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Overall rating
Average rating: 5 stars

Average rating: 5 stars
Elise 9/27/18 Tempe

unbelievably comfortable and stylish! My favorite shoe right now. I've worn for long days outside on my feet and never sore. a good heft to feel solid without feeling weighed down

Average rating: 5 stars
Lydia 9/13/18 Tennessee

Wonderful skate shoe at a GREAT price! Got these on sale and are exactly like the description, sizing guide accurate as well. Great shoe for skating and then transition easily to stylish street shoe, so multifunctional. Great support when skating and durable!

Average rating: 5 stars
Lauren 6/29/18 pennsylvania

great shoes

Average rating: 5 stars
Naomi 4/29/18 Cumbria

Comfy beyond belief! Very stylish hAd lots of positive comments

Average rating: 5 stars
NIKA 4/22/18 Slovakia

True shoe size, comfy, excellent quality

Average rating: 5 stars
Taylor May 4/9/18 Michigan

Thank you so much for making a vegan colorway! I love the way Etnies shoes skate, fit, and look without compromising my values!!!❤

Average rating: 5 stars
Roxane 3/14/18 France

I'm super happy with my etnies ! These shoes are so confortable I could wear them all day long ! I recommend them !

Average rating: 5 stars
Abagnale 1/17/18 Washington

Super good ones

Average rating: 5 stars
richard 11/10/17 California

Wife look good in them

Average rating: 5 stars
Ciara 4/21/17 California

I just received these shoes in the blue/white colorway and they were extremely comfortable immediately out of the box. Skating in them has been completely awesome so far. I was skating in the men's Marana before, but I actually really like the vulcanized construction with the lower vamp-- makes flip tricks so easy! I'll definitely be buying another pair! Thank you Etnies for creating a legitimate line of women's skateboarding shoes!

Average rating: 5 stars
PJ 4/11/17 Grand Ronde

the shoe's are awesome my girlfriend loves them thank you for being a great shoe company and for the great service.

Average rating: 5 stars
Leex 11/23/16 Metz