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STRATUS reviews (11)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.91 stars

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Josh 10/21/20 PA, USA

These shoes are so lightweight I loved it! So comfy with the foam padding and they’re so breathable with the mesh all around the shoes. I love them! Would recommend to anyone who doesn’t want to have hot feet and is walking a lot during the day!

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Cody 9/23/20 United States

I couldn't love etnies more than a I already do. These shoes are super light weight, and extremely comfortable. I paid 30$ for them. These are the cheapest, best shoes there are!!!!

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Ry Mags 8/16/20 Clearwater FL

Super light and comfortable

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Adam 8/15/20 Colorado

It a really comfy and breathable skate shoe. I also really like how big the soles are. My only complaint is the mesh it susceptible to break down if you rube the top of the shoe on a skateboard. Since I am in the process of learning an ollie, it not a big deal, but if you are going to be doing more trick, I would recommend their other shoes.

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Macro 7/4/20 San Betnardino

I’d do a 4 for work, but seeing as they aren’t for work they do great outdoors. Still need to break them in but I’m loving them so far. Very comfortable even after being on them for 12-14 hours straight 👍🏽

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Chuck 6/19/20 Victorville, CA

Love my Etnies. They are very comfortable. I only wish they made these in all black.

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Marco 10/3/18 Bicton - Australia

Super lightweight and comfortable. Love them

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Andy 8/16/18 Blacksburg, VA

A very light, breathable shoe.

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Kuks360 8/7/18 Greensboro

They are absolutely an awesome pair of shoes. I got them a half a size too big but still, but I’ll be ordering more etnies for sure

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Lip 7/2/18 France

So light and confortable!!

Average rating: 4.91 stars
Strippy 5/25/18 Slovenia

They are mix of classic skate shoes bottom and lightweight upper side, from Scout shoes. Perfect for work and school. Would recommend!