Born in East Berlin during the waning years of the Cold War, Willow grew up in a place where skateboarding wasn’t just frowned upon, it barely even existed. Once the Berlin Wall came down, a whole bunch of things from the west flooded east, skateboarding being one of them. Soon Willow was living the life of a typical skate-rat, though his experience, at times, involved dodging neo-Nazis on the trains and in the parks.Nowadays, Willow travels the world, handles large stacks with delight and has some of the best footwork in skateboarding. He’s found solid backing from etnies and Almost skateboards, and deservedly so; he’s one of the best dudes you may ever have the pleasure to meet. At home in Cologne, Germany, Willow is a family man - father of two small boys - who approaches home improvement the same way he’d approach a 12-stair: INNIT!

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