Luc Legrand


I often compare life to the ocean. On your little boat, you brave the elements, make your way through the waves to avoid catastrophe as you keep the horizon in sight, so near and yet, unattainable. And you survive in the immensity all around, just to move forward.I navigate life, simply, with love, adrenalin and adventure as my sails. BMX gives me all of these. I started when 13, I am 25.At that time, I rode everyday in the streets because my home town, Concarneau, has no skate park. My parents took me regularly to a small municipal skatepark with a trail too, 20 miles away.Over there I learned how to curve and I met buddies of riding. With them I progressed quickly until the first competitions where sponsors noticed me.At 16, I entered the sports university of Brest, a big city made of cement. No skate park, only streets and a lot of handrails. Three years mastering all its streets, studying now and then and, owing to my little bike, traveling. Later, I moved out to Nantes, a French paradise for BMX and alternative culture, where life can be enjoyed.Road trips multiplied, I hardly ever stayed at my parents’ home - to rent a flat would have been throwing money out of the window. Then I decided to spend one winter in the Alps, working a bit while dedicating myself to snowboarding. Faster, higher, further away. I discovered sensations I am crazy about, mountains are another way to challenge your limits.  Three winter seasons have followed. I think snowboarding has been a major influence on my current way of riding. Less messing around, more commitment, a constant search for new spots to make first mark.Today I am lucky enough to live for the moment having fun. I have built a camper and I thrive with the BMX, the snow, the surf, and my Anad's. In this way, I travel between towns, sea and mountains, always looking for the horizon,  the edge of extreme sensations.I thank Etnies for their support as well as Kanabeach, Stranger, Animal and, of course, my relatives. Peace to you all. Lacomu will win,Luc