha Cartel shoes are a safe bet. They are durable, comfortable, fashionable and worth every penny.

Average rating: 4.83 stars
carlos 4/29/14


Average rating: 4.83 stars
Davina Evans 12/25/13

Got these shoes for my son, the motocross racer. He's been looking for these shoes all over in our town but with no luck. He was definitely surprised when he received these shoes for Christmas. Appreciate the ease of ordering them on online and the speedy time they were shipped.

Average rating: 4.83 stars
paul matthews 12/1/13

love these trainers. the details are sooo cool. my favourite trainers at the moment

Average rating: 4.83 stars
Matthew Wormell 10/31/13

Some of the nicest etnies i've owned, perfect amount of padding on sides.. really comfy and sharp looking! Well worth the little extra $.