Jordan Lilly: Michelin Marana Wear Test

July 31, 2017

"Super long lasting"

Country of Residence:Newfoundland,Canada


Years Skating:14 Years

"The etnies Michelin Marana is one the most comfortable and durable shoes I've ever skated. They only took about 15 minutes to wear in but even after a month of skating, they're nowhere near worn out. The new Michelin sole is extremely long lasting and noticeably grippier than the average skate shoe. The laces break semi quickly in the normal lace holes but if you use the inside lace loops, you wont have that problem."

"The Michelin Marana is protective, durable and really comfortable. I would honestly recommend to anybody looking for a new skate shoe.”-Jordan Lilly

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    Average rating: 4.86 stars
    4.86 stars