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The Verano is a classic skate style chock-full of breathable mesh on the tongue and upper, and comfortable padding on the tongue and collar.

Product Details

Item Code: 4101000430/980
  • Foam Padded Tongue and Collar
  • Heel Pull for Easy Entry
  • Breathable Mesh on Upper
  • Double-Stitched Toe Cap and Ollie Area
  • Foam Lite 1 Footbed
  • Stitched Gum Rubber Cupsole
  • Suede/Leather

VERANO reviews (23)

Overall rating
Average rating: 4.74 stars

Average rating: 4.74 stars
Ben 8/1/19 Belgium

Best shoes in the world

Average rating: 4.74 stars
Wilson Rios 7/2/20 Colombia

Deberian realizar envios a Colombia y a otros paises, yo vivo en Colombia y tuve que acudir a un amigo que vive en Estados Unidos, para que me recibiera los tenis y luego me los enviara a colombia. Aqui en Colombia no habia oferta de su marca, por esto deberian considerar esta opcion

Average rating: 4.74 stars
Joel 5/29/20 United States

So far the best skate shoe I have ever used. It is very comfortable all around and the grip on the outsole is amazing. After one to two weeks the board feel is very good. I also landed my first ever varial kick-flip with these on so extra bonus points to these shoes. My biggest gripe with this shoe is that the durability for the sole will last you only about three weeks if you skate a lot. For me it took about four weeks. I just wore out mine as of writing this review and feel a little disappointed with how quickly it wore down. You will notice how fast the sole wears down in a matter of days. I got my pair for $30 with coupons so I'm not upset that they wore down so quickly, because they were not overpriced. However, do not buy this shoe for full price, but instead purchase any Michelin shoe since they have a more durable sole. The outsole on the otherhand never wore down for me so you will have very nice grip on your board even if your favorite kick-flip area wears down completely. However, if you want a nice affordable pair of skate shoes that look really cool and to get by on a budget the verano has great performance for how fast the soles will wear down.

Average rating: 4.74 stars
Myepiclooks 5/26/20 California

They run a bit small. I’d buy one size up.

Average rating: 4.74 stars
Trevor Alva 5/13/20 United States

They had great boardfeel out of the box. Had nice support for the first 2 weeks, but had to slip in some gel inserts to help with padding. The tongue slides off to the side, and the cupsole ripped off the upper after my 4th week, not the most durable. Intsead of glueing the cupsole on, id rather stitch it on. The suede had good grip though, and the rubber was kinda grippy. The white ones look good though. And the wider silhouette gave it some ankle support. I would love it if it was revamped and put on a michelin sole. Like give it the sole of the maranas, and ill be happy. Then again those would just be a leather version of the veer. So just get the veer.

Average rating: 4.74 stars
Christoph 5/1/20 Kentucky

I where them everyday I skate.

Average rating: 4.74 stars
Goonie Dan 4/16/20 Utah

I’m 41 years old and wanted to try out a pair of Etnies and it was the best decision of my life. These shoes are so comfortable, well built and I have had several compliments on them. I will definitely be buying more pairs in the future.

Average rating: 4.74 stars
Alex 3/31/20 Texaa

Absolutely loved these shoes! They lasted me forever and I am a heavy skater. Loved the style made me feel comfortable skating!

Average rating: 4.74 stars
Dmitry 3/20/20 United States

Like them so much, my best shoes so far

Average rating: 4.74 stars
Fathertime 12/28/19 OC

If you skate everyday the joslin or the Trevor mclung would be the better shoe. But for a person that skated a few times a week it is the perfect shoe. Not stiff and breaks in quick

Average rating: 4.74 stars
Skullkiller 5/5/17 Az

Love etnies for exactly what I ordered very user friendly shipped out on time i got my shoes in 4days couldn't ask for a better company thank you

Average rating: 4.74 stars
ZT 3/6/17 Hungary

I really love these shoes, this is the second time I buy this model. The only flaw is there are no rubber bands holding the tongues in place, so they keep sliding to the sides which is pretty annoying and makes the shoe a bit uncomfortable.

Average rating: 4.74 stars
Roberto Annunziatella 10/30/15

Excellent shoes and very fast shipping!

Average rating: 4.74 stars
John Gill 7/24/15

I have been looking everywhere for a 'classic' looking skater shoe that is stylish, hardwearing, comfortable and most importantly made of leather. The Verano is (well almost) just that. The sole seems very hardwearing and not the type to wear down at the backs after a few wears. The shoe itself is very comfortable and molds to your foot perfectly. As for the outer shoe, ok it's not made completely of leather, but the front and side panels are (mine being the Black/Grey/Red) and the rest of the material feels like it will last the rigours of the weather and wear and tear. I do hope Etnies never stop making the Verano as I'm glad I have finally found a skater shoe I like at last.

Average rating: 4.74 stars
Paul van Durme 6/3/15

Perfect fit - as always.

Average rating: 4.74 stars
Alexander Lefranc 5/28/15

Excellent shoes! luv em and very comfortable!!

Average rating: 4.74 stars
b**** 5/13/15


Average rating: 4.74 stars
Rachael Kealy 5/2/15

The product is great but not what I expected. I was looking to buy something from your vegan collection and once I had purchased the order realised that they didn't have the vegan symbol. This was really upsetting for me as I was under the impression that all the shoes marked under your heading VEGAN COLLECTION were vegan, not depending on what colour you purchase. I felt this was very misleading and I think you should be prouder that you stock a vegan collection in the first place and make it much more obvious which shoes are or are not, as it matters alot, not just to me but to the ever-growing industries of mistreated animals. Thank you for taking my review into consideration. Kind regards, Rachael

Average rating: 4.74 stars
Master Nosaka 4/13/15

Perfect pair of shoes. Please designers, do not change anything!! I like the color and ths style. Will certainly buy another pair in the futur if you keep this style in stock. Thanks!

Average rating: 4.74 stars
Chris Tos 3/4/15

they're good

Average rating: 4.74 stars
Olivier Vankerkhove 1/17/15

Goe product

Average rating: 4.74 stars
Andrew Depperschmidt 12/7/14

nice shoes. extremely low topped compared to other normal skate shoes, so would be really good for warm weather. I'm using them of metal roofs because they grip better than most work boots.

Average rating: 4.74 stars
Mamaliga Razvan 7/23/14

they are very confortable!